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Ch. 3: The Dangerous Meeting

"Itadakimasu!" Breaking his chopsticks, Naruto doesn't hesitate in the least to start wharfing down the bowl before him. After the first dozen of noodles he slurped up and swallowed, Naruto looks like all of his worries had just flew out the window. "Mmm! Mother's milk."

Madara takes a more calmer approach. He actually looked at the bowl before him with the same curiosity as a child's. He looked at the steaming bowl full of noodles and like five or more different types of toppings inside. He allowed the teenager to order for him and he asked for the Ramen Supreme. The bowl is huge and it actually looks like this one serving is enough for two people. But taking the first bite, his eyes widen in surprise. "Delicious."

Fourth greatest thing Naruto has heard all day! The third was when he was offered for a free meal. "See! See! I told ya! You can't get anything like this anywhere else. Best ramen in town."

Right now, he feels rather proud of himself. He accomplished in turning someone into a fan of Ichiraku's. The first time he brought Sasuke and Hinata over, and Neji since he didn't trust the blonde back then, Hinata agreed that it was good but Neji lectured that having ramen for an everyday meal was unhealthy and not fit for an heir for her father's business. How would he know? He just ordered water that day and Sasuke only said that the ramen was palatable. Saying it was good enough to eat isn't the same as Madara here calling it delicious!

"Indeed, and there are a lot of toppings in this bowl. One serving will definitely fill me up."

"Really? I can eat about five these bowls for snack and twelve for a meal."

"My metabolism isn't as it used to be."

As obvious as it is, Naruto and Madara arrived at Ichiraku's Ramen and not once has Madara made Naruto feel uncomfortable. He was well-mannered and above all, truly friendly. Seriously, what did Sasuke have to worry about is what Naruto wants to know. When they arrived and they parked on the streets right in front of the restaurant, as if they arrived for the red carpet, the driver opened the door and kept his head low while Naruto and Madara stepped out. Naruto almost felt awkward for being treated like a celebrity but what threw him off was the fact that Madara told the driver to wait for them by the car.

"He won't be joining us?"

"He doesn't eat much and he's a bit of an extreme health nut. He wouldn't eat ramen, even if you pay him."

His lost, is what Naruto thought when he heard that. But when he tried to look at the driver, the guy's head was still down so he didn't get a very good look at it. Yet, his long looks really nice. So long and tied into a low pony tail, like Kurama's this morning, but it was all even except for his bangs that framed his face and hide most of it with his head down. It was as black as night and looked silky smooth. His hair actually reminded Naruto a lot of those models he would see on TV advertise for a hair product. Before Naruto was pulled away by Madara to go inside, he saw some bits of the driver's skin and it was pale. Almost as if the guy had never been outside in the sunshine before until now. Naruto was…curious about this driver but as mentioned before, he was pulled away and ramen infected his mind like a plague.

"So tell me, how is Konoha?" Madara suddenly asks, after a while.

Naruto was just about ready to drink the soup from the bowl when he was asked that. Madara is only one-fourth done. Lifting up the bowl, the blonde asks, "What do you mean?" Then he drinks up the soup, not wasting a drop, as Madara waits for him to start lowering the dish before he speaks again.

"The last time I was here, it was about three years ago and in such a short time, a lot has changed. That's why I needed your help. I couldn't find any of the restaurants I used to love when I used to live here. They must have moved or they went out of business."

There was a hint of sadness in his eyes when he said that last part. Like he truly missed those restaurants he probably tried so hard to look for. He was looking forward to their cooking but now they're gone. That sentimental feeling touches Naruto's heart. Seriously, how could Sasuke have been so rude to this guy?

Though actually thinking about said Hyuuga, Naruto ended up nervously chuckling before confessing, "I'm actually the worst person to ask about things like that. But if Sasuke was with us, he probably would have told you. He's more intuitive about things like that than me. But yet again, three years ago he came to Konoha after he was done with boarding school. I don't know if he can help you compare and contrast."

"Boarding school, huh? Maybe you're right."


As Naruto looked at this man, he thought he saw a bit of smug look on his face. Like for one brief moment, the lovable look of sweet man suddenly twisted into something cynical and arrogant as he picked up something from Naruto's words. The blonde was astonished when he saw that but when it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared, he thought his eyes played a trick on him as Madara notices that the teenager is staring at him.

"Oh, how rude of me!" he exclaims like he just realized something terrible. "I invited you for a meal but I don't even know your name. Please forgive me."

