Title: Chained

Character: Remus Lupin

Summary: The musings of a boy chained to a wall. Character study.

Notes: This is a very quick drabble on the character of Remus Lupin, and I'd really love it if you took a minute or so to read it, as it may let you see a different side to the marauder we know and love. I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Remus Lupin has spent his whole life chained to a wall.

This is a figurative wall, you understand; though, full moons nights and nights of too much drinking have led to him literally being chained to a wall, but those are two whole other faces of Remus Lupin.

(Two faces that he is destined to hide from the world; the first, for his safety, and the second, because he's Remus Lupin, and he would never do such things, would he?)

Remus Lupin the Prefect would never be caught dead in such a compromising position, and Remus Lupin the Marauder would have to be in a pink frilly tutu and hanging next to Severus Snape if he ever found himself chained to a wall.

(To add yet another story of another time and another face of Remus Lupin).

Nevertheless, Remus the Boy has spent his whole life chained to a wall.

Trapped by his own indecisions, his need to be liked, his desires, his hates, his prejudices, his mistakes, Remus lives and yet, he doesn't, because what he does cannot be called living.

(And maybe this is the true face of Remus Lupin.)

Some days, he isn't chained to the wall; he is the wall.

He is immovable, emotionless, cold and dead. He is simply a shadow to add to the many faces of Remus Lupin. He is a fixture in the background - necessary for the structure to hold, but forgotten.

Some days, he's the chains.

He is witty, wild, cold and lively. He is loud in the odd way that silent children are; he clinks and clunks over the sounds of his wittier, wilder friends.

And some rare days, he is not the wall, nor the chains; he is Remus Lupin, the Boy Chained to the Wall. He is insecure, intelligent, warm and, overall, alive. He is important, and not a faceless soldier at the forefront of the fight; he is living.

But he is still chained to a wall.