Everything about her shocks his senses.

That bright hair.

Those candy-colored irises.

Her vivacious smile.

They're all engraved into his memory like an image on a photograph.

He sees her even when she isn't there and he hates it.

But it's what he can't see that jolts him the most. Her heart is what draws him in; her compassion, her forgiveness, her love.

It consumes him.

And he lets it.

And he hates that he does.

Everything about him burns her soul and ignites a flame that she thought was long gone.

His honor.

His strength.

Even his coldness.

She's trapped by his harsh words and indifferent attitude - so much so that it's become impossible to escape.

But it's his eyes that stir her the most. He was never one for showing emotion but she sees glimpses of the truth behind those carefully guarded gazes.

All it takes is one look from him and her soul is set on fire.

Just one look from him and she feels alive.

She has the power to change him and he knows it.

But she doesn't want him to change.

She just wants him to feel.

And little by little, she awakens the soul that was there all along.

He's dangerous and a small part of her likes that.

She shouldn't trust him, but she does.

Because no matter how many threats and warnings he issues, he never follows through with them.

Because no matter how dangerous he may be, he rouses emotions within her that she never knew she had.

And little by little, he breathes life into her again.

He's dead inside. She's death itself. But it's only when they come together do they feel alive.

I don't know what the hell this is. I'm going through a nasty writer's block and this idea suddenly popped into my head last night, so I figured I might as well post it.

I promise I will finish the last chapter of MTAE, I just need to get back into the swing of writing.

Hope you enjoyed this!