Surely that face must have been Naruto's imagination because now the man is looking at him with genuine regret and they give off a plea of forgiveness. How in the world could Naruto even picture this guy with a despicable side? It's completely ridiculous.

"Ah, no worries, old man. It's all good. I am the only and only Uzumaki Naruto, at your service!"

That took Madara by surprise. "You wouldn't happen to be related to Uzumaki Kushina, now would you?"

Naruto blinks to that question. "You knew my mom?"

Now as if he has truly found the greatest thing next to slice bread and butter, Madara's entire face lights. "Aha! I knew you looked familiar. I apologize. I never really met your mother but I knew your father, Namikaze Minato. He and I used to be co-workers before he moved away. You're the spitting image of him."

Hearing that was like being splashed in the face with a bucket full of ice cold water. At least instead of being angry and fussy about it, it pleases Naruto greatly. This is surely the greatest thing ever! Here he is having an afterschool snack with a man who knew his parents, or his father anyway. He's suddenly full excited, he actually feels like jumping out of his seat. "Really? Then, then…you knew what his life was like before he married my mom?"

Suddenly being in his boy's presence feels like Madara's in front of the brightest star in the sky. It's overly blinding and possible, a bit misplaced. "Only when we started to work together about twenty-years back. If you're looking for childhood stories, you might have to ask someone else."

That doesn't diminish the star's brightness at all. "That's okay, that's okay! Even if you only know a year of his life, that's alright!" 'At last, I can finally know something about my dad's life! Now I know why they call it a Happy Birthday. It must be fate I've met this guy!'

"I don't know who I want to kill first. The usuratonkachi or his guardian."

Hyuuga Sasuke can swear to anyone who asked that after he called Kurama, he was going to go straight home and might as well get started on the preparations. But his feet lead him to Ichiraku and now he's across the street of the restaurant, hiding behind a dumpster in the alley way. After this, he's going to need a bath but why he's here is beyond him! He told Naruto to call him in ten minutes to tell him that he's at the ramen shop but the guy didn't call him anyway so maybe it's a good thing to be here. At least, he knows that Naruto is at Ichiraku's, eating ramen, and not getting raped in some remote area by that pedophile. Seriously! What kind of guy approaches two lonely teenagers just to ask for their opinion on food and then offer it to them for free? That act was screaming 'child-molesting pervert'! Well, at least when Sasuke called Kurama to tell him the terrible news, he heard the guy rushing through the hallway of the school while demanding to know if he knows where Naruto would be heading with this stranger. So that means, from the school to here, it would be another five minutes before that orange-head goes marching into the restaurant and giving the blonde the lecture of a lifetime. Sasuke didn't feel sorry for his friend from the way Kurama was treating him today at school but for this stupid move, he most definitely would not feel sorry for that moron. Seriously! Know some common sense!

In the meantime, Sasuke will just have to play scout until the Namikaze gets here. He's really going to need a good scrub down for hanging around a dumpster. Maybe he'll decide to stay and watch Naruto get lectured, just for his pleasure and his payment for going through this trouble. Whoever thought that the birthday of a moron could be so stressful?

Looking through the window of Ichiraku Ramen, Sasuke can see Naruto and that suspicious man talking and not at all does it look like the blonde is uncomfortable talking to him. In fact, Naruto actually looks really excited about somethingthing. What? Is he going to get a couple more bowls of Ramen Supreme? Oh, Sasuke is going to love it when Kurama gets here.

'Naruto. Definitely Naruto first. If this guy doesn't murder you first after this, then I surely will!'

The Hyuuga boy had glared at the spiky blonde when he thought that; actually hoping that he could burn holes in that guy's face. But to no veil. Crap… So he looked away because he couldn't stand to see the conversation going so well for the Uzumaki. Sasuke can already hear the boasting words of 'I told you so' coming out from that guy's mouth. Oh the annoying words…

However when he looked to the side, he saw that Jaguar that mysterious man was riding in and outside of it is the driver; or in Sasuke's case, someone who just so happens to be leaning against the car as if waiting for orders. Though he has to be the driver. A driver of a rich man wouldn't allow just some random guy to lean against the rich man's car. Sasuke could only see the guy's back but for some very strange reason, he is shock beyond words. But why? Why would he be startled from only seeing a guy's back and not his face? Is it because even if he can only see the back, he gets this cool, sophisticated vibe from him? He appears rather tall, his body looks to be in good shape, and his hair is just glistening in the sunlight. His hair is beautiful and his body looks strong. For another very strange reason, Sasuke feels drawn to him. He wants to get out of hiding and get a closer look of this driver. Then maybe if he feels like it, or get the courage for it, he wants to approach him and know his name.

