Note: Sorry for the long wait. I think I'm going to do more one chap and then end this story. I have a lot of other things I need to concentrate on. Off topic: Does anyone know any good book publishing sites online? I only knew of one and they rejected my story. ;(

I was sleeping peacefully for once, thanks to the sleeping pills I'm sure.

I was having the greatest dream ever.

I felt the bed sink by my side followed by fingers stroking my hair. I looked up and there he was looking content with a small smile on his lips at the sight of me.

Who knew sleeping pills worked miracles?

I smiled up sleepily at my dream Edward. He was just as beautiful and detailed as the real thing.

He started to speak in my dream. His voice was inaudible at first but after a minute it became easier to understand him.

"He tried to set me up with this girl, who is a childhood friend and lives close to our family cabin…" He said, as he began to play my arm, tracing my muscles.

I couldn't believe how great it felt just to have an imaginary conversation with Edward and feel his invisible touch.

"He said he was just worried about my future, telling me how hard it would be not to be able to have kids or get married if I continued this lifestyle."

Wait, I feel his touch and warmth, I really feel it.

"I told him this is what I want, that I want you and when he realized how serious I was about this, he apologized and after a day of actual family bonding, we came back."

I grabbed onto Edward's hand that was on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

His smile grew when he realized what I was doing.

"Yes, I am really here and I realized something else during our time away." He bent down moving closer to my face.

My mind was spinning so fast with just the fact I had Edward in my grasp again, in front of me just inches away. I didn't even know what he was about to do or say.

I was so excited to have Edward back. I wanted to jump up and pull him to me and never let him go but the sleeping pills made me so groggy and my arms were too heavy at the moment to pull him nearer.

Edward came close to my ear and began to whisper, "I love u."

I turned my head quick before he was out of reach and I locked lips with his.

It felt great. I felt complete with him.

Hearing his words, feeling his weight come down on me, tasting his sweet lips again, it was bliss.

We pulled our lips apart, needing air. Only a couple inches separated us.

"I love you too." I said sleepily, having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Edward noticed my exhaustion. He too looked like he could use some sleep.

He quietly rolled off me and took the side next to me, wrapping his hands around my waist, snuggling against my chest before sleep took ahold of him as well.

It truly was the greatest sleep I ever had.