A/N: It just got to my attention I haven't written a Baldur's Gate related fanfic in ages. Part of me thinks that after moving on to different fandoms I may be unable to do so – but I aim to prove that part of me wrong. Inspired by some of Star Trek 2009 memes and challenges, I decided to post a bit of a challenge myself. So, prepare for 50 secrets of Sindal (my character) and Tsujatha Melalor (mod NPC for BG).

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Between the Two of Us

One: Tsujatha's most favourite spell is fireball. She and the rest found out the hard way in the beginnings of their journeys together. They were swarmed by spiders – and the first thing Tsujatha could think about casting was one blasted fireballs, one of the biggest Sindal had ever seen. It definitely disabled the spiders that much was true – but when the rest of the group just turned to stare at him in their singed glory, all he did was shrug sheepishly.

Two: Apples. From all the things he could find himself to eat on Faerun, he likes apples the most. He said that he likes them so much because they remind him of chan, fruit native to his homeworld Gilalion. But Sindal knows he likes apples so much because it is one of the few things he can always share with her – each of them having half of it, smiling at each other secretly.

Three: He hates to be dirty. She had seen him to spend lots of time by cleaning his clothes from all the dirt and dust his robes seem to gather every time they travel anywhere. No matter how much dirt he has to clean in the evenings, his robes are always spotless and pristine in the mornings.

Four: He appreciates beauty – she had seen him looking at the females they met or other women in their group appreciatively – but when one of these females decides to make a move, he politely makes his excuses and leaves as soon as possible. Viconia was pretty daring in the short time she spent in their company, her drow ways telling her to approach him directly. He just looked at her, told her she was beautiful… but that her beauty is without shine to his eyes. Saying that, he left speechless drow where she stood and joined Sindal by the fire. Hers was the beauty which held the shine he searched for and he made sure she knew that.

Five: He likes poetry – his most favourite poet is not from Gilalion but from the Prime material. He is able to quote his whole plays on spot. Or, he is able to whisper his sonnets in her ear when he holds her close to his heart, sending shivers down her spine, when he whispers for thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings that then I scorn to change my state with kings for the very first time to her.

Six: He is necromancer, the only living one in Gilalion. Or he used to be, at least. He never had any qualms to use his art before, seeing his enemy in pain used to please him. But now, when his eyes wander to her, he rather grants the enemy swift death.

Seven: For all his strength he can be surprisingly gentle with his touch, caressing instead of crushing with his fingers. Although his hands are calloused from century of warrior training, their touch can be the softest thing.

Eight: He hates lemons. With passion. The first time Imoen made lemonade for the whole group, he decided to indulge her only because he didn't want to upset her – it had been shortly after they got her from Spellhold. But any other time, when there is prospect of eating or drinking anything with lemons, he quickly disappears or just flatly refuses to even come close to that.

Nine: No matter how terrible things are, no matter how wounded he may be – if he has at least a small chance of cuddling with her, he will take it, treasuring her closeness and basking in her warmth like a kitten. He would deny that he is actually quite a softie, but she knows better.

Ten: The first spell he ever casted was energy drain, and the reason why he casted it had been mockery from other children. Afterwards, no one dared to mock him – but shortly afterwards his step-mother, the only mother he knew, had casted him out, ashamed of her son being a magician. And ever since then, part of him is always ashamed what his spells caused, even if he's proud of his ability to cast them in the way he does.

Eleven: Before he came to Faerun, Tsujatha never really had known spring, didn't really liked summer, was only a bit fond of autumn (if only for the wrong reasons) and winter was something unimaginable to him. But then he found out the joys of seeing trees in full bloom, the slowly grow of green; the warmth of sun and long swim in the sea; the promises of harvest and the calm and innocence of snow-covered landscape. He says it reminds him of her – she is the promise of new beginning, of warmth, the joys connected with waiting for the right time and she is the symbol of innocence he lost so long ago. But she knows that it's not entirely her work – his soul longed for someone to make it see things for long enough that it needed but a small impulse. And she was more than willing to be one who started it.

Twelve: He occasionally braids his hair only because he loves the feeling of her fingers in his hair, when she is freeing it from its bond, massaging his scalp and pressing small kisses on the masses of black hair. He thinks she doesn't know – but she had noticed the way his eyes close every time she brushes his hair.

Thirteen: He would love to dance with her – but he has only the smallest idea about the steps and was damn embarrassed to actually come to her and ask her for a dance when he wasn't perfect in it.

Fourteen: His biggest fear is to be left completely alone. It started by being cast away by his foster-mother and then being left behind by Sillara. It takes her quite a long time before she finally makes him feel secure enough not to glare daggers at every man who speaks to her.

Fifteen: He's a gentleman, no matter how much he would deny that. Of course, he still mocks those who are way too self-important – especially women, who think they can woo him while being like that. But generally he shows more manners to women of all races, stations and ages than quite a few noblemen in this world.

Sixteen: Tsujatha is very good singer. He can play a flute, too. His biggest problem is that he is extremely self-conscious when it comes to his musical skills, so only she knows about this. And even she learnt it during one calm moment they shared in Imnesvale. They were sitting under tree, her back resting against his chest, his arms around her, keeping her close… She almost missed it, if not for the vibrations in his chest and the quietest of songs being sang to her. It was their little secret, and one of the most cherished.

Seventeen: For an elf Tsujatha can be extremely clumsy. Sindal still laughed like crazy when she remembered that special occasion she promised him never to even think about ever again. Period.

Eighteen: She managed to persuade him into dressing up games, and then proceeds to try different styles of makeup and hairstyles on him. It is painting his nails where he really draws the line. When she kissed him, she finally understood why he insists on kissing her more than usual, when she puts the makeup on. The taste of lipstick completely covered the unique taste of Tsujatha, so she swiftly proceeds to kiss the lipstick off. Not that he complained.

Nineteen: He reads romance novels. Not just romance novels – that kind of romance novels which any proper scholar would not even come close to, because it's cliché after cliché in the plots, characters and dialogs. Yet he reads them and goes even so far as to hide them in other books, so others would not know and mock him for that. But she knows and when he's tortured by nightmares, she holds him close and reads the novels to him, lulling him to sleep by the stories of eternal love which overcomes all difficulties.

Twenty: Not many people would say words empath and Tsujatha in one sentence. The truth is that Tsujatha is more empathic than most people give him credit for. He just hides it all so well.

Twenty one: Tsujatha has several tattoos, all of them in places where they cannot be seen unless he's completely naked. All but one is various arcane symbols. The one he had made as the last is letter S written in ornamental font.

Twenty two: He blushes most adorably. He just hates when she makes him blush in front of the others.

Twenty three: She managed to get him drunk once. He was most cute when he declared his undying love to her most of the evening – but when he went to get the biggest knife he could find and put it under their pillow, so he could reach the knife quickly, should someone endanger her… well, the waiting for him to finally fall asleep, so she could reach the knife and hid it somewhere had been endless, so she swore never to let him get drunk ever again.

Twenty four: When he's nervous, he twists a lock of hair around his finger. He doesn't get nervous very often, but the gesture stands on quite a bit.

Twenty five: He is the only other elf who actually sleeps in the night instead of reverie. Sindal thought it may have something with him being from other world and her growing up amongst humans who did not know reverie at all.

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