'Who…is that?' his mind still wonders.

Coming out of hiding from the dumpster, Sasuke wants a different angle of this guy. But he wasn't watching his footing. A few steps after the first, he hit a couple of beer bottles. He jumps a little from the sound of them falling over but thankfully, nothing breaks. However, he wasn't the only one who flinched when he heard them. That driver did as well. How he could when he's so far away, Sasuke wouldn't know. But that driver turns his head to side, as if to look over his shoulder to who was there making that noise. When he did that, however, that same uneasy feeling Sasuke felt earlier when he saw Madara comes back at him ten-fold. Instead of feeling like he yearns to see more of that face or possibly embarrassed for being caught after that scene he made earlier, Sasuke feels fear.

Absolutely terrified and his first instinct; hide!

The Hyuuga boy rushes back behind the dumpster and just stay down, calming his nerves and secretly hoping that driver didn't see him. Terror pierces through his heart like a knife. It's sharp, it's painful, and it's unbearable. But why does he feel like that, he wants to know. For one moment, he wanted to see that driver from the front view instead of the back. And yet, when he was just about to get a glimpse of his face but only saw that the long-haired man has chin-length bangs, he didn't want that guy to see him.


Why would Sasuke go from yearning to see this guy one moment and then hide before he sees him the next?

Why is he evening feeling these things for someone he has never even seen before now?


Now that doesn't sound good.

Pushing himself away from the corner between the dumpster and the building, Sasuke sees a very familiar car parked right at the corner of the street, since that's the only stale available, and he sees a man fuming as he steps out of his car and slams the door.

Oh boy, Kurama's here.

"Kekai Genkai?" Naruto asks the man across from him, curiously.

"Yes. It was a project your father and I were working on before he stopped being a scientist. He ended up quitting because his wife was pregnant and he wanted to do something more productive to support them."

When Naruto started asking Madara all kinds of questions about his father, it apparently lead to this project Minato was apparently working on. Madara had only said what the name of the project was. He didn't give away any details about what it was but right now, Naruto is more focused on what Madara just called his dad.

"My dad was a scientist?"

Hearing that question causes Madara to blink in surprise to that. "You never knew."

"Ah, no. He never mentioned that before he died. Are we talking about the same guy here?"

"I sure hope so. Otherwise, I just told you something top secret and might have to kill you for it." What did he just say? Is Madara really going to kill him now? As Naruto starts freaking in his seat, the man starts laughing at his frightened face. "I'm kidding." Going to his suit pocket inside the jacket, Madara takes out his wallet and starts looking through one of the folds. Eventually he finds what he's looking for and presenting it to Naruto, it's an old picture. "This was us seventeen years ago."

The spiky blonde takes the picture and it's a shot of four guys standing or sitting together. Two guys sitting down on chairs and the other two standing behind them. Besides being all guys who could be the same age or one or two being way older, another similarity they all share is they're all wearing white lab coats; like scientists. Instantly, Naruto guessed where Madara could be in here since he's one of the guys standing behind the other two. But looking at the ones sitting down, sure enough. There is only one other person who has the same spiky blonde hair as me, same blue eyes, same skin tone, and same goofy smile as Naruto.

"Wahh! That's him!" he exclaims in shock. In this picture, his dad looks almost exactly the same as Naruto remembers. This is proof that his dad was, without a doubt, a genius! After all, in the picture, he looks the youngest of them all. "Cool! I knew my dad was smart but I never thought he was this smart! What was the project?"

"Oh just a theory I had. We worked together to try and prove it but after many failed attempts, I'm not surprised your father quit to become a political reader. Those who funded us questioned our progress and eventually pulled out."

Doesn't answer the question but it sounds like whatever the theory was, Madara was sad to see it hit a dead end because they needed money. So Naruto doesn't push it. Instead he goes back to the picture and looks at the other two guys he didn't recognize right away. He looks at the man sitting down, like his dad, and this one…calls out to Naruto in a way.

"Hold on is this…" Looking more closely, he starts to see why. Showing it to Madara and pointing to that man, Naruto asks, "Is this guy from the Hyuuga family?"

