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This is a teaser. Simply a way to see if: A- I could write this, B- It was satisfactory to readers, C- I was bored. It is a little different than most the fanfictions of this type you will find. I've also left it that you won't know on his origins. He'll have the same people in his background, but you will not know if he is Earthland born, or did a little dimension travelling. Not yet anyway. It won't be a lingering mystery, it'll pop in when you least expect it. Please don't ask for an update soon, I most likely won't deliver, this is more of a one-shot that may be continued sometime in the future. Okay, looking back on this weeks later, I'm probably going to continue it. I'm definitely continuing it actually. I've hit on the perfect underlying character motivations, and I'm so excited! I don't know when the next chapter will appear, but it will appear. I promise you that.

Enjoy! - inserts smirk-

P.S My authors note are written over each time I open the word document, kind of progress marks. Also, it won't be as rapid scene scene change as in here, normally, this is simply to grab attention.

My heart is ice...

Closed to love...

Ever since that terrible day..

Fairy Tail has brought light back into my existence

Naruto closed his eyes, relaxing in the midst of the chaotic warmth that was the Guild known as Fairy Tail. Gulping back a tankard of beer, he was forced to place it down and jerk his head to the side in order to avoid a flying Natsu. The pink haired teenager had crashed into a table and was now jumping up to reenter the fray. Fairy Tail was a crazy place, but Naruto could not envision a better place to be. The constant repairing of the building was a pain, insurance was nearly impossible for the Fairy Tail Guild but the smiles, the laughter and friendship made it worthwhile.

Sometimes he wished that his guildmates knew the meaning of the word restraint. It was kind of cute how they couldn't step out the guild without destroying some historic building or another, then spent hours running from soldiers and getting scolded by who was probaby the worst of them all, minus Gildarts – Erza Scarlet. The red haired young woman was terrifying for some reason to all the other mages. Naruto didn't see what was so scary about her.

However, Naruto didn't go out on as much on missions as he used to. In his youth he could have given any of these hooligans the fight of their life, but at twenty five years of age, he was tired. In his life he had seen too much, so much conflict and for now he was content with his life in Fairy Tail.

Naruto was lonely. Despite being surrounded by people, in the bright warmth that was his Guild, he stood apart from the others. Neither as young and foolish as the teenagers, nor as old as the others, he had no one who he could relate to easily. He began to grin as he saw Elfman punch Natsu, who slammed right into Gray's bare stomach, who then ended up on top of Cana. He began to snigger as he stole Macao's beer, the older man occupied and the beer untouched. Draining it, he was growing even more amused as the free-for-all escalated further.

"Hey! Who the hell stole my beer?" Macao screamed as he got flung against a table, a crack happening at that moment, the table leg snapping off. "Wakaba, you bastard, it was you, wasn't it?"

"Me? Just becausr you can't keep your own damn drink, doesn't mean I took it, Macao." Wakaba responded, making a dive towards his best friend, tackling him to the ground, just as Macao finally managed to stand up, they then began to exchange a flurry of punches.

In order to avoid the next round of flying missiles, Naruto ducked his head, swivelled on his stool, caught the Master who got hit by the missiles larger than him and was almost sent flying. Naruto wondered Master Makarov would realise that a small man perching on a bar in Fairy Tail was not a good idea. As soon as Naruto placed him behind the bar, the old man hopped back up onto the bar, beginning to yell into the fray.

Somewhere from within the fray he heard Elfman Strauss bellow. "Like a man he takes it manly!"

Naruto chuckled, edging out towards the doors, having decided that now was the time to set out on the request he had picked out a few hours earlier, The sheet was crumpled in his pocket, burning to be completed. Once he reached the doors he turned around, staring into the eye of the chaotic storm that was Fairy Tail, affection surging through him body. He looked over the fighting and disaster prone mages and as he turned around said. "Be here when I return," it was only a whisper, within seconds he had walked out the door, his departure unseen and unacknowledged by anyone.

"Master Bob," Naruto said flatly, staring once more at his mission request, an eyebrow twitching in irritation. The Blue Pegasus Guild Master was a pain the ass, he was also fond of Naruto, always trying to poach him from Fairy Tail. The former Fairy Tail member didn't do it too seriously, but Naruto knew the offer was genuine. As a former member of Fairy Tail, Bob's Guild had an eternal alliance of sorts with Fairy Tail, even if the average guild members didn't know.

For once not speaking coyly as he was prone to do, the winged cross dresser looked at Naruto seriously. "Iwan Dreyar has been spotted, he is up to no good," Bob had known the young Dreyar, seen him grow up, and known of Makarov's torment at his son following a dark path out of greed for power. "Outside of Era, Naruto-kun, Makarov is blinded by his love for his son, he will not act unless forced to, but Iwan is too dangerous to be left roaming free!"

