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"Alex," said Blunt "you're going to train at Breacon Beacons .Take just the bare essentials. What you need most."

Alex Rider didn't meet his sister till after the first mission.

Yassen raised his hand. A gesture of friendship? A salute?

Then ,as the helicopter flew off ,he yelled "Tell your sister that's it's about time you met her."

And that's when Alex first saw Alexis

Obviously Alex hadn't gone on all those missions on his own and succeeded.

At Point Blanc, she was under cover, helping him dodge bullets

At Skeleton Key, she had helped kill Conrad. In fact, it was her idea.

In the Air Force One, she had helped Sabina dismantle the missiles.

And when Scorpia came into play…

Alex was perfectly willing to shoot Mrs. Jones. After all, she HAD ruined his life. No, the reason he couldn't shoot her was his sister. She had joined SCORPIA with him and had received the same training as him, plus some specialized stuff. It had been her mission. Alex was just a tag-along. Truthfully, he was more forgiving and she was more brutal than him. But Mrs. Jones had been friends with her-They had used to live together, and Alexis just couldn't.

After that , they had done everything together…. Including the bullet wound.

Her name was Alexis Rider. And she was what Alex needed most.

What do you think? I got sick of gender bent Alex and random female spies as love interests. Why doesn't he ever have a twin sister?

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