History of the Keyblade War

1000 years ago in a faraway land, a war unlike any other was waged. It is known today as the Keyblade War. Keyblade wielders from every world imaginable fought for the light within Kingdom Hearts and its twin the x-blade. (Key-blade or Kye-blade) The battle affected many worlds as they were either ravaged or destroyed altogether. The conflict ended with no winner as the x-blade was shattered into 7 lights and 13 darknesses thus finally stopping the chaos and destruction. Many years passed as new beings known simple as heartless began to spring up and the keyblade wielders had new priorities.

Everything was going well till a man by the name of Master Xehanort tried to remake the x-blade by fusing a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness. It failed as Master Xehanort was defeated by the possessed suit of armor of Keyblade wielder Terra and the x-blade was shattered again by Master Aqua and her friend and fellow keyblade wielder, Ventus. Aqua would then go to defeat Master Xehanort and manage to get Terra to fight back in his heart. Xehanort took drastic action and stabbed his own heart with his keyblade in an attempt to get Terra out of his heart. He tried again 10 years later with the actual way he was supposed to do it. The seven lights he first tried to use the Seven Princesses of Heart who's hearts are pure light were gathered by his Heartless Ansem the seeker of darkness. The darkness his nobody named Xemnas formed a group known as Organization XIII. But their plans were all destroyed by a keyblade wielder by the name of Sora. He put an end to both plans and destroy both halves but in doing so brought Master Xehanort back into existence. Xehanort then tried to turn Sora into one of his members in his new Organization XIII but was saved by the reborn Lea who had met Sora when he was the Nobody Axel. After nearly becoming the enemy Sora as well as 6 of his friends and fellow keyblade wielders finally put an end to Xehanort and peace was semi restored.

Now many keyblade wielders are trained to protect the worlds from the Heartless and Nobodies that still exist. But now they've seem to be getting stronger, both in numbers and power as well as new ones showing up just to make life miserable for the new blood. It would appear that someone new has taken the field hell-bent on destroying the worlds and sending them to darkness. Who will step up to stop this madness this timeā€¦?

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