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A girl ran up the hill to where a young man was kneeling with his back to her. Her wavy brown hair bounced against her back as she called out, "Tenzo!"

The young man looked up when he heard her calling. Turning to look over his shoulder, he watched as the girl reached the top of the hill. Standing up, he dusted his hands off and walked over to where the girl was standing with her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

"You shouldn't be out here, Minako." Tenzo said as he picked Minako up and walked over to a tree. Placing her down, he sat next to her and asked, "So, what are you doing out here anyways?"

Gulping in some air, then looking up at him with her clear blue eyes, Minako said, "Mom just told me you declined your next mission."

Leaning back against his hands, Tenzo looked up at the clouds, "You just got over pneumonia. I figured, if I stayed at home, you would stay out of trouble." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, "If you know what I mean."

Smiling up at him, Minako leaned against his side saying, "But you need to go on this mission. Isn't it the one you've always wanted to go on?"

Placing his arm around her, Tenzo said, "Yes, but I can always go on others."

Sitting up, Minako took his hand and looking up at him with those pretty blue eyes of hers, said, "But I want you to go. You can't always decline missions because of me."

Smiling at her, Tenzo stood up. Reaching his hand towards her, he pulled her to her feet, "If you promise not to get in trouble, I'll go."

Minako, throwing herself at him, gave him a tight hug, "Oh, thank you Tenzo for listening to me!"

Tenzo smiled as he returned her hug. He then said, "Let's get on home before you get sick again."

Minako giggled as he placed her on her feet again. Tenzo taking her hand walked down the hill towards home.

The next morning as Tenzo walked out the door with his pack on his shoulder, he turned and said, "See you in a month, take care of them Dad. Keep up the good cooking, Mom."

Kneeling down he looked at Shinkako, "You be good to Mom and Dad, okay? If you are, I will teach you some ninjutsu." Standing back up, he turned to his baby brother, Yanko. Tenzo ran his finger down his cheek gently before kissing him, "You be good, okay?" Yanko gurgled happily.

Finally, he walked outside with Minako following him. Giving her a small package he gave her a hug and said, "Don't open it until I am gone over that ridge." He pointed to the mountain behind their house, turning back to her, he continued, "And don't go and get into trouble you hear?"

"I hear, now be gone." Minako said with a laugh as she gave him a playful shove to send him on his way. Walking a little ways, he turned and gave them a wave, she waved back. She watched until he disappeared over the ridge before tearing the paper off the small, long package. Opening the box, she smiled. There in the box laid a bracelet inscribed with Little Brown Fox. She took it out and clipping it to her left wrist looked back at the ridge.


Three days later, on a bright sunny day, Minako was laughing at what one of her friends had said.

Bending down to pick some herbs, Minako looked up as she laughed, "Okay, okay. Let me get this group of herbs, then we'll head home."

"You always want to be the last to head home, Minako." Katusha said smiling at Minako as she settled the basket full of herbs on her hip.

Minako stood up holding her apron corners. "That's because I want to get as many as possible." The other girls shook their heads.

As they were walking down the trail Katusha asked, "So, Minako, what qualities do you want in a husband?"

Sending a shocked look over at Katusha, Minako gasped, "I can't believe you're asking an eleven, almost twelve, year old that."

Katusha shrugged her shoulders, "You can be married at eighteen, you know."

Laughing, Minako said, "But you're only thirteen."

Smiling, Katusha placed the basket on top of her head, "You haven't answered my question, what type of boy would you like to marry?"

Sighing, Minako looked up at the clear blue sky, "He will be tall, kind, loves me more than anything, and not a prankster." Minako looked over at Katusha, "There, happy now?"

Just then Katusha pointed down the trail, "Look, isn't that a man?" Minako and the other's gazes followed where Katusha was pointing. Squinting, Katusha said, "It almost looks like it."

Walking closer, Minako said, "The poor fellow." she brushed his hair from his face. "It looks as if he's hurt bad." Minako deciding she was going to take him home with her, tied her apron together.

Seeing what she was doing, Katusha asked, "What are you doing?"

Looking up at her, Minako said, "I'm going to help him."

Katusha, looking around nervously, said, " Why don't you leave him? He looks scary."

"You know I can't do that." Minako grunted as she picked the man up.

Katusha and the other girls started walking again, "Fine. I'll see you later."

Honoka was pulling out the casserole from the oven just as Minako half-drug, half-carried the man in. Placing it on the table, she rushed towards Minako, "Where did you find him?"

Panting, Minako laid him on the floor, "I found him on the way back from the meadow."

Honoka pulled the man's shirt off and seeing what looked like knife slashes sent Minako for the box of medicines. Reaching into the box she pulled out a poultice for open wounds. Rubbing it onto the wounds she wrapped them.

"There." Honoka looking over at Minako, "Go get a pillow and blanket, we'll put him close to the stove so he'll stay warm."

Minako jumped up and running to the other room grabbed a blanket and pillow, raced back. "Here you are, Mama." Kneeling back down, Minako asked, "Will he be all right?"

"Yes, he'll be fine." Honoka standing up brushed her hands on her apron. "Now go tell your father and brother that dinner is ready."

"All right." Minako jumped up and raced out of the house.

A man looked up from where he was petting a deer, as a girl yelled, "Papa! Papa, it's time to eat!" He bent down and grabbing the girl in a hug said, "All right, Minako."

Minako pulling away from him reached her hand out to the deer, "Is he feeling better, Papa?"

Smiling at Minako, he petted the deer on the neck, "He is now" then putting her down took her hand and said, "Let's go get Shinkako so we can eat."

Minako giggled as she said, "He's over playing in the mud."

Papa's eyes twinkled at her, "I guess I'll get into trouble when I get home, won't I?"

Giggling, Minako looked up at him with adoration, "You never get in trouble, Papa."

Kio, looking sheepish, walked into the house with Minako and a muddy Shinkako. "Sorry Honoka, but I got distracted."

Honoka took one look at Shinkako and pointed back out the door, "Take him to the tank outside and get him clean. Then you can come in." Kio walked back outside holding Shinkako's hand. "Here Minako. Set the table." Honoka gave Minako the napkins and chopsticks.

Minako placing them on the table asked, "When is Tenzo going to get back?"

Honoka sighed as she brought the teapot over. "He told you in a month." Kio came in just then, looking up to see if Shinkako was clean she gestured to the table giving her approval.

Picking up Yanko, she sat down. Kio passing out the food asked, "So who is our guest?"

"We're not sure." Honoka gave Yanko some food, then got a bite herself. "I'm thinking he'll be here for a few days."

"Okay. So, Minako, where did you find him?" Kio looked at Minako with his eyebrow raised.

Minako looked down sheepishly, "I found him on the way back from the meadow."

Seeing her looking so childlike, Kio laughed, "I'm not mad at you. It's just out of all of the people we know, you have the most compassionate heart I have ever seen." Picking his chopsticks up again he said, "Finish eating so we can get to bed."

The family finished their meal with a lot of laughter and talking. After Minako and her mother took care of the dishes, they got out their pallets. As the two children covered up, Honoka sang them a lullaby to help them get to sleep.

Jerking awake from a dream that seemed realistic, Minako looked around. Seeing that nothing was out of place, she laid back down and covered back up, hoping to go back to sleep, when suddenly she felt a barrier form around her.

Gasping, she jumped up and eyes wide watched with horror as her family was burned.

"NO! NO! Please no!" She cried as she hit the barrier with her fist.

Crying, she fell onto her side and blacked out.


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