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Blood trickled from her split lip, she wiped it as she staggered back up onto unsteady feet, throwing her arms out wide, staring death himself in his face, and laughing despite the fear that had taken hold of her. "Someone like you just wouldn't be able to understand. Keep throwing your magic at us, make us bleed, make us scream out in pain, but we'll just keep coming back for more, until we defeat you!" Cana Alberona defiantly stared straight ahead, the brunette trying to conceal her fear. This is no mere mage, power rolls off him, and it isn't the nice kind! Cana thought, trying to fight back the sense of helplessness that swept through her.

"My interest is limited only to Naruto Uzumaki, not in any of you, for you are mere blights in my path to meet him in battle once again." Glowing eyes were glaring out from under his hood, a scarf wrapped around his lower face didn't even muffle his bored voice. "You are resilient, that is what I can acredit to you, yet you are nothing against my power."

Natsu dropped into a crouch, a fanged grin spreading across his bruised and swollen face as he spoke. " You sure are really strong." He agreed with a nod. "It doesn't matter though. As long as we stand here together, not even someone like you can stand against us. Apart we just might be weak..."

"...Yet together we can overcome our weaknesses with the strengths of our guildmates. That is what it means to be a Fairy Tail mage!" Lucy Heartfilia finished despite the fear that was leeching colour from her face. Naruto, I don't know you very well. That doesn't matter, don't turn back, whoever this man is, he wants you badly, so let your guildmates protect you this time! That was all Lucy could think, what she could hope, for she wasn't sure that even if they stood together that Fairy Tail could win.

Gray not one to be outdone pulled himself up from the ground. "I don't know who you are, don't really care, all I have to say to you is BRING IT ON!" Raising his arms he charged forwards, the rest of Fairy Tail following him, the air alive with magic as each mage began to draw on their own unique magic. Explosions rocketed the afternoon, the citizens of Magnolia fleeing towards the boundaries of Magnolia's walls.

None of them could spare attention to the still Makarov Dreyar. None of the could afford to remember the moment when he had shielded them all with his own Titan Magic expanded body from an attack by that man.

Magnolia was under attack, that was all they knew, and Fairy Tail was protecting them with everything that they had.

What was this feeling, the way his chest seemed to constrict, and a sense of dread was washing over him, what was this? Naruto Uzumaki shifted in his seat on the train, unable to get rid of this feeling, something felt wrong, and he didn't know what.

"This is breaking news coming direct from Magnolia! I repeat this is breaking news! Magnolia is under attack by an unknown assailant, it isn't looking good for Fairy Tail as they valiantly fight to protect the town, this unknown attacker took down Erza Scarlet within ten minutes. This is Narly Veetoz reporting direct from Magnolia -" The sounds of battle broke off the voice of the reporter. "- It is even worse, no matter how many of them attack, they are making the strongest Fiore Guild looking as if they are the weakest. Is this the end?" The transmission cut off then, and the other occupants of the cabin Naruto were in began to talk.

Naruto stood up. "Hold on guys! I'm on my way, show him the strength of our Guild, show this man the strength of Fairy Tail!" Just hold on!" Naruto pleaded, punching through the window of the train, jumping outside thoughtlessly, all he knew was that he had to get back to Magnolia. His body was reacting faster than his mind.

Yet how could he get there in time? He didn't have chakra any longer, no, he had lost that ability, despite many months of trying to find it within himself once he ended up in Earthland. It was what had driven him to adapting his old techniques into magical ones. Naruto was scared, not for himself, but for Fairy Tail. Knowing that he had brought this on them, led that man towards them, this was one sin that he could never forgive himself for. No atonement would make up for the loss of any of his guildmates.

Uh, that was one long nap, it sure was, Naruto. It was a voice that Naruto had never thought to hear again, it couldn't be possible, could it be? Could it be that not all of his old life had been lost. To answer him the voice rang through his mind again. I've been slumbering for a long time. I'm sorry, Naruto. You've had a tough time without me, but I'm awake now, so let's go take that man down! Just like old friend.