Naruto closed his eyes. He had a feeling that no matter his distaste at going behind the back of his Master, at the behest of another Master, he would seek out Iwan Dreyar. The blonde haired mage nodded. "What you ask of me is tantamount to the betrayal of my Guild. You know this, Master Bob, I don't like this. I don't like it at all. I'm not even an S-rank mage." He murmured.

Bob had steel in his eyes, despite his ridiculous get-up, this man was of Makarov's generation. He had earned his position as one fo the top mages, he had earned it in battle and experience. "No, you aren't, but what you are is beyond any of them. You may not have desire for fame, nor to be acknowledged as the strongest, but you are one of the most powerful mages that I have ever sensed, Naruto Uzumaki," the bald man said fiercely, " if anyone of Fairy Tail can stop Iwan's schemes, than it is you!"

"Very well."

Iwan Dreyar had a passing resemblance to Master Makarov, but other than that, Naruto couldn't see how the two Dreyar men could be related. Iwan Dreyar was undoubtedly powerful, but it was a disgusting oozing kind of magic, a digusting residue when Naruto extended his "Secret Sage Field" as Makarov had dubbed it. He had a large range with the ability to sense every living being. It made it difficult to concentrate however, because anything that was organic and living, it made an imprint as he searched. He was thankful for the ability, however, since he now knew that Iwan Dreyar wasn't alone.

"So that old fool has decided to send someone?"

Naruto straightened himself up, as he jumped off the roof that had given him his vantage point. He landed neatly before Iwan Dreyar. His Fairy Tail stamp on his right arm. "The Master didn't send me, I came of my own accord, traitor." His blue eyes surveying Iwan. "You betrayed your Guild, that cannot be forgiven, as per the mandate of any legal mage, as subscribed to by the Council, I'm here to stop you from committing any further crimes, whatever it takes." He said in a steady voice, giving none of his apprehension away.

The black haired man scoffed. "Whatever it takes? You'll have to kill me to defeat me." He answered, looking down on the slightly shorter blonde haired mage, clearly trying to gauge his strength.

Naruto stood silently. His blue eyes unwavering as they met Iwan's own. No change in expression, or hesitation in continuing.

"You aren't the typical weakling that the Old fool gathers," the Dark mage finally said, his dark eyes glittering with unconcealed interest.

"We have different definitions of weak, Iwan Dreyar," Naruto answered, wishing he could punch the man, to insult the Master was something he could not stand for. Master Makarov was like a father to all of the mages under his command. Every single one of them in Fairy Tail loved him, and the man before him had scorned on that love, that his own father had given him. "Nevertheless, give yourself up, and you may be given lenience in your sentence, but if you refuse, then under Dark Mage Elimination Act, I am authorised to use deadly force in any confrontation with an illegal mage."

A laugh like jagged glass filled Naruto's ears. "You truly are no Fairy, threatening me with an Act, one that is against the laws of the Guild, that fool would strip you of the mark and you would be like me, ex-communicated. It has been done for less than killing." Iwan smirked as he looked at the blonde mage.

"Former Head of Elite Knight Division," Naruto stated, "I was the youngest to rise to the rank, at eighteen years of age, with two years of joining up, Iwan Dreyar."

The eyes of the Dark mage widened a fraction, a smirk crossed his face, as more confidently he moved forwards. "The sole survivor, I remember now, Naruto Uzumaki, they never found out what decimated all fifty of the mages, of which only you survived. "

He clenched his fists, nails digging into the flesh of his palm, he knew what Iwan was going to go on with the newly discovered vulnerability. Only Makarov, and Gildarts Clive were aware of that, of the events that had led him to Fairy Tail. "Enough! That is irelevant, Iwan Dreyar. Will you give yourself into custody?"

Hundreds of doll-like Shikigami appeared behind the ex-Fairy Tail mage.

"Get him, my Shikigami."

A sword appeared in Naruto's hands as he raised it and braced for the attack.

Grunting he put all his weight behind the blade, before realising the fine control that Iwan Dreyar had on them, they could interact independently of one attack, at least two thirds of them had came to attack him at his undefended sides. "Spiraling Sphere: Wind Blades!" He snarled, sending all of them flying backwards, sliced in half and disappearing, as the sword was replaced with an orb that when initially thrown, split apart, seemingly failing, but in fact invisible.

From behind. He thought as he spun around and raised his leg to block the kick from a masked mage. One of the presences that he had detected initially. Naruto grabbed the mans leg, and using the mans own momentum, sent him crashing into the hide-out. Just in time to summon his sword and cut the red hair that had began to twist around his legs. Oh, shit. He thought as he elbowed another attacker in the face, hearing the satisfying crunch of a nose breaking.

From all around him, more of the peons belonging the the Guild that Iwan had reportedly set up were coming out, he grit his teeth as he realised that he had been trapped in Iwan's speciality, Illusion Magic. Naruto had never been able to combat it well, and the entire time, as soon as his presence had been noted, he had been in the middle of a trap being created.

A wrenching agony skidded through his body.

White burning fire as something met with his ribs, then his gut, and blood left his mouth in a wet cough.