Chapter 3: black jacks birthday

In the morning I got up and had food, then I when to a store and got cake for black jack's birthday. I got them to right "happy birthday kur-chan" on in. when they were done that, I whet back to my place and got the 5 books and the cape, by the time I got to black jacks place it was 11:00am, I knocked on the door, black jack answered, he was in his P.j's, he looked funny in them and I count help but laugh at what he was wearing.

"What?" kur-chan asked.

"You look funny in that." I said

"Any way, is pinoko heir?" I asked

"She is, she still sleeping" kur-chan said

"Ok, can I come in?" I asked

"ya, ok…haw long are you staying?" kur-chan asked

"In till I live…" I said

"Ok…and how long will that be?" he asked

"I don't know, after you party…" I said

"What?!" he asked

"Oh pinoko dint tell you. There is a party for you today at your place." I said

"Why?" he asked

"Because it's your party, and people can't come over to my place." I said

"Why not?" kuro-Chan asked

"I don't what to dastard the Nabors." I said

"Oh so you think its ok to dastard my Nabors?" kur-Chan asked

"You don't have Nabors." I said

"Oh. Oh ya…I forgot" kur-chan said

"Wow, that's just fail." I said

I walked in and but the cake and the other stuff down, as I turned around black jack lifted my chin a bet so I was looking at him and he kissed me, his eyes were closed and I count move, but then there was a knock on the door, black jack stopped kissing me and answered the door. There was someone there that needed to get there lag to be looked at…black jack looked at it and said that he needed it to be amputated and there was no other way. I helped him with it. It was a 2 hour surgery, and by the time he was done pinoko was up and about. Black jack told them to get him to a hospital so they can look after him.

Pinoko made black jack and I some coffee, black jack had it black I had it with milk and sugar in it. Pinoko made some food for black jack. And when she was in the kitchen black jack came up beside me and had a sip of my coffee. He spit it out right away.

"Haw the hell can you drink that?!" black jack yelled

"I can say the same thing about your coffee" I said

Pinoko walked in and asked black jack what was wrong.

"It's nothing pinoko" black jack said as he wiped coffee off his chin.

Pinoko looked at black jack then to me. "he had a sip of my coffee and he does not like it" I told pinoko

"And why did he do that?" pinoko asked

"I don't know." I said

Pinoko looked at black jack. "Why did you have a sip of her coffee?" pinoko asked black jack

"I wanted to know what it tasted like." Black jack said

"Oh ok." Pinoko said

Pinoko whet back into the kitchen

"so if you don't mind, why did you kiss me?" I asked

Black jack blush a little and said nothing, he just sat down and started to read his book. It was the same book from yesterday.

"Fine don't answer" I said

After about 1o mins pinoko came out with eggs, toast and bacon. Black made it into a sandwich. After he ate, he went and got dressed. He was wearing a white shirt, black vest, a red bow tie and black pants. Another 5 min whet by in till the people started to show up. There was a person from toms, there was pinoko's little friend and the doc that kills the people. All the people had president for black jack.

We all played games intill lunch. For lunch we had fish and rice with miso soup.

Then a person got rolled into his hose.

"black jack we need you to save him. The docs said the it was a tommer and all the sergens were bissy with other stuff!" they yelled

"$100.000" black jack said

They said yes and the person was ready for surgery in no time flat. When he made the first cut he stopped and looked at it with serpers. He ran out into the living room and said that he did not need to be paid. He looked at me then said "I bet it was you that did that"

"your right it was me." I said

Everyone was looking at use with confusion.

"what did you do?" pinoko asked

"I made him cut his cake" I said as I breasted out laughing.

After we eat the really looking cake we got black jack to open his gifts.

He opened pinoko's books. He had a little smile as read the titles and he laughed at some of them.

Then he opened pinoko's friends' gift. It was another book.

He opened everyone's gift and they were books.

As he opened mine he looked relived that it was not another book. He looked at it then but it on, there would have been no other one that would have been the best fit there…after that every one went home.