Tears welled in his eyes, streaming down his cheeks. "Kurama..." Naruto murmured softly, sniffing at the emotions that were taking hold of him.

An energy that felt so foreign after so many years flooded his system. Are you willing to give up any chance of ever using chakra again? If I forcibly reawaken your chakra, then you won't be able to use it after this, your chakra system will be fried after so many years of disuse. Decide now. Kurama told Naruto waiting patiently for an answer.

They both knew the answer, yet Naruto had to ask. "What about you?" If he lost the ability to use his chakra permanently, what would happen to Kurama, he was as much as a friend as those in Fairy Tail.

I don't have any chakra anymore. All I have is my consciousness residing within you, so don't worry about me, stop wasting time, Naruto! Make your decision now! The Nine Tailed Demon Fox cried out in exasperation at the delay in getting an answer.

"Do it!" Naruto answered without any second thoughts.

As it surged through his limbs, he began to run back along the train-track, back towards Magnolia.

Fairy Tail members were scattered amongst the rubble of buildings felled mostly by them.

"You stand alone now." The man responsible for all the destruction and defeat of the members of Fairy Tail said to Natsu, his voice sounding almost surprised. "You stand to fight once more, futile, but just as Naruto Uzumaki did seven years ago."

"I am not alone... Everyone's feelings... They support me... They are what give me the will to stand and fight!" Natsu Dragneel shouted in response. "It isn't futile, not as long as I'm still standing ready to fight." Fire exploded from him, sheathing him in an armour of fire, he stood staring at the cloaked man, canines seeming more prominent. "I feel stronger now." The pink haired Dragon-slayer commented as he raised his arm, flexing it, and standing straight. "Let me show you the power given to me by Igneel." He beckoned for the man to attack.

When he didn't, the pink haired teenager charged forwards instead, moving faster than before.

Gajeel raised his head, one arm trying to find leverage to raise him up. "Impossible..." the dark-haired man exclaimed as he watched the power levels of the other dragon- slayer rise to new heights. "Could that kid, could Natsu be strong enough to reach Dragon Force?" He asked aloud, mostly to himself as the pink haired teenager seemed to gain more dragon characteristics. Gajeel didn't know what to think, he had never reached such a pinnacle of Dragon Slayer Magic, yet what else could explain it?

"We have to help him," Max managed to murmur, clutching his ribs as he lay flat on his back. The Sand Magic user groaning out in pain as his attempt to get up only caused him more agony. "He's going to get himself killed like that."

"Cheh, let him fight alone, we'll be in his way," Gajeel told him firmly. "As unbelievable as it is, his power right now surpasses any that we can throw at that man. What you see is a Dragon Slayer at the pinnacle of Dragon Slayer magic! He's evolving to a level that you can't follow, for this is the power of DRAGONS!"

"Why couldn't he use it before, why didn't you use it?" Max asked before hissing in pain.

"That is because he can't use it. Natsu hasn't been able to invoke it by himself, he's relied on outside sources of power to awaken his true strength, as Gajeel says, right now Natsu surpasses any of us, it won't last for long though." Erza Scarlet spoke up, the red-haired mage crawling forwards towards the two other mages of Fairy Tail. "We have to trust in Natsu, our priority must be to secure the town, get our injuries treated. So that we can help Natsu."

Macao forced open a black eye. "Natsu has really grown from that little kid that walked through our doors, eh?" The older man grunted as he pulled himself up, using the bricks side of one of the few buildings that remained standing near him as a support to get himself on his feet. "I'm just glad that Romeo is with my ex-wife, he'll be safe with that harpy."

"Uhh, let's just stop talking, and get to head hurts..uhh," Lucy called out from where she was sprinkled with dust and small chunks of a house that had fallen beside her, she audibly gritted her teeth, managing to get on her hands and knees, and then push herself to her feet once more, swaying slightly as she struggled to gain equilibrium. Keep fighting on Natsu, we're counting on you! She thought her eyes trying to make out the two figures wrapped up in violent combat.

