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"You don't expect to marry him do you?" Asked a slightly older woman through the computer screen.

Pepper crinkled her nose at her mothers' tone. She spoke with such disgust it was if she were in love with a worthless man. "I don't know," she said tightly, trying to keep her anger in check. "But I can't see my life without him."

Mrs. Potts snorted and rolled her eyes "he isn't good enough for you Virginia."

Pepper sighed, her shoulders slumping slightly, "you don't know him."

"I think I do," her mother insisted briskly. "He's a drunk, womanizing, playboy, the whole world knows him. And he isn't good enough to marry, so he isn't worth your time. You're not getting any younger Virginia."

Pepper groaned, rolling her own eyes, her gaze floating up to the ceiling for a moment before turning back to the computer in front of her. "He's changed a lot since Afghanistan," she said slowly, cringing slightly at the forbidden topic. "He's not the same person he was. And as for marriage, you know I don't care about that, right now." Her mother and really her family, had never been very supportive her lifestyle, insisting that the business route was no way for her to go. They had always insisted that she marry young, start a family and by her current age have at lest two to three kids. It wasn't that she was entirely opposed the idea of marriage, it just was not her driving force at the moment. As a result a relationship with her family was relatively strained.

"Being a mother and a wife are two of the most rewarding jobs a woman can have." Her mother said, leaning slightly into her computer.

Pepper closed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief "I'm the co-CEO of a multibillion dollar company, some people would consider that rewarding." Tony had been adamant that she at lest stay on as that, in a lot of ways it wasn't any different than before. She was still his Personal Assistant, only now she had more say in the company directly.

"Yes, who's also sleeping with her boss." She bit back sharply.

Pepper laughed hollowly, "I love how everyone in the world feels the need to share their opinion on our relationship. It's bad enough that every reporter and tabloid insists that I've been screwing him for years, it's nice to know my mother shares their ideas."

Mrs Potts sighed and stirred the tea. "Ginny I'm not trying to hurt you," she said softly. "I'm just worried about you."

Pepper relaxed slightly, no longer feeling the need to be on the defense. "I know mom, but I don't think it's Tony you have to protect me from."

Mrs. Potts nodded, tapping her spoon against her cup, "if you have insisted on—this," She paused for a moment to wave in her vague direction. "Than I suppose I should meet him."

Pepper sat back in her chair, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes wide "what?" Her mother had never had a nice thing to say about Tony and the thought of her meeting him seemed catastrophic.

"Your aunt Clare is having a get together this weekend-"

"Tony and I have to go to China, on Monday-" Pepper intervened in a panic, her mind already racing through the possibilities of what might happen.

"Surly you can afford to spend one day with your family?"

"I'll see what I can do," Pepper sighed in defeat, resigning to the fact that it was going to be a long weekend.

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