Where did you go?

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Not a single day do I go without hearing about 'Allison this' or 'Allison that.' I was tired of it, I mean come on. Once in a while is fine, but Scott frinckin McCall seems to rub in my face all the time without him even noticing. Maybe I want a girlfriend, or maybe a boyfriend. Or maybe I just want a whatever, hell I just want to someone to like me. Seriously, is that too much to frikin ask for? I mean I'm not that repulsive, am I? I'm not answering that question myself, but I've heard it answered many times before.

Sure, I'm not the hottest, nor the smartest, nor maybe even that popular. But hell I'm not that bad. Seriously I wished people would recognize a stud when they see one.

I'll be stuck listening to Scott drone on and on about his wonderful Allison for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, the chick is pretty sweet but hearing about her all the fucking time doesn't exactly make my day. Who the hell am I kidding, it never makes my day. One day I just snapped on Scott, he looked shocked. Who can blame him, dude was in love and she frikin brightened his day.

"Scott, will you just shut the hell up about Allison already?" I screamed from the computer chair. I was mad, hell I was pissed. Too much Allison I thought. I wasn't even looking at him when I said it; I was on the computer looking up stuff about our friendly neighborhood kanima. Scott was sitting on the bed just droning on and on about his Princess Allison. Not giving a rats ass about my efforts to somehow find out what Jackson was, or if there was a flipping cure for the asshole.

Scott gasped and sort of coughed at the same time. Serves him right I thought. The dude talks about her nonstop and he acts surprised when I snapped on him. God, he can be such an asshole and so self-absorbed sometimes. I can't even remember the last time he asked me if I was okay, if I wanted to hang out, if I wanted to do anything. Dude only cared about his girlfriend, he probably only kept me around just for the rides.

"Dude, what's your problem?" Scott asked from behind me, the guy was mad, like I cared anymore. I had a right to be pissed.

"You think it would kill you not to talk about Allison for one day Scott? One day?" I demanded as I turned to face the idiotic and totally selfish werewolf. He made a face as if he hesitated on what to say, un-frikin-believable.

"Well...no I guess not, is um...something wrong Stiles?" The guy was about as smart as the rocks on this earth, or more like as dense as the rocks. Hell he was both. But at least he still cared, or at least pretended to.

"No Scott, nothing is wrong, nothing at all. I just love to hear about how Allison makes your day, every day of the week that much better." Hopefully he would get my sarcasm, if not, I'd get Derek to rip his throat out, I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

"Why didn't you say something before?" God hold me back from lunging at him.

"Because I expected my best friend to realize how tired I was of it," I snapped at him. Scott looked startled. I never really snap at him, only when he's being an idiot, which is when he's talking about Allison or making stupid choices. Oh wait, that's all the time.

"I'm sorry I didn't notice," Scott said trying to sound sincere, or was sincere. I couldn't tell because he was using that stupid puppy dog look. His brown eyes weren't helping, I felt like a sucker if I fell for this crap…. again.

"Just cut the stupid puppy dog look and consider helping me look for stupid stuff about the kanima, or whatever the hell Jackson is," I said beginning to turn in my seat to face back to the computer.

"Stiles, lets at least talk about this, is there something on your mind or are you just annoyed about me talking about Allison so much?" Scott tentatively asked sounding just a tad bit unsure of his words. I twisted my seat back to face him; I didn't want to tell him what my problem was. It was true though. I was annoyed about Allison but it was something else. Something else I was fine with nobody else knowing, not even Scott.

"Dude, just help me look for stuff or stories about this, this is way more important than my predicament or whatever you want to call it," I managed to say in a whiny tone. I did lie to him though, and whenever you lied your heartbeat would raise a bit. Which meant Scott would ask why I was lying, which meant I was immortally screwed. Scott was a persistent wolf, so there was no doubt he would find out what I was actually hiding. Crap I just wish now he would talk about his princess Allison, this is probably the only time I will ever want to hear about her.


I heard Stile's heartbeat rise as he spoke that last sentence, he's lying. The only question is, why? I'm his best friend, even though I haven't exactly been there a lot I'm still his best friend. I looked through my brain to think of a reason why he would lie to me. Nothing, but it was Stiles, there were so many reason he would do so many things, he was unpredictable. I should know this, he's my best friend after all. I couldn't help but feel guilty.

"You want to tell me why you're lying?" I inquired raising an eyebrow. Stiles looked defeated but also seemed like he was expecting it. After all with all of these enhanced senses it seemed impossible for something like lying to get past me. It almost made me feel guilty for asking him why, maybe he didn't want to talk about it. Stiles was never really was one to talk about himself, more like he'd just talk about other people and help others and just be Stiles. The spazzy pill addicted teenager who had the weirdest social life ever.

Stiles didn't say anything, just sighed. His heart beat was getting a bit quicker, which meant he was really nervous I guess. I wasn't really good with the whole heart thing, I could just tell when someone was lying is all.

"Stiles...you can't just say nothing this whole time. You're going to need to talk eventually," I said with a smile. Stiles just sat there, not really saying anything. Then he looked like he was trying to find the right words for whatever he was trying to say.

"Look alright I like somebody, okay? Your little werewolf ass happy?" Stiles revealed, sounding a bit annoyed. I couldn't help but smile even more. It was kind of funny when Stiles was annoyed, he would get all flustered. But the news of Stiles liking somebody did kind of shock me, after all that Lydia talk I had just assumed he only had eyes for her. But she wasn't catching on, maybe Stiles caught a hint and decided to like someone better then Lydia.

"So who's the lucky girl?" I asked. Stiles looked like he was hesitating, what would he hesitate about? Did he not trust me or something? I was, again, his best friend. I don't get why he wouldn't trust me, after all who would I tell, Allison? I doubt she would care, okay, maybe she would care. Maybe even try and help Stiles. But Allison wasn't his best friend, I was. I should help him with this kind of stuff.

I see Stiles gulp, I really don't see why he's so nervous, it's not like he likes me. I laughed at the thought of Stiles confessing his love for me, he would do it as a joke, never for real.

"The thing is...it's not a girl" Stiles said now looking away from me, whoa, what? Never once did I actually think Stiles was gay, or bi for that matter. The thought never crossed my mind, but I don't really pay attention to him as much as I used to. Maybe if I hung out with him more I would have known or he would have told me. A wave of guilt hit me.

"Stiles I..." I really didn't know what to say, it's not that I wasn't okay with it, it's just what do you say to something like that? "Oh sorry Stiles, I never really payed attention to my best friend enough to know he was bi." I thought I would have at least been on top of something like this but then again, I didn't ask Stiles that much what was going on in his head. I straighten up and began to speak again. Stiles looked in agony waiting for some sort of response from me. I gulped; I didn't want to sound too harsh.

"So...who's the lucky guy?" I said, trying to sound the least bit shocked.

"You probably don't even know him...he's in our chemistry class. His name is...Isaac Lahey."

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