The flame armour was shielding him from the mist-like substance that spewed out from the body of his opponent. Yet it wouldn't withstand it for long, with each meeting of flames and mist, the flames were receding.

"Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist," Natsu called out, pummeling his fists into the hooded man. Each punch exploded on impact burning away the man's cloak, eating away at the pale skin possessed by the man beneath the cloak.

In response the man pulled away, raising his arms, crossing them and bringing down invoked his own spell. "Dark Tomb." Bricks of magic formed, converging around Natsu, joining together brick by brick to form an actual cuboid. "Black Vice." He spoke again as the black bricks began to squeeze together around Natsu.

Natsu felt his life being squeezed from him.

Igneel...lend me your strength...Father..please

Blue flames exploded from the pink haired Dragon Slayer, as if his prayer to his father had truly been answered, the bricks of magic crumbling before his flames. The flames were losing colour, fading into white, and his magical power growing with each second that passed, this was the power of dragons. Transcending any mere mortal magic, this was the power of those who ruled the skies, who had made kingdoms tremble with a single step onto the ground, this was the son of Igneel claiming the power gifted to him by the Fire Dragon himself.

It was animalistic, unrestrained in its fiery waves, it was a power that could lay countries to waste, burn all creation to mere cinders. This was a power carefully concealed, hidden within a boy, it was the true power of Natsu Dragneel.

The son of Igneel roared and the ground itself began to crack, unstable buildings began to tremble, the sky filling with flying slates from the roofs. Scales began to form over his arms, tendrils of white flames licking against his unharmed skin, all his attention directed to the man who had invoked such rage and strong emotions that had pushed him beyond his limits.

His voice was a rumble. "They entrust to me their fighting I will prove to them...prove to them my worth...I WILL DEFEAT YOU!"

He moved faster than any mere eye could see, a flaming halberd in hand, as he flew through the air towards the one who had provoked him so. The armour of flames reshaping into a dragon, one that was guarding Natsu as Igneel would do if he was physically there. Perhaps it was, maybe the dragon known as Igneel had sent a portion of his strength then and there, giving his child his strength. You are my son, my child, my student, my are Natsu are the SON OF IGNEEL. Those words were echoing inside his mind, whether a product of his imagination, or truly the voice of his father, he didn't know, but it filled him with new determination.

He fought with the voices of many sounding in his ear, cheering him onwards, giving him their encouragement, and giving him the strength to fight. Natsu Dragneel had never felt so powerful, so fearless in the face of a greater foe.

Dropping from the sky more figures landed on the ground, cratering the once immaculate streets of Magnolia even further, all wearing red cloaks and standing behind the still unknown attacker.

"He hasn't come yet," the man said surprised. "I thought he would be here, you promised me that he would be here...Master Orochimaru."

One of the taller figures spoke, as Natsu was batted away, crashing into the ground, splintering the earth, creating a chasm that trapped him. "My words were that he had been sighted as being here, not that he would remain here, my young apprentice."

"I have long surpassed your power," Was what Orochimaru received in reply, a dismissal for claiming superiority over the cloaked man who had wrecked so much destruction on Magnolia.

"Now, now, Sasuke. That power you wield is what I gave to you, without it you would be nothing." Orochimaru responded, wagging long pale fingers at the newly named attacker of Magnolia. "You may be my greatest creation, but remember that it was I that created you."

Sasuke shot forwards, grabbing Orochimaru's neck, raising the man into the air, squeezing tightly. "That isn't my name...I have no name..I have no name!" He snarled enraged. His grip on the neck was iron-clad, he tightened it further. Orochimaru writhed as he tried to escape the hold his neck, the pale man's long fingers scratching the hand that held his neck.

It was for nothing, his neck was broken in an instant. Orochimaru fell to the ground, his body landing on the cloak that pooled out below him, he landed dead.

