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Chapter 2: Tulip

Mitsuhashi University had ended early for all the student so Misaki and Todo decided to walk home for the day, enjoying each others company as they discuss about the latest The Kan manga volume.

"Ijuuinsensei is the best, naa Misaki"

"Yeah I had to stay up late to finish my homework because I spent most the time reading it"

"So that's why you were sleeping in class. Hiroki sensei threw a book at you just to wake you up"

"Ahh and it still hurts" Misaki rubbed the back of his head as the two happen to walk past a small kindergarten and watched the chattering of little children. All the kids were covered in dirt trying to plant tulips of red, white and yellow as they enjoy themselves in the early afternoon.

While a little black hair girl with piggy tales ran to a young brunette lady, she happen to catch the eyes of green and turned to face him. A smile brightly spread across her face and she ran over.

"Nee nii-chan, can you come inside and help us" The little girls gazed up at Misaki with pleading eyes of purple which reminded him of a certain someone, making him feel the need to help her.

"Can I?"

"Of course you can" Answered by the brunette lady who held a welcoming smile to the both of them.

"Lets go; Lets go" The little girl eagerly pulled Misaki to the group of children followed by a grinning Todo.

The two students spent the afternoon help plant tulips and as a reward they gave each of them a red tulip within a pot. Misaki came inside the penthouse, having been walking from the kindergarten.

"I am home"

"Welcome home" Greeted a man from the couch, apparently was reading the newspaper. Misaki walked over and placed the tulip on the table making the man glance over in curiosity at the plant and at the state of Misaki.

"Ohh, today Todo and I helped out over the nearby kindergarten and the nice lady gave me this" He smiled at the memory of the kids surrounding him chattering and giggling. Usagi saw this and admired his Misaki's beauty for awhile.

"Well, lets go Misaki" Usagi-san carried him up the stairs bridal style causing a Misaki to blush in embarrassment.

"Let go of me baka usagi"

"In your current state you need a bath and I also happen to not had one yet"

"Then you go first"

"But won't it save money on the water bills?"

"When did you care about saving money?"

"Since now"

As a flush of water could be heard from upstairs, placed on the table was a gleaming red tulip.

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