When you`ve lived your entire live with a monster you become one. Unfortunately, I had to experience that on my own. I`m a person you`d never want to meet. If you confront me then be sure you will end up dead. For the last five years I`ve been killing people without hesitation. Not once have I regretted a murder. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dallas McKenna. I grew up in Texas with my mother and my horrible stepfather. Everyone who knows me in person would say I`m a great, loving and kind person. Truth is, no one really gets me. I hide behind a mask better than anyone you know.

The government knows me as The Passenger – their worst nightmare. Five years I`ve been running throughout USA and not for once did the police come near me. Why? Well, I`m always one step ahead. The moment they find out where I am, I`ve already left the town. How I do that? You need to keep reading to find out.

P.S. Be careful. I might be in your town right now…and I`m mad, really mad.

-The Passenger