Turning to look at those who had accompanied Orochimaru. "You are now my disciples." He said simply before turning around, what remained of his cloak swinging with him, as he raised an arm to shield his face from the white flames that exploded before him. Standing a few feet away, Natsu Dragneel stood, none the worse from the attack that had left him trapped in a chasm below.

"If they work for you, then I guess they are also my opponents." Natsu surmised, showning no hint of fear, or even surprise at the turn of events. It was one thing for him to fight one extra powerful opponent, but joined by others, his chances of victory were diminished heavily.

"No, leave it to us!"

Natsu turned around to see a brown-haired woman racing towards him, followed by none other than Jura Neekis.

"What are-"

"Don't waste time," the woman cried out impatiently. "Leave the others to us, it is you who had the toughest opponent! Where is Naruto?"

"He left this morning," Natsu answered before rushing towards his target.

Jura looked at her, moving so that he took a position at her back. "I will guard your back, Tenten." He told her resolutely raising his hands as an earthen pillar shot off towards the nearest red cloaked figures.

"Just as I will guard yours, Jura." She answered in response as the air before her filled with a collection of her weapons.

The battlefield filled itself as more Fairy Tail mages, bandaged and unsteady on their feet surged back into the battle, tag-teaming each of the thirteen mages that had joined the battle against them. When one of them fell, another would push their way to take up their place.

Two of the winged-cats were pulling the defeated Fairy Tail members out of the field of battle, dragging them towards were the young blue haired girl was situated, her palms held out in preparation to treat the injuries to the best of her abilities.

She went ignored thanks to the efforts of Freed Justine. Standing guard, defending her if the need be, protecting the injured with his power.

Tenten twisted her body to avoid a flying disc of wind. It was swiftly that she lifted her leg and planted it firmly in the chest of the mage who had charged towards her, before elbowing another that had been aiming for Jura. Her face twisted in determination as she lost count of the number of attacks, or defensive movements she made.

Blood raced through her veins, her heart fighting to escape her chest, cuts, blood, and bruises meant nothing to her as she ignored her own condition in favour of fighting to survive. She hadn't recovered enough from her last battle, she knew it, her magical power had been completely drained, and her body had suffered through a lot of wear and tear, and this was the type of situation that needed her to be at her best.

Battle raged on.

Outside of Magnolia, Naruto could see lines of Rune Knights standing, and rage filled him. " What do you think you are doing out here. When the people who need you are in the town?" Inwardly he loathed to spare the time, yet they were blocking his way, and he didn't want to smash through his own allies if he could avoid it.

Not receiving an answer quick enough, he shook his head and darted towards the walls of Magnolia, his feet meeting the wall as he sprinted up it, jumping over the side into the town. He didn't pay heed to the shouts of those behind him, he hurtled through the streets of Magnolia. I'm right here with you, Naruto. Don't think you are fighting alone. Kurama spoke to him in encouragement.

He answered simply. "I know."

He followed the path of destruction, he couldn't spare a glance towards any of his fellow Fairy Tail members, even if it hurt him not to try to discover the extent of the damage done to them. Naruto knew he had to have faith that they were still alive, if he didn't, he didn't know what he would do, not when he had brought this upon them.

Wait, he had his chakra right now, didn't he?

For the first time in years, dozens of clones burst into existence, rushing away from Naruto. They knew what they had to do, seek out those that Naruto cared dearly about, and protect the mages of Fairy Tail just as Naruto himself was going to do.

He thundered forwards, instinct guiding him towards the man who had haunted his nightmares for years, a curious mix of rage and calmness taking hold of him. Naruto couldn't be raging, not if he was to fight at his best, he knew exactly what he had to do, for by now he could make out the valiantly fighting mages of not only Fairy Tail, but Tenten and Jura Neekis.

Years ago, it had been so long, he had been gifted with a spell, one that instinctively he knew he hadn't been able to use until now.

