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"Jasper, please, I seriously need your help. High school is almost over, there is only one year left before he graduates. These are the shaping years and Edward still has yet to make a friend. I don't want my brother to end up dying alone and miserable." Alice pleaded with hope in her eyes.

"Don't you think you're overreacting just a bit Alice?"

"Have you seen my brother?" She challenges.

I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing. It was true; Edward was not what you would call a socialite.

Alice and I had been friends since we were little kids. Our parents made her brother Edward come along with us during our friend hang outs as youngsters, wanting to open him up and become more social but he never was the social type. Edward was quite shy and different from anyone I have ever met.

Every time I saw him, he was either clinging to his mother's leg not wanting to leave her side, like the mother's boy he was or he was off doing something on his own. He never cared much to make friends.

And for that reason, Edward and I never became friends. However, because he was Alice's brother I felt the need to make the effort and give him a greeting whenever he was around or stand up for him when some stupid teenager at school felt the need to joke about his appearance and weird behavior.

I was quite outgoing and got along great with mostly everyone but what Alice was asking for seemed impossible. She wanted me to take her brother under my wing and guide him into becoming a normal social teenager. She wanted me to teach Edward what has taken me my whole life to learn in just a year and a half's time.

Edward kept his head down towards the floor with his reading books tucked against his chest in a tight grip as I scanned him over in silence getting a look at what I had to work with.

His brown hair was in the same style it always had been in, comb down flat and parted to one side, like a little school boy.

He was wearing big bifocals with a black trim. The lenses were similar to thick microscopic lenses. They looked so blurry it was hard to see what Edward's real eye color was.

I was struggling to figure out if they were blue or green. I was surprised he could see anything in those.

And his clothes, yikes!

He looked like his mother still dressed him up, wearing a light pink polo shirt with the signature alligator logo on it and khaki pants with a pair of black loafers.

Or so I hope his mom picked out his outfit. I refused to believe he could be so tasteless fashion sense wise.

Oh boy, do I have my work cut out for me.

It wasn't till I asked that he please removed the hideous glasses that I discover his eyes were a deep emerald green. The rich green color nearly took my breath away. I was not expecting that.

Maybe there is hope yet.

"Can you see without your glasses Edward?" I asked, desperately wanting to get rid of his repulsive specs.

"Yes, somewhat, I mean, I wear them for reading only."

Oh, thank god!

"Good to know." I stated, before snatching the glasses from Edward's hand and throwing them in a nearby wastebasket.

Edward's eyes widen and his mouth nearly fell to the floor in shock.

"You just throw out my good glasses." He voiced once his shock subsided.

I cringed at his used of the word GOOD.

"You are banned from wearing those hideous goggles ever again. For now on, you will wear contacts for your reading activities and I don't want any arguments about it."

Edward's mouth opened and shut a couple a times as if he wanted to reply back but nothing came out. I'm sure he wasn't used to having to talk to someone other than a family member. I'm sure it was quite a stretch on its own to have to talk and hear thoughts from an outsider.

"You have beautiful eyes Edward; you should let people see them." I voiced, seeing how uncomfortable he was about being picked on.

He gasped and blushed at my words. He tried to hide his embarrassment, going back to looking at the floor.

I lifted his chin, making his gaze met mine.

"Look at me when I talk to you, so that I know you are listening to me and not drifting off to la-la land." I said somewhat annoyed by his shy ways.

He blushed yet again as I continued.

"Edward, you are a hot guy if you only let people see that. You close yourself off and hide your real beauty. I will make it my mission to help rid you of your nerdy ways. But I can only help you if you let me."

I dropped Edward's chin and his eye immediately went back to the floor.

Hmm, we'll have to work on the eye contact thing.

"Ok, where do we start?" He asked nervously.

A slow smirk spread to my face.

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