Author's Notes: This is my first fanfiction ever. But you can probably tell since it's quite short.

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Chapter 1: Cherry Blossom

It's spring and one of the biggest events during this season is cherry blossom viewing. A young man who could be easily mistaken as a high scholar, was preparing food for the trip, humming cheerfully as he packed the food in his bag one by one. He was very excited to be able to go this year and with the one he loved most. Though he would never admit that, especially to his lover.

"Usagi-san are you done? I'm ready" Misaki called for his lover as he zipped up his bag

"Yeah, I just need to type out the last paragraph" A man by the mane of Usagi-san answered

"Seriously, if you had made your deadline you won't be in such a rush to finish it off today and we could have gotten a good spot too"

"Don't worry I reserved the whole park today"

Misaki's emerald eyes widen. "You what?"

"Reserved the whole park"

Actually it wasn't a shock to Misaki at all but sometime he just can't help but forget how rich this man really was.

"Let's get going Usagi-san" Usagi smiled at the his anticipation and followed the boy out.

They both soon arrived at their destination; a park filled with cherry blossom trees blooming beautifully. Misaki set everything out and gazed in wonder at the scenery in front of them "You know we should go out together more Usagi-san. It's nice"

Usagi thought the scenery was beautiful but staring at the boy and his expression made this ever so more breathtaking.

"Misaki ..."

"Hmm?" And suddenly Usagi leaned in and pecked him lightly on the lips causing his cheeks to flush a bright pink.

"Now you look like the most beautiful, adorable cherry blossom in this whole field" Misaki then turned bright red.

"Idiot Usagi-san. Just eat you food"

"You even look cute scowling"

Giving Misaki another kiss but a more passionate one as the winds flutter the soft pink cherry blossoms.

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