This is one of the Legendary Spells of Fairy Tail. I entrust it to you, just as I entrust the safety of them all to you, protect them with this power, Naruto!

Bright light burst from him as he brought his hands together.

The darkness that had crept up over Magnolia was destroyed as the light began to expand outwards.

No crevice went unnoticed by the light, it washed over many of the people, enclosing on only a certain few. Naruto stood tall, the light emanting from him, his torn coat being dragged away from his body, his eyes glowing as he stared straight ahead. With this power, Master Makarov, I will protect them all, for no one can withstand the Great Magic of Fairy Tail, for this is the magic that you entrusted to me for this very purpose! He thought as the spell began to reach its final stages, and he intoned its name as he felt a lot of his magic being dragged out from him. "Fairy Law!"

The warming light enveloped those of Fairy Tail with its loving caress, for they were safe from its dangerous strength, it comforted them with its promise of protection. Those who had laid great harm on those of Fairy Tail were not immune to the effects, it ended their fights, for they couldn't continue fighting any longer. Before the might of a Legendary Fairy Tail Spell, they who had dominated fights became nothing.

It disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

Naruto stared at his hands from where the spell had begun, looking at them in wonder, he had just cast one of the Three Sacred Magic's unique to Fairy Tail. Makarov had taught both Laxus and Naruto the spell, yet Naruto had never used it until now, he hadn't been able to use it. However, he now realised that it was only to be used to protect, not in the heat of battle.

He shook his head, trying to air his mind of the cobwebs that had seemed to form, he had more important things to be doing. That man had to be here somewhere, where was he, who had been fighting him? He ran forwards, past them all, until he came to a halt where none other than Natsu was giving a good fight.

Natsu, had the teenager been hiding this power all these years? Radiating a power as ancient as Kurama, the boy was covered in white fire, in other words, some of the hottest magical flames. He was beaten up, outmatched, yet the pink haired Dragon Slayer was still fighting onwards. As well as he had been doing, Naruto would have to interrupt the fight, the fact that this man hadn't been affected by his activation of Fairy Law had to mean that his power was so great that he had a way of cancelling it out.

Kurama was silent.

"Natsu, this fight is over for you." He said as he walked towards them, his voice pausing the fight, both the combatants turning to stare at him. "I've waited many years for this, go help the others round-up everyone, you'll be needed there." He told the boy, his voice brokering for no refusal, this was a moment that he had been waiting for, one that he had known would come.

For once in the time that Naruto had known the boy, he listened, nodding fiercely, his eyes conveying his wishes for Naruto to win. The strange white flames already beginning to regain colour, the waves of magical power beginning to waver, battle exhaustion claiming him now that he had time to rest.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you have come, " The man who had frequented his nightmares said to Naruto. Totally ignoring the presence of Natsu in favour of the man who had led him to Magnolia. There was only elation in his voice. It was a voice that was oddly familar to Naruto, he didn't quite know how.

"Of course. Who are you?" He answered, staring at the man before him, his breathing unsteady, did he want answers? He didn't quite know, to unmask this fiend, to put a face to him, he didn't know if it would help at all to ease it.

It had to be done, he had to end it here, he knew it to be so, yet could he put to rest the lives of his comrades? Would this deciding battle let them rest peacefully, as their killer died at Naruto's hand? He was fighting for more than the justice of the fifty lives lost in senseless slaughter, now he was fighting for the hurts done to each and every member of Fairy Tail, and the people of Magnolia who had fled the town.

Naruto couldn't be fighting for his own sake, this was far bigger than himself, this was a battle not as Naruto Uzumaki.

It was a battle as a...Wizard Saint.

"I am no-one, nobody at all." It was that what was given in return to Naruto's question. It wasn't an answer, yet he had suspicious that it was in fact the truth, or according to the belief of the man before him true.

It frustrated him.

"Tell me your name? You want to fight me so much, tell me your name?"

"I have no name, a God needs no name!"

