Hiya, this is a story called The Serpents, I've adopted this story of diddidoddi787, she came up with this idea, but I've tweaked it quite a bit and made it more of my sort of style, so basically the plotline is all hers, check it out though, it's called Break in, it's brilliant. Still this has scenes of violence in later chapters. Enjoy it!

The Serpents.

Rosalie's POV.

The serpents. I shivered. They were in town. Nobody knew who they are or where they are. Me and Vera used to pretend we were dating the serpents but that only got us into trouble. Our parents said that if we said that to an actual serpent they would kill us for sure. That stopped our lies. They were first in the news 3 years ago, when I was 18, it scared everyone to death. Everyone was scared to accidentally meet one, say the wrong thing and make them angry or something. They are the most feared people ever, there are tons of rumours about them on the internet, like they just kill, kill, kill. Not caring who it is or the gender, or even age for that matter. The thing is they could be anyone. Once some CCTV footage leaked on the internet, the people who posted it were found dead 2 days later, brutally murdered though, almost like someone had tortured them. You only know for sure if it's the serpents if they leave a poem and they're special signature that many have tried to imitate but can't, plus people are scared to in case they do get caught and people think they are actually a serpent.

Still, there have been a few robberies around town, they started at some really insignificant shops but they're getting higher up the scale to super stores and banks now. That's how they work; they install fear by building it up. It's terrifying because I've just started at the biggest bank/ museum in New York, that's the jackpot everyone thinks. Yeah, pretty terrifying as they don't leave any witnesses alive.

So anyway, they're here.

Emmett's POV.


"Hi, I'm Jasper, This is my girlfriend Alice, This is Edward and his girlfriend Bella and this is Jacob." The blonde guy said outside my apartment door. "We're your new roommates, well Jacob, Edward and I are." He smiled.

"We're living in room 219, down the hall." Alice said.

"Sounds cool, you guys want to come in sometime then?" I smiled.

"Sure." Edward said bringing in his suitcase.

I showed the guys to their rooms, I had only just moved in yesterday so we had to organise the place a bit more. Once it was done we invited the girls back over.

"So, Jasper why are you here then? College or whatever?" I asked.

"Nah, my parents hated me so I ran away as soon as I could make a living, I had a pretty crap childhood to be honest, always in fights and stuff. I just want to make my own way you know?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, I kind of did that, My parents were murdered when I was 14, then my brother was in a car crash then my other brother over dosed when I was 15 ,to top it all of my sister , aunt and uncle were in yet again another car crash 2 years ago. So I just had to get away from it all, still want to kill them guys who killed my Mom and Dad though." I hissed the last part.

"They were never caught?"

"Nope, cops are too lazy I guess, but they've killed more people the worst part is, they know the leader of the gang, I bet I could catch them."

"I know what you mean Emmett, seriously, my Mom was killed in an arsonist fire, never caught the guys who did it, too lazy as you said." Bella said.

"So do any of us still have any family left then?" I asked.

"If you can call them a family." Alice spat.

"What happened?" Jacob asked.

"It was all fine until my bratty sister was born, from then on everything I did was wrong, every single thing so as soon as I could I ran." She shrugged.

"My Mom's dead, heart attack and my Dad's always drunk so I left too." Jacob said.

"My Dad left me and my Mom, I got bullied so I fought back as you do but my Mom made me promise not too so I had to just stand there and take it you know? So I left last week because her smothering was literally killing me." Edward said.

"So no one has family then?" Bella asked.

"Guess not." Jacob said.

"Enough of the sad stuff, let's party!" I yelled.

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