Finishing his bite of the Ramen Supreme first, with three-fourths of it gone, Madara takes a quick look to reply, "Why yes. Hyuuga Hizashi. He was another scientist who worked on the project with us. He was also a good friend of the family."

Naruto knows that name all so well. 'That's Hinata's and Sasuke's father. So this is what he looked like…'

"He worked twice as hard on the project than any of us. Years after we separated, I wanted to ask him if he found anything new since I still wanted to finish that project but he died before I could ask him."

How sad. It truly is a shame that after all that hard work only to be shut down in the end because of lack of sponsors, Naruto can only imagine that it must have been devastating. Maybe his dad worked out fine because he had other things on his mind but Hizashi was also dealing with an arrange marriage and a love affair, wasn't he?

Looking through the picture again, Naruto looks at the last man he doesn't know and the only reason why this last guy stands out is because of the similarities he has with Madara. He has similar long dark, messy hair, that's tied in a low pony-tail and he has bangs that part down the centre of his face to frame both sides of it. He also has the same skin tone and eye color as Madara.

"Who's this guy? He looks a lot like you."

Naruto didn't show the picture to indicate who but Madara can already guess to who he's questioning about. "Oh. That's my little brother, Izuna. He was our major funder at the time. Since he had control over the Uchiha company, he had all the money. Otherwise, I would have used the money myself to dedicate fully to the project if I had inherited it from my parents."

When he said the name 'Uchiha', Naruto's eyes widen in absolute shock. Now he knows why the name 'Madara' sounds so familiar! He just thought it was a popular name but is this guy claiming to be Uchiha Madara?

Just to be sure, Naruto asks, "Hold on! You're the Uchiha Madara."

"The one and only," the man responds, like a proud little child. Completely ignorant of what he just admitted.

Ooh now that is bad. Naruto may not have been one to know about what goes on in the news, but Uchiha Madara he definitely heard about. The Uchiha family was once a good company that was all about fair play between their clients and themselves. They were experts on discovering who was trying to blackmail them or trying to scam them. They're very noble and superior in all things, but they're also known to have a lot of pride. They used to own the police force, and would invest in any idea that intrigued them and would provide for the community. But then ten years ago, their performance started to lack a little and then they started to lose money. Naruto doesn't know too much of the details but the family is still one of the richest families in Konoha but it was just during that one short time period, they were below their expectations and that was an insult to the family name. From what he heard, it was because of a certain relative of theirs. Uchiha Madara was his name and now that same said man is sitting across from Naruto, enjoying another bite of his ramen; eating it slowly but surely. Now he's starting to regret having a meal with this guy. Already, he's starting to hear Sasuke's lecture once he finds out that he had a meal with the Uchiha Madara!

"Excuse me."

Please tell Naruto that's his hallucination. Both him and Madara look up to the side and standing beside their table is a very angry looking Kurama, completely towering over them with serious, mature looking eyes. "What is a well known man like you doing in Konoha, and with my son no less?" There is a difference between looking angry and actually being angry and Naruto knows that if Kurama is looking dead serious and he's angry, now he really has something to fear.

'Kurama! Oh shit!'

The Uzumaki is now scared for his life. He can actually see the fire burning behind Kurama like the perfect background for a demon from hell. But while Naruto thinks he's seeing death right in the face, Madara doesn't look the least bit intimidated.

"Your son? Sorry but I recall his name being Uzumaki, not Namikaze." Naruto would have called this guy an idiot for saying a such a bold thing to Kurama. He doesn't know Kurama like Naruto does. He knows what he's capable of when he's angry. But what he said earlier, is he trying to say that all Namikaze's look alike? "Also, I knew Naruto-kun's father. You look a bit like him but nonetheless, not him."

What is going on? It's almost like that moment Naruto thought he hallucinated about. Only in this case, Madara looks teasingly cocky a little bit longer than just a second. It's not as evil as before but it's still different from the friendly, innocent behavior he had before.

"Then you must know that a grown man talking to an underage teenager he just met looks pretty suspicious. Minato wouldn't appreciate it." Then he sharply turns to Naruto and the poor boy nearly got his heart jumping out of his ribcage and running for the hills. Seeing those ruby eyes piercing through him instantly, he suddenly remembers he had to call Sasuke to tell him he was alright. Now he's facing hell in the face. Without a moment to spare, Kurama grabs Naruto's arm and tells him, "Come on, we're leaving." Then he lifts him up as easily as if he were a doll and starts pulling him away with that same great strength.