A God? It couldn't be, surely it wasn't, or was Nagato doomed to such a fate in every world? He couldn't help it, when he began to feel pity, staring towards the man he hated, was it that his most hated enemy was simple a man who had lost things, became twisted as he fell to the darkness born from desperation, loss, and anger at his own inability to save people?

He shook his head, he couldn't let pity dictate his actions.

This had to end today.

"Enough words, even if you are a God, the result will be the same. It ends here!" Naruto bellowed out, as he instinctively rushed forward to attack. A sword appearing in his hand, he slashed it forwards, he could afford no more hesitance. His heart must not doubt his actions, else his blade would grow dull. End this quickly, it is happening far sooner than I had anticipated, within six minutes, your chakra system will be burnt might not win this...the might incapicate you.

"It is time for you to die, it is, isn't it?" His voice was confused, as he raised a hand, showing burnt skin, yet no concern over the state of his arm. " I killed you before, did I not, why are you here?"

A blast of magical energy shot towards Naruto, he tried to block it with his blade, which became nothing but melted slag, it did the trick though. Unharmed he took a few brief micro-seconds to work out what was going on with the guy, what was going on with his opponent, he seemed out of it. Several of his clones appeared at his command, standing behind him, he set to work to forming one of the most deadly techniques in his arsenal as a shinobi. Minus me, I was far more deadly. Kurama saw fit to interrupt with commentary.

"Futon: Rasenshuriken!" The call was followed by a bell-like screech as it raced towards the man.

The last words of the man who proclaimed himself a God was a question poised to a dead man. "Master Orochimaru, I'm confused, why is he still here?" The first thing to be shredded was his cloak, already hanging in tatters, yet when Naruto waited patiently for the technique to end, his quarry was gone.

Teleportion magic!

His fist smashed against the ground, cracking it slightly, as he fell to his knees, looking at the scraps of shredded cloak that lay where his opponent had stood, unable to comprehend the man who had escaped his grasp. It wasn't fair! He was left with more questions as to the identity of the man, he had grown stronger over the years, the man had displayed nothing of the abilities that had so thoroughly thrashed Naruto years ago.

It was the same man, he knew it, yet he didn't know what the hell was going on.

The mention of Orochimaru was worrying. Until now, there had been nothing of a Orochimaru, so Naruto had just expected him not to exist, or perhaps be doing something like teaching. If Orochimaru was involved, then it spelled something more insidious than Naruto could ever comprehend. The twisted man could be up to no good.

He stood up, wincing as something within him began to burn, he knew what it was, just as Kurama had warned him, the ability that had only been reawakened hours before, was now lost to him forever.

Could he mourn for an ability he had believed lost for years? Could he feel sadness for something that he had found, only to lose again?

It was Kurama who pulled him out of his thoughts with some well-timed advice. Another time, Naruto. There isn't a point to looking at what was supposed to happen, not when it didn't, instead look to the present. You've changed quite a bit, yet that kid that released me from the hatred that enchained me, he's still within you. That kid is lost, but you can find him again. Having his friend with him again, it was strange, yet not unwelcome. Not in his wildest dreams could he had envisioned having Kurama with him, the Take-Over Soul wasn't his Kurama.

"Naruto! Come quickly, it's the Master, he's not waking up!"

Naruto turned to the speaker, to see it was Gray speaking, tears splashing down his cheeks.

"What? Master Makarov isn't..." Fear gripped him, it couldn't be like Gray said, the Master was simply tired? Not comatose as Gray was suggesting, he moved quickly, following the younger boy, forgetting anything else but Makarov Dreyar.

Surrounding the bed, tearful members looked on, staring down at the still elderly man.

"Master Makarov..." Naruto trailed off unable to finish the sentence, he wanted to let tears fall and join them in their vigil. Curling his hands into fists, held by his side, he turned away from the man, staring at those around the bed. "Get Porlyusica here now! Get all injured situated in the Infirmary, get them treated, and the rest of you who are able, I want you all getting to work to rebuilding Magnolia."

