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Chapter 1: Blue Moon

Tonight was a special night for the gang, Emma was back and the full moon had been and gone. Emma and Bella had been getting along like a house on fire and everyone had set up a welcome home party at Mako everyone meaning Ash, Lewis, Zane, Will, Cleo, Bella and Rikki. The Moon pool was filled with glowing candles and was set out for a late night picnic. Will, Lewis, Zane and Ash where already there all they were waiting for was the girls. The orange scaled tails glided through the entrance to the Moon pool and the boys shouted

'SUPRISE!' Emma squealed loudly and after five minutes the girls where dry and Ash had Emma in his arms.

'I missed you Emma.' He smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead.

2hours later

'That was awesome guys thanks' Emma said kindly.

It was now almost midnight and no one had noticed the full moon almost directly above the Moon pool. The guys grabbed hold of their girlfriends and jumped into the pool of water getting everyone wet and they all ended having a water fight.

It was now 11:55 and the girls all looked upward to see the full moon. They where instantly dazzled by it.

'Oh no' the boys tried to clamber out but the girls where speaking to the boys in a language they didn't understand. It came out a hiss and the boys were drawn to their women. But they all snapped out of the trance just as the women kissed each of their men on the lips. The boys hissed in response and they each said

'My beautiful mate you are mine forever.' The Moon pool bubbled and bubbled like a hot Jacuzzi and they all just sank lower into the blissfulness with their mates by their sides.

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