Other customers are staring at them now and Naruto tries to pull his arm back. He doesn't have to let go but loosen the grip a little. It's too tight and too forceful. "W-Wait! Kurama!"

"Minato-san's Kurama?"

The orange-head stopped walking when he heard Madara call that. It nearly made Naruto bump into him but at least he stopped pulling. Both of them turn around to look at the black-haired Uchiha and they see him patting his mouth with a napkin, still acting as if everything alright and that they don't have an audience watching them now.

Smirking, he says, "So you're that young man. Minato-san talked about you. He thought of you as a son when we were working together. I'm pleased to finally meet you."

Kurama's brows narrow in suspicion of the man. He looks tensed and completely on his guard. As if that older man would just pounce from his seat and strike; even though he looks so relaxed and poise in his chair. Cautiously, Kurama asks, "What exactly do you know about me?"

This tension in the air, what is going on? It's not so stiffening that it can be cut through with a knife but all in all, Naruto can feel it and it's making him even more fearful of the situation. Besides some past history, why is Kurama being so up-tight about Madara? They only just met. They don't have any bad blood between them…do they?

With the smirk still plastered on his face, somehow gaining a more sinister tint to it, Madara responds, "He wanted to name his project after you. Kurama, Kekkei Genkai of the Biju." Instantly, Kurama's entire body tenses up like a statue, his eyes widen, and his mouth becomes a straight line. His grip on Naruto's arm tightens, which really confused the boy now. Why is he acting like this?

Then Kurama feels someone tap his shoulder from behind. He takes the risk to look over his shoulder but then all way too quickly, he suddenly releases Naruto after pulling him to stand behind him and by the time the spiky blonde looks up to know what's going on, he sees Kurama being fist to fist with someone. The person who tapped Kurama on the shoulder sent a punch on his way, but he stopped it and he was going to punch his attacker with his other hand but just like him, the attack stopped the punch with just his bare hand. Now it's a battle of strength between Kurama and…Madara's driver! Now Naruto is in more shock. All of that was at incredible speed and now the place is suddenly so tensed between the two of them. The tension is more than just thick enough to be cut with a knife. It's suddenly so suffocating in here. Naruto has never seen Kurama like this before with anyone. Ever!

"Stand down, nephew."

Huh? Nephew!

Turning back to Madara, Naruto sees the middle aged man playing with shredded pieces of his napkins and they are teeny-tiny pieces. He looks bored but Naruto is in shock because he notices the napkin. Looking at the engaged men, his driver mostly, he tells them, "We didn't come here to start something and I would appreciate nothing to start here."

Naruto keeps his eyes on those shredded pieces. 'Wait. When did his napkin…' he wonders curiously, because he was sure not even ten seconds prior, Madara was patting his mouth with a whole napkin. Now it's a thousand pieces.

As for Kurama and the driver, or nephew, they didn't tear their eyes away from each other. They heard Madara and they acknowledge his words but should they really stand down? He is right that nothing should start in such a private place so, reluctant for some, both men first took a step back from each other before completely relaxing and pulling back once they saw that it's safe. But the two of them are still cautious of each other.

"Strong nephew you got here," Kurama compliments, but his eyes didn't look the least bit genuine in his words. The nephew, who appears maybe younger by a year or two than Kurama, doesn't say a word.

Madara regains his smirks before he introduces, "Boys, I would like for you two to meet Uchiha Itachi. He's my little brother's eldest son." When Naruto turns back forward and peeks out from behind Kurama, he instantly becomes amazed by the younger Uchiha while the guy nods his head to them in greeting.

Now that Naruto can see this guy fully, he nearly has to rub his eyes to be sure they're not tricking him; because the guy looks, without a doubt, a gorgeous creature sent from hell itself. His long black hair tied isn't as black as night. It's darker than that. Like the color itself represents the color of the very darkness in a mortal's soul. It complements his skin that's as pale as death, yet flawless and untainted by the even smudginess of filth. However he does have two creased lines running down the inner corners of his eyes to his cheeks. But those lines do nothing to dampen his beauty. It actually gives him more of an older, more professional look. His body form looks exquisite and at the same time, it gives off an eerie, dangerous aura – which is probably the aftermath of going up against Kurama. He doesn't look too buff, yet he doesn't look too slender either. His clothes don't a clear determined answer but it does give an estimate. He actually looks like he's ready for winter. Black pointy looking shoes, long black slacks, a long sleeve deep navy blue shirt with a high neck collar and golden trimmings – almost like a Chinese style shirt; and a light navy blue scarf. He must like blue but for some reason, it doesn't quite suite him. The black most certainly does. This guy appears strong and at the same time delicate enough to be an angel. An angel of death. What strikes Naruto greatly are the eyes. Eyes as black as satin, but blank; as if they contain no soul. But his stare pierces through any soul like razor-sharp icicles. For this guy, if looks could really kill, Kurama and Naruto would have been dead probably long before they saw this guy face to face.