"What about the prisoners?" Max interjected referring to those who had been downed by Fairy Law.

"We don't have any, they escaped, just like that first guy," Gray spat out with bitterly. "We'll get them next time, what they did, invading Magnolia-"

"Don't dwell on it, that isn't your responsibility to worry about it, leave it to me. " Naruto interrupted him. His entire body was aching, he knew that once he sat down it wouldn't be possible for him to get back up, so he had to make sure everyone was occupied. It would have been the job of the Master, so in his place, Naruto would do his best. "Leave it all to me, this attack won't go unanswered, I will hunt them down, they will be brought to justice! I promise it to all of you! On my pride as a mage of Fairy Tail!"

"It was you that used Fairy Law?" Max asked suddenly, looking at Naruto intently.

Naruto nodded. "It was the only way I could think of helping you all at the same time, it didn't do much for helping Natsu though, how is he by the way?"

Max grimaced.

Gray shrugged. "He's totally out of it, whatever happened with him, well, he exploded with power. Gajeel said something about Dragon Force, no matter what it is called, it was pretty amazing coming from a guy like him."

"Enough talking. " Naruto decided, rubbing his temple wearily. "I'm going to go speak with the Rune Knights, and see about getting construction started, we'll need to rebuild the damaged areas, which was fairly limited. Impressive really. I'd have thought you'd have ended up levelling the entire town."

He moved to walk away before being stopped by Gray.

"Who was that man? He was asking for you, he knew your name, and it was you that he wanted."

Naruto paused before answering. "I don't know."

Naruto glared at the Mayor. "Master Makarov is badly hurt, he got hurt from protecting Magnolia, so he can't speak to you. "

Undeterred the woman pushed him further. "We deserve a right to know what happened, my people are scared to return, it was a miracle that there were no casualties." She was self righteous about having the right to know. The Mayor did deserve to know, it just wasn't the right time to demand answers, not when there was work to be done. "I wish to speak to Master Makarov."

He grit his teeth. "Look, it had nothing to do with Fairy Tail, they acted against a threat, they don't have any connection to what happened, other than saving your lives. I've taken charge of getting everyone apprised of the situation, but your demanding it right now when there is more important things to be done isn't you doing your job. Magnolia is safe to be returned to, there has been no major structural damage to the houses that stand, and Fairy Tail mages are already working to clear the rubble of those that didn't survive the battle." He stared at the woman, begging her with his eyes to stand down, surely she could see what had to be done.

Thankfully she wasn't a stupid woman. "Who am I speaking to?" She enquired calming down a bit.

"Er, Naruto Uzumaki is my name, Rune Knight Commander, of the Ten Wizard Saints, and technically former Fairy Tail mage, according to the Council. "

Her eyes narrowed. "I know your name, yet I wasn't aware of you being a Wizard Saint," She paused before shaking her head. "It doesn't matter, all that matters as you said before is getting things set to right. I'll trust that you are acting on behalf of Fairy Tail, and the Council."

Naruto nodded in relief at her easy cooperation now.

"Will you be willing to go on lacrima-vision with me to reassure the populace? Give a statement of Fairy Tail running off the attackers, be sure to bring up the casualties, if you don't then people will inevitably try and bring up lawsuits. It would be in bad taste if they did after everyone was made aware of injuries that were taken while protecting them." The woman was all business as she dictated to Naruto, rather than him telling her what had to be done.

He found he didn't mind, he didn't particularly want to do it, however, he could see the wisdom in what she suggested.

She surveyed his torn up clothes approvingly. "You look battered, dirty, like you've been fighting valiantly. Let's get this done, and then we can see about getting temporary housing for those who lost their homes."

Fighting back a wince as the pain within him intensified he just went along with what she was saying.

He was dragged along by the woman, who was already shouting orders to numerous aides, that had seemed to swarm out from nowhere.