LbN: Not sure how I missed a day out of Pezberry Week, but here you go. Prompt was "subtlety fail".

Santana scowled at the bubble gun stand in the mall. Why hadn't they made cool shit like this when she was a kid?

"Q, how long are they going to be?" she whined. "I'm seriously considering buying a bubble gun. You know that's boredom."

Quinn laughed. "Here comes my better half. Don't know where yours is. Hey Ducky!"

"Hi Quinn!" Brittany said, bouncing over to them. "I got all sorts of stuff for play time this weekend!"

Santana snorted. "Why do I get the feeling that's a euphemism for something?"

"Shut it, S," Quinn said.

"Oh, Santana, Rachel told me to tell you that she needs help in the changing room."

It was Quinn's turn to snort. "That's subtle."

"She said something about wanting Santana's approval on an outfit."

"See, Q? Not all of us get off on public fornication."

"Says half of the duo who decided to get it on during paintball capture the flag last weekend."

"Shut it, Q. I'm going to hurry my girl along."

As she walked away, Quinn turned to Brittany with a smirk. "We're going to be here a while, aren't we?"

"When she gets a look at what Rachel's wearing? Yep."

The older blonde laughed. "They really suck at being subtle."

*Twenty Minutes Later*

Quinn picked up her phone as it buzzed, and promptly started laughing. She handed it to Brittany to read.

Fr. Santana: Security nabbed us! PLEASE come get us so they won't call our parents! *dying*

Brittany smiled and took Quinn's hand as they walked toward the security station. "Guess they still haven't figured out that there's a time and place for playtime…."

"Seems not, Ducky."