LbN: Yes, I know this isn't exactly how Time Turners work. Work with me... Written for Pezberry Week. xPosted to Tumblr.

Santana straightened her tie and tried to ignore the noise coming up from the common room. Really…you'd think the entire House had just won a sack full of Galleons. It was just the Quidditch Cup…. What was the big deal? Still…she'd have to restore order soon. If McGonagall came up here, it was her ass.

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WILL YOU LOT BE QUIET!" she bellowed from the top of the stairs. "You have one more hour, then Gryffindor Tower is closed for the night. That means all the Hufflepuffs you thought I didn't notice had better be back in their own goddamn House!" She went back into the Head Girl's room, smirking. There were grumbles behind her, but the noise level had definitely calmed down. She knew the common room would be empty in an hour as well—no one had the balls to openly defy her. It was a good feeling.

One of her quills twitched and she smiled. She picked it up, along with her message book, and opened it. Rachel's neat handwriting appeared at the top of the page.

Congratulations! What's my lion up to this evening? Not dodging the party, I hope….

Santana laughed. The girl knew her far too well.

Of course not, my little serpent. I've been partying it up all over the place.

And they say we Slytherins are liars….

You are most of the time.


I'm not in the mood to celebrate. This is just one more reminder that we're leaving this place in a few weeks.

I know…. But we've had some great times. Namely in the Prefects' bathroom…. Speaking of, do you think you can sneak out?

We have three N.E.W.T.s in the morning!

I could rewind us a bit….

Rachel Barbara Parkinson-Finnigan! I'm scandalized! How could you even suggest such an egregious abuse of your special privileges? Your Time Turner is a tool, not a toy.

That sounded like Quinn.

It was supposed to. :)

Well stop that! I don't want you sounding like that swotty Ravenclaw priss.

Don't let Britt hear you call her that. She'll hex you off the face of the planet.

Who knew Hufflepuffs were such good duelers? Come on—let me rewind us. Just the past couple of hours.

Fine. Just this once.

Santana was making her way up to the castle from the Quidditch pitch. When they got to the first floor, she said goodbye to her group.

"Where are you going?" Lily Potter asked.

"Nowhere. Need to chill for a while."

"Have fun," Lily said with a wink.