Mike awoke to the doorbell, at about 9:30 in the morning, nobody else was up but he could tell with the doorbell ringing they would be. When he opened the door it was their friend Sophia. She had long blonde hair with light brown eyes, she was a little shorter than him but he should've known it was her, she comes by all the time.

"Oh, hey Sophia why did you come by?" Mike asked.

"Oh, well I didn't really have anything else to do today so I thought I'd hang out with you guys" She answered.

"Well, they're still asleep but I'll go wake them up" he said and headed for their room. He came out a little later with Micky, Davy, and Peter already in normal clothes.

"Hey, Sophia" Micky waved when he came out of the room.

"I'll go ahead and make some breakfast, Sophia you want anything?" Mike asked.

"I already ate back home" she answered.

Mike nodded and got out the eggs, making enough for four then sitting down to eat.

"We are scheduled to film today, if you want to come watch your welcomed to" Davy suggested.

"Sure, I'd love to what time are you filming?" Sophia asked.

"11:00 today we have to get there a little early for makeup and all that" Mike answered.

"After that, if you want, we could go to the beach" Micky suggested.

"Yea that'd be fun" She answered.

Before the knew it they were at the studio to film and Sophia watched behind the camera. This was basically a normal day for her watching them film then doing something afterward with the guys, only once was it a bit different when she had been dating Davy for a little while but they were still great friends, besides she likes the way it is now. So she vowed never to date one of them again, she was lucky their friendship didn't mess up when she dated Davy.

When they finished filming they all met up at the beach. Sophia had her usual bikini on with her white t-shirt over it, and the guys had on a swimsuit with a light jacket as always. Peter had a picnic basket in his hand and Micky had a cloth.

"Nice a picnic, what are we having?" asked Sophia.

"Well, there are five ham and cheese sandwhichs, water, and a bag of chips" Micky answered.

"Let's not just talk about it set the cloth down and get out the sandwhichs!" Davy exclaimed he was starving.

They laid the table cloth down and sat down, Peter handed out the sandwhichs and water and put the chips in the middle.

"So, what is the episode called that your filming this time?" Sophis asked through bites of her sandwhich.

"It's called Monkee Mayor, it's about how the mayor is going to ring the city with parking lots and we stop it" Mike answered.

"That sounds interesting" Sophia said.

"You want to come watch us film tomorrow to?" Mike asked.

"I'd probably end up coming anyway so sure" She smiled.

"Hey, want to play volleyball after this?" Micky asked, everyone nodded.

"Sure, but wouldn't it be three to two?" asked Sophia.

"Well yea, but it'd still be fun" Mike answered.

"I call Mike's team!" Peter exclaimed.

"Me too!" Sophia added and with that they headed over to the net and started playing. In the end Mike's team won because he was the best at volleyball, so after that they swam for awile. And Sophia chatted on about this guy she was thinking of asking out, she had wanted their opinion.

"He has brown hair and he's tall with light blue eyes and he's funny and just perfect" She blabbered on.

"Well, he sounds nice but from what I hear you don't know him very well at all" Davy cut in, "If you want to be a good couple you've got to know each other"

"I know but he just seems so perfect for me" She replied.

"So far they sound like they'd be a nice couple" Peter said.

"Yea, just get to know him a bit more you guys should be great together" Micky smiled.

Mike was silent through the whole conversation, he didn't know why but he instantly hated this 'dream guy' of her's, to him he sounded awful. Through all the chattering he heard that his name is James, but he still didn't like what he heard about him. He didn't know what it was about him that he didn't like but it was something about him.

"Why are you going to us about this again?" Davy asked.

"Well, you guys are the only people that would listen, plus ya'll are guys so you could help me when it comes to asking him out" She answered.

"I think you'll do just fine asking him out, once you learn more about him" Micky started "All you need to do is hang out with him like you do with us"

"Thanks Mick, I hope I'll be able to see him soon then we can hang out" She smiled.

"Does that mean you won't come to see us film?" Peter asked.

"No, I'm still going to come watch you guys, but afterward I'm going to hang at the beach and around town see if he's around" She answered.

"Well, we should head back home we need to rehearse our lines" Mike finally spoke up, getting up and grabbing his hat.

"OK, well see you tomorrow" Sophia waved as the guys got up and headed for the beach house.

When they got there Mike grabbed the script and locked himself in him and Micky's room.

"What's up with him?" Davy asked.

"I'm not sure, he hasn't really spoken until not to long ago" Micky answered just as curious as Davy.

"There's something troubling him" Davy stated "We gotta make him feel better"

"How, he locked himself up there and I left my key in there" Micky replied.

"Why would you leave your key to your room in your room?" Davy asked.

"I left it on accident, I got ready in a hurry" Micky answered "Plus, how are we supposed to cheer him up when we don't even know what's wrong?"

Meanwhile in Mike's room, his thoughts were going everywhere. He wasn't even paying attention to the script, he thought it'd get his mind off whatever was making him feel like this but to no avail. He didn't even know why he suggested they go home he didn't want to, and he didn't know why he hated this James guy so much. Sophia is his best friend and he wants her happy but somehow he hated the fact of her with another man. Then there was a knock on the door, so he got up and opened it to see Davy, Micky, and Peter.

"What do you want?" Mike asked.

"What's wrong, we've never seen you like this!" Davy exclaimed.

"Yea, we just want to make you feel better" Peter added.

"Truth is guys I don't even really know what's wrong with me" Mike said flopping back onto his bed.

"Oh, come on, you have to know what's wrong with yourself" Micky said concerned.

"Well, that James guy Sophia was talking about, I don't like what I heard about him" Mike started "But I want her to be happy, I mean she's are best friend we all want her to be happy but I don't like James and I don't think they're right for eachother"

"Oho, I get it" Davy said with a sly grin.

"It's not like that" Mike retorted before he could go on.

"If you say so" Davy replied and the three of them left the room and shut the door.

Mike was alone in his room again, he thought about what Davy was going to say. He told himself that it wasn't true but, Davy did have a point there were all the signs of it, he should know he's seen Davy in love. But he just ignored it and focused on the script.