Of Feathers and Fur



Ok, I re-posted this because I made many mistakes on the original, this time I made sure to edit. It properly still has some grammar errors (sorry...), but I don't have a editor (is that what you call them?) yet. If you ever, in this story, see the names Annika, Axel, or Vincent, it is because I originally not intended this to be a BB/IY crossover. Tell me if you see those names and I will change it. First crossover (and story). Please no flames!


"You must take it away!" the fallen female figure yelled at her companions. The female companion shook her head.

"You must live! I refuse to leave you to die!" she cried, tears pouring out of her eyes as the male companion tried to lead her away. The fallen female smiled lightly at both companions.

"My friends…. You must keep it safe… Sister of my heart, you must take it away from here… you must keep it out of his reach… you must not let him know you have it...you must!" she said, her voice slowly fading along with her beating heart. She watched as the female companion hesitantly nodded her head, crying hard for the falling's life. "…I will, sister… I will keep it from his reach." The male's head turned at the sound of the demons running and yelling.

"They are coming, we must leave!" The female shook her head once more.

"No! I will not leave her!" The fallen Queen chuckled at the other female, despite her losing air.

"I will not be much longer. Now, get out of here. Keep it out of his reach, you have been doing so for many years. Keep guarding it, and leave me. I'm as good as gone." Both of the companions listened at their fallen comrade's last words. "Now go. Go! They are coming!" she said breathlessly. The male glanced behind him, the yelling now at the door they hid in. They glanced at the fallen Queen, her skin pale white, her eyes grown dull. The male looked to his sister, seeing her tears well up around her eyes, but she pushed them away. She grasped the small trinket the Queen had wanted her to continue guarding after all the years of her protecting it. She wanted it to go to another protector so badly, but she ignored her thoughts and stuffed it in her blouse.

Hearing attempted kicks intending to break the door down, the male grabbed his unmoving sister and jumped out the window. In his place, a large white, demon-like dog jumped out, a small, what seemed to be human female snuggling her face in his back, hiding her unshed tears in his silver fur. The silver dog's eyes glance backward to the crying female.

"…Kagome" The female's head lifted at the sound of the dog's voice. She pushed her tears away.

"Sess,Go to Kanna's. We're going to the human world." The dog's brow lifted slightly at the last statement. "The human world, you say? They will not open to us with welcome arms." She nodded, her head still buried in his white and silver fur.

"Yes, the human world. The others won't dare fallow." She smiled bitterly. "As for humans, well, we are contract demons, now, aren't we?" The demon dog gave a ghost of a smile and continued to Kanna's house.