Draco entered Lorcan's and Lysander's room to find them sitting on the beds with their arms crossed. They had identical frowns on their faces. Draco sighed slightly and closed the door behind him. This would definitely be difficult.


Luna and Scorpius sat on the sofa. She listened quietly as he told her everything about himself. He was so much like his father. A perfect Malfoy, a perfect Slytherin, a Seeker, a leader. But everything was in the outside. Inside, he was lonely, misunderstood, and sad.

"Will Lorcan and Lysander ever accept me?" Scorpius asked.

"Of course they will. You're triplets, you depend on each other." Luna answered.

"They hate me." Scorpius argued.

"No they don't dear. They are just confused and maybe a bit angry."

"Yeah, sure." Scorpius muttered.

"So did Draco get you engaged to someone yet?"

"No not Father. Grandfather has tried. I just don't find girls very interesting."

"Oh no! That makes three. Lorcan and Lysander don't like girls either. Lorcan is convinced that all girls are just whiny, annoying, and unbearable creatures. How am I ever going to get you guys married off? But, no worries, I'll be sure to find the perfect, sweet, caring wives for all of you."

"Sure, I'll leave that to you."

Scorpius and Luna sat in silence for a while. Suddenly Draco, Lorcan and Lysander entered the room. Draco was smiling a bit and Lysander looked happy. Lorcan looked grumpy.

"We have accepted the fact that we're Malfoys and we're ready to accept Dra-Dad as our real father. As long as we call him Dad and not Father." Lysander said.

""I am a genius." Draco said with a smirk.

"How did you convince them?" Luna asked.

"He played the guilt card on us. Lysander nearly broke into tears." Lorcan rolled his eyes. "I don't think Lorcan Malfoy and Lysander Malfoy sound so good."

"We could just change your names." Luna suggested with a smile.

"Yeah, right. I'm fine with my awesome name thank you." Lysander said.

"So you're our triplet brother? I think I can get used to that as long as you apologize for all of the tormenting you did to us." Lorcan looked at Scorpius.

"Sorry. I wouldn't have teased you if I knew that we were triplets." Scorpius mumbled, turning red.

Scorpius, Lysander and Lorcan left to the kitchen to get something to drink while Draco gave Luna a hug. He kissed her on her forehead and pulled her close.

"How did you convince them?" Luna asked looking at Draco in wonder.

"It's just like they said, I played the guilt card on them." Draco winked.

The End