From: Me

To: You

Yosuke wasn't sure how to react in that moment. They had been enjoying the night with it being his best friend's birthday. But in a strange turn of events, they were both falling into what appeared to be their deepest, most hidden feelings.

And now Yosuke felt his best friend's tongue in his mouth.

A question had been whispered, sexual tension lingering between them at almost extreme levels as smoldering grey eyes awaited an answer.

"Will you be my birthday present instead?"

The question wasn't even really a question to Yosuke. For months now, he had had to restrain himself, hold back feelings, and overall control his hormones. Every sort of imagery in terms of anything sexual always involved the one who was brushing his tongue over his lower lip.

So, of course, it hardly took any time for the auburn-haired man to whisper back almost eagerly in turn.

"Yes, you can partner." The word partner rolled off his tongue, almost in a half whisper-half moan.

The pent up desire began to make itself known as Yu left one arm resting against the wall as the other moved, letting his fingers trace down over the belt that clasped his friend's pants shut. Tugging at it, he placed a fierce kiss onto the other's lips again, their mouths moving together as their tongues met once again as well.

It hardly took any time for him to snake his hand in past the fabric of pants and boxers, grasping onto the already hardened length. Tracing his thumb over the tip, he could feel a bit of pre-cum, and it only made him start to stroke over the erection. Breathy moans were made just as their lips parted from one another, and Yu leaned down to bite onto the fair-skin neck that was suddenly tilted to the side.

"I've only ever imagined what your moans would sound like." Licking at that skin, he bit roughly, making a mark, sucking harder as his hand moved steadily over the hardness in the palm of his hand. Yosuke's moans only increased, his hands trying to find leverage on the wall as he was falling to pieces in that instant. "I wonder where I should unwrap my present..."

The implication caused Yosuke to inhale sharply, suddenly moving a hand to grip at the front side of the other's button-up shirt. His hands almost shakily started to undo the buttons, wanting to feel the muscles that he had only seen on a few, rare occasions.

Yu made sure his mark was red enough and certainly noticeable enough just as he leaned his head back up to stare into the brown eyes. They seemed to be clouded with lust, the fingers that were near the last button of his shirt almost desperate in their attempts to remove the fabric.

With the shirt finally parted, Yosuke let his fingers run over the skin that was very warm. His brown eyes flickered back up, meeting grey ones as he was almost trying to communicate just how much he wanted him.

Already having gathered that message long before, it was made even more evident as Yosuke ran his fingers further down, undoing the button to black jeans. Within seconds he had pushed past the boxers, pulling out the erection from the one that he wanted to feel everything from.

"Unwrap it here, and now." Breathing out the words lowly, his voice had already been strained just from how much he had been moaning.

Not having to be told twice, the silent wish of the one with the birthday was about to come true.

Their lips met almost ravenously, Yu's hands pushing at the clothing that still hung at the other's hips. His fingers pried their way into the touching of their lips, making the auburn-haired man suck and lick over three digits just before they disappeared south.

Within seconds, Yosuke was arched against the wall, feeling fingers slide into him, digger deeper each time. They rubbed in search of something, and the second they found it, Yosuke made it known.

The moans were becoming too intense, but Yu didn't want to stop there. With his own erection leaking with pre-cum, he was clearly more than ready to delve into that heat that was clamping on his fingers.

Their lips withdrew from one another, yet their tongues remained licking just over the tips, sliding, still tasting the hints of alcohol and enrapture in the other.

Yosuke's legs easily slid around the well-built frame of the man who had become not only his best friend, leader, and companion, but now something much more. Their hips met, a hardness sliding almost teasingly to the warmth that he was aching to feel.

Yu stroked over himself once, letting the cum coat over his dick before he wasted no more time. Pressing the lithe figure against the wall, his hips jutted up, thrusting his dick deeply into the warmth that instantly formed tightness over every inch of him.

Gasping loudly, fair skinned fingers were moving onto the other's shoulders, gripping at the back near the shoulder blades of the one who was now putting all of his efforts into how their bodies were joining.

The thrusts only grew rougher, pushing deeper, hitting that very spot that made Yosuke fall further into ecstasy. His fingers gripped every time that spot was hit, signaling to his partner that he was doing everything right. The friction steadily increased along with the uneasy moans, moments of swearing amidst the heated passion that had been secretly building for months.

"Fuck Yosuke…you feel amazing."

"K-Keep going, I want to feel-"

Yosuke couldn't even finish his sentence as he could feel his body starting to tremble. It was getting to more dangerous levels of passion now, their bodies growing close to that moment of release.

"I'll give you all of it." Yu whispered lowly, groaning at the mere thought as he was thrusting so hard and deep, their hips were meeting to create a never-ceasing smacking sound. If anyone was in the room next door, they were surely hearing every word along with the harsh banging on the wall.

Hearing that pushed Yosuke over the edge of reality. His hands gripped at the fabric of a white shirt, nails still scratching that the skin through the fabric. With his body pushing into the wall, his back arched, the touch of a hand now stroking onto his erection made the rush in the lower part of his body intensify.

"Yu I-I love you..!"

Hands gripping at his ass were sure to leave a mark, and then he screamed, the pounding bass in the floor below removing all traces of his voice yet the one inside of him still heard every bit of it. Grey eyes stared, watching that face and body shuddering as he was brought to his highest point, cum coating over his fingers as he still stroked on the dick that releasing so much.

Letting himself reach that point as well, Yu thrust as deeply as he could, the tip of his dick spurting every bit of cum that he had into the tightness that was holding onto every bit of him. His voice was uneasy, his moans rough as he stayed still to keep the other positioned against the wall.

"I love you too..Yosuke."

A blush etched onto the other's features as he watched grey eyes shift back to look at him. His figure was lowered along the wall, just enough to where their heads could tilt inward to meet. A kiss that was just as passionate as the first initiated, and the remained in that position for a few minutes.

As Yosuke was finally lowered back to a standing position, he blushed even more while feeling wetness dripping along his legs. Yu remained close, pressing their foreheads together as they still seemed completely caught up in one another.

"Happy Birthday."

Smiling that genuine smile of his, Yu let his thumb trace over the lower lip of the one he was about to kiss again.

"It's been the best birthday ever all because of you."