"talking as a animal"


Chapter 3

Stress. That is what hit Kagome like a hammer. She let out of tired and disappointed sigh as her form became smaller and smaller. Her clothes drop on the wood floor of her bedroom, and in her place stood a small black cat. The cat, using its feline abilities, climbed gracefully too and out the window, and on to the lush, green, and grassy earth floor, before meeting up with jet black hair.

Sesshomaru changed quite a lot from the first time she met him. He trained and aided her in the final battle against Naraku, helped her coupe with the deaths of Sango and Miroku, and even stayed by her side as she painfully turned into a half-demon. (I never said she was a full demon, have I? :D) It was strange seeing him as a brother, but what was even stranger was seeing him without his regal markings and his silver hair. His illusion caused his hair to turn a similar color to hers, giving others the idea that their relation. It also (to her despair) took away his beautiful tail and markings. His eyes however, stayed in its golden glory.

Sesshomaru stared at the cat and picked her up, stroking one of her velvety black ears as he walked around the old house they lived in. Coming to the front porch, he sat on the third step, the wood painted a shade of plum. He sat Kagome on his lap, staring into her now blue slited eyes. His sister's eyes threw out many different emotions. Being his 'butler' for a while, and with his training, she was supposedly emotionless around others; he had not seen her show any emotions in a long time. Stress, fatigue, distress, pain, sadness, worry, anger; her emotions creating a storm from being kept in for so long. Only one stood out the most. Fear. Fear had never been an emotion she liked would show.

"Kagome, cease your worrying." He commanded in an attempt to calm his sister's nerves, "You are this Sesshomaru's imouto. No one shall hurt you when this one is here." The look she gave him said she was not convinced. "Not for long…" The cat looked down, its ears drooping to its skull, and its tail wrapped around its long slender body. "Not for long…" His frown slowly turned to a fake smirk. "The Phantomhive child is up. He is awake and wants answers." The cat nodded, jumping off her brother's lap as he started to stand.

Her brother gone, still a cat, Kagome began to stroll into the garden Sesshomaru had arranged for her. It was beautiful, filled many exotic flowers, bushes, and trees, both colorful and fragrant. She would come here when she had no work left, or whenever she had time too. It usually made her happy in the few times she was sad. A hesitant smile appeared on her cat face as she saw a butterfly flying near one of her favorite flowers, the bleeding hearts. She smiled blissfully at the sight not usually seen in fall. She slowly lay on the lushes grass, putting her head on her paws. Her smile turned into a one of relief. 'A small nap wouldn't hurt. I still have ten minutes.'

She was brought out of her blissful paradise as she heard shoes crushing grass. Her ears twitched as the sound came closer. Her head shot up and turned to see who had interrupted her small piece of paradise. Her back almost arched when she saw Sebastian, who was wide eyed, looking straight at her. 'What? Why is he looking at me like that? Am I naked again?' she looked down at her form. No. Still a cat. 'Then why is he looking at me like that? Can he tell that it's me?' She wanted to hiss at the thought.

All of a sudden, he sat on his knees and held out his hand toward her. 'No. He doesn't know.' She thought with relief. Before she knew it, she was in the hands of Sebastian, and being stroked on the belly. If in her human form, she would have been red, possibly redder, putting even a tomato to shame. Her eyes widened as she was being picked up; Sebastian started to walk into the house with a smile on his face and Kagome still a cat in his arms, went into the parlor, where Sesshomaru and his master were waiting.

When Sesshomaru caught sight of Kagome in Sebastian's arms, he found amusement and let out a silent chuckle. "Oh, Shut it." Kagome's annoyed and confused voice mewed out. Kagome started to struggle against Sebastian's hold, only for him to smile and hold her more firmly and stroke her lovingly than before. Kagome tensed as she felt the loving stroke of his gloved hand. She glanced at the now awake Ciel, who looked at his butler with a look of displeasure. "I am sorry for my butler's behavior. He is extremely fond of cats." The young Earl said uncomfortably, his allergies to cats made her presence for him unnerving. Sesshomaru's face still unwavered despite the silent chuckle. "That's fine. In fact, I'm glad." He said with a sly smirk, glancing at the blue eyed cat, "Little Kaggy here doesn't get much attention." The cat seemed to glare at him.

"You… Bastard" Kagome's voice screeched, as she was squeezed into what seemed like a hug, and being pet fiercely. 'Must resist urge to …purr….' She tried to hold it in, but she could not stop the unwanted purr that rumbled in her throat. Sesshomaru smiled as he heard the unwilling purr come from his sister. "Looks like someone's enjoying themselves." Kagome narrowed her eyes as her brother's voice slipped to her ears. "Shut up." She sent back, trying to ignore the amused voice. Suddenly, she felt a pinch in the back of her skull. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was.

"Sesshomaru! Get me out of his arms, I'm…" before she could finish her sentence, a white light engulfed the small black cat. The small cat's eyes widened as she started to struggle more. Her 15 minutes was up.

Grabbing the closest curtain, Sesshomaru ripped it off its hinges, and threw it on Sebastian and the glowing cat. Sebastian fell backwards as he felt a larger form grow from the cat in his arms; as if it was transforming. His eyes widened as the cat slowly turned into the form of a woman, the woman who he had been thinking about earlier. Now on the floor, he looked over the features of the naked woman on his chest, the curtain only covering her back from the other two men.

Sebastian felt himself fill up with amazement. The beautiful woman from before! Her eyes seemed filled with a small frightened glint, as well as worry. Her royal blue eyes met his red ones, and she tensed, her face getting red. His little cat quickly (much too quickly for his liking) jumped off him and rapped the curtain around her whole body, blushing so furiously, her whole face was red. His cat's eye became filled with anger as she turned to her 'master'. Sebastian was starting to doubt she was a servant because of her glare.

"You…! You..!" Kagome muttered out, wanting to curse at her brother, not finishing her sentence since the young earl was awake. "You stupid over-grown puppy!" She yelled out, obviously angry at her so called master. Lord Tashio grinned in amusement. "I was not aware you were running out of time." His little cat just glared at him, and turned to smile lovingly at his young master. "I am glad you are alright. I was getting worried that you wouldn't wake up." She said with a small, sad smile. Ciel looked at her with a small bow, and walked up to her.

"You have my thanks for coming to get me." He quietly muttered. Sebastian's eyes widened in surprise. She ignored the fact he bowed, and smiled sheepishly. "You don't have any reason to bow to me. It makes me feel old." Lord Tashio seemed indifferent as the woman glared back at him.

"Kagome, this one is sorry for not knowing sooner." He started to speak, only to receive a harsh death glare for his efforts.

"You put me in this mess. You are going to explain to them. I am going to take a nap." His cat now pronounced Kagome stated, walking towards the parlor door, and up the stairs.

'What a beautiful name…'

Now in her room, Kagome looked towards her black wardrobe, pulling out her black-laced night gown, and slipped it over her head. Lying on her blue and black comforter, she quickly fell asleep.

Okay, you get a little background on how Sesshy was always there for her when she needed someone. Lets just say that Inuyasha went to hell with Kikyo. I don't know how Shippo will fit into this, and I need ideas. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR IDEAS! The well is (or was) closed up after the battle of Naraku.

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