"…Happy Birthday dear Ed-ward, Happy Birthday to you." Everybody finished the song with claps and cheers.

It was great to Edward around his family and friends looking so happy. He had a grin on his face and a spark in his eyes.

"Come on Edward, make a wish." Alice insisted, loving how content her brother looked.

Edward eyed the red and blue birthday cake full of candles. His mom watched eagerly with a camera in hand wanting to capture the big moment.

Edward took a pause to think of his wish, his eyes squeezed shut as he concentrated. Then he reopened them and glanced at my direction giving me a small smile before leaning down and blowing out every one of his candles.

As soon as the pictures were taken and the slices of cake were passed out and the coward died down, I made my way over to my boyfriend.

"Hey birthday boy." I greeted giving Edward an innocent kiss on the cheek.

He blushed as usual and smiled brightly.

"Hey, do you want to know what I wished for?" He asked, teasingly.

I snickered pulling him a little closer to me, lightly resting my hands on his waist.

"Come on Edward, I think it's pretty obvious what you wished for."

His smile grew and he his cheek filled with color yet again.

"Oh, guess I have to work on not being so obvious."

I wanted to kiss him so badly and have my way with him right there in the living room. I had to keep reminding myself we were not alone, nowhere close and wouldn't be for quite some time.

"Ok, come on you two love birds break it up. Jasper stop hogging the birthday boy" Alice teased, as she came over.

I reluctantly loosen my hold on Edward and gave Alice a pout.

"Ali, why do you always come to spoil my fun?"

"Oh please jazz, if I didn't come to intervene, you two would be humping each other right here in front of everybody. Plus, mom sent me over to go fetch Edward. I think she wants to take pictures of you opening the presents."

"Oh god, please no more. I so sick of taking pictures today. She took about twenty pictures of me so far. She even took a picture as I was sleeping this morning." Edward complained.

I let out a chuckle and watched as Edward stomped off like a little baby not getting his way.

"So things seem to be going well with you and my brother." Alice stated with a pleasant look on her face.

"Yeah, things are going good, very good." I smirked to myself.

"Please spare me the details." Alice begged with a disgusted look on her playful face.

I stuck my tongue out at her in return and she giggled.

"So tell me Jazz, who's the hottie over there?" She asked, gesturing to my old friend.

"Oh, Shane you mean?"

"Shane, even his name is hot. Jazz you have to introduce me, please."

A slow smirk spread across my lips.

"Sure, under one condition."

"What? Anything." She insisted.

"You help me get Edward back from your photo crazy mom."

"Damn, that's going to be hard. Okay it's a deal."

"Okay, come on you lovesick teen, I'll introduce you."

Alice squealed in delight and gave me a big hug.

"Thanks Jazz, you're the best." She praised.

I walked through the crowards with Alice in tow acting all giddy. Shane looked up when he noticed me and gave a small smile as he finshed eating a bite of cake.

"Shane, I would like you to meet a friend of mine, this is Alice. Alice this is Shane."

"Hi." Alice said shyly which was so unlike her.

I watched amused as they smiled and chatted away, completely feeling each other. They even swapped digits and made plans to meet again.

Once I followed with my end of the bargain, Alice made good on hers and talked her mom to death as Edward scurried away.

"Oh man, I thought she would never leave me alone." Edward said sounding exhausted.

I smirked and played with the ends of his shirt.

"So do you want your gift now?" I asked, giving him a seductive look.

Edward gulped nervously and his eyes filled with excitement.

"What is it?"

"Come with me." I insisted, extending my hand to him.

Edward willingly took it and followed me to the back porch leaving everybody else inside.

I dropped his hand and turned to face him. Edward stopped in his spot giving me a strange look on his face, looking confused.

"Well, where is it?"

"Right here." I said undoing the top of my pants, giving Edward a view of my exposed left hip.

He gasped in surprise.

"You got a tattoo?" He said in complete disbelief.

"You like it?"

Edward brought a hand out and lightly traced the design on my hip area.

"It made me think of you when I saw it." I said, as he went on stroking it in amazement.

"You permanently marked your body with SpongeBob Square pants?" Edward said scrunching his face in confusion.

I started to crack up laughing at his expression.

"Hell no! It's a temporary tattoo. I just wanted to see your face when you saw it. It's priceless." I said as my snickers started to die down.

Edward pouted and folded his arm to his chest.

"That's not funny."

I pulled him closer to me as he went on; "Maybe I'll get a tattoo one day."


"Maybe a soccer ball."

"Oh yeah, because your all about soccer?" I challenged.

"No, because I'm all about you and you love soccer." He said blushing as I came closer to nuzzle his face.

"You know, that reminds me, I still haven't given you, your birthday kiss."

I didn't even give it a second thought as I pressed my hard lips to his. Edward pushed me closer to him as we did what we did best, enjoy each other's company.

"I love you Jasper." He said out of breath.

"I love you too my little tempting SpongeBob nerd."

We shared a chuckled and a smile.

I never thought when Alice asked me for help I would find love along the way.

My life with Edward was only just beginning and I couldn't wait to share more memories together. I looked to the future with open arms and a grin on my face.

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