Fear strikes through Naruto's heart from looking at him, maybe even more so when Kurama arrived here. But while the teenager tries to calm his nerves, he does a second take on this guy's appearance and something's…peculiar about him. 'If you cut the hair, lowered the height a little bit, and rewind the years…this guy looks a lot like Sasuke, doesn't he?'

Kurama, on the other hand, doesn't look the least bit scared of this guy. In fact, he's still keeping a deadly eye contact with him. "Eldest, huh? Where's the youngest?"

"That's why we're here. After my brother died and his wife long been deceased, I took Itachi and his little brother into my home in the country side. However, the young boy was an unstable one since his mother died in childbirth and his father's death just pushed him over the edge. He ran away and we think he have come back here; to his birthplace. We're just two worried relatives trying to find our little one. Don't mind us, Kurama-kun."

"I can help!" Naruto declares, happily. Being the good citizen that he is, he turns to Madara and tells him, "I have a knack for finding things!"

But someone obviously has other plans. "Oh no you're not!" Kurama grabs Naruto's arm, a little harshly and he looks directly into those azure eyes to tell him straight, "Don't get involved in other people's affairs."

But Naruto just wanted to help…

Madara chuckles at the little scene before him. Politely, he responds, "I appreciate the offer, Naruto-kun, but like your father said, this is an Uchiha affair. It takes an Uchiha to find an Uchiha, after all."

Well that's too bad. Naruto wanted to help Madara because the old man was kind enough to give him a free meal and he just so happened to have known his dad in the past. The directions to Ichiraku deserved a free bowl but for information on the fact that Minato was a scientist once upon a time, the Uzumaki felt that help finding the guy's nephew would sufficient. Now Naruto is stubborn and he would have asked again to let him help but with the way Kurama is acting and the way the tension is still high between him and Itachi, he better not.

Maybe next time.

"I see." Knowing his manners, now would be a good idea to display them. Naruto bows and tells Madara, "Thank you for the meal."

The middle age man nods in return. "Thank you for the company." Then he glances up at Kurama for a moment and that devious smirk comes back; as a hidden message given to the Namikaze. Kurama glared at him for a moment longer before regrabbing Naruto's arm and pulling him along.

"Let's go."

"Oi! That hurts!"

But Kurama doesn't pay any mind to that. As he was passing Itachi, he whispers something. Something too soft for Naruto to hear and he said it through unmoving lips so no one else could catch what he said.

"If you ask me, I hope he stays away from creeps like you."

Itachi's eyes widen when he heard that and to no one's notice, his eyes turn red like blood. Kurama was able to move Naruto past the Uchiha before the young Uzumaki noticed turning around towards them.


Itachi stops short in his turning and Naruto, having heard that and became confused since it's Madara's, turns his head to look over his shoulder and he sees Madara smiling and waving at him. Did Madara cough just for that?

But like how the shredded pieces of napkin caught the blonde's attention, something else does farther to the side. When Naruto turns to look even more, he really needed to rub his eyes to make sure that what he just saw was real. For one second and one second only, Naruto will swear to god that he saw fire around Itachi's tightly closed fist. It was only a little bit. Like a spark that was ready to be ignited for a bigger flame. But then it just died off before it could. Before Naruto could think more about it, Kurama practically tosses him out of the restaurant first before following after him to slam the door closed. All of the customers' eyes watched the Uzumaki and Namikaze go. No one else saw the spark around Itachi's hand and no one turned to look at the Uchihas.

Even when Madara's once friendly, innocent face twists into a devious smirk after watching them leave and he stands up to approach his nephew's side.

With his hand on Itachi's shoulder, the older Uchiha whispers in his ear, "Just wait, Itachi. You will get your chance. Don't worry. They are the only things that stand between us and dear little Sasuke-kun."

From the prologue, the missing member of the Uchiha family is already known to be Sasuke. But why is he missing? Why is he a Hyuuga? Why is he terrified of Itachi? Gotta stick with the story to find out more.

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