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Diego POV

Diego sat in his cell- after trying fruitlessly to free himself of his bonds- and thought. He thought about the strange quake that had split the land, destroyed their home, and separated them from Ellie and Peaches. He thought about Sid's crazy grandmother, always searching for her imaginary or possibly deceased pet "Precious". He thought about the violent storm that they'd somehow survived. He thought about the pirates who'd kidnapped them, and the fact that his friends were most likely all in their own cells on a completely different part of the ship and that all four of them were probably screwed. But on top of all that, he thought about the female saber. Shira.

She was different. Her fur was pure white, and when he'd looked into her eyes he'd seen that they were blue; bright blue. But it wasn't just her appearance that perplexed him.

When their herd's little ice floe had been pulled to the ship, Diego had already been standing in front, waiting and ready for anything that might have come out of the fog. Then they'd actually seen the ship, and had been acquainted with the so-called Captain Gutt. Diego had realized pretty quickly that the pirates would never willingly let them leave.

He was completely focused. Until she had appeared and looked down at them.

He'd given her no thought at first. Then he'd done a double-take to look again. A saber. A female saber. It had been a while since he'd come across another saber, much less a female. He'd stared until Sid had given him a nudge, and a knowing look. Diego had completely disregarded his suggestion, though. She was good-looking, he supposed. But it was her attitude that really got to him. She was very quiet, and it seemed like she kept to herself most of the time. But she had a resentful air about her, too. He remembered when the rest of the crew had laughed along with Gutt, she'd remained silent and sulky, and when Gutt had tried to force a response out of her she'd waited before answering, as if trying to prove that she was independent to some extent.

And when he'd heard Gutt order her to help "take him down", she'd walked over to him, and looked into his eyes. He still couldn't get over how blue they were, and these were things he'd never really paid attention to. But when he'd looked at her face, really looked, Diego could tell that she was having a fierce argument in her head, trying to decide what to do. Then she'd shaken her head, seeming to steel herself, and with her teeth, grabbed a hold of his bonds and dragged him across the ship, which in itself had been pretty humiliating.

Then they'd reached the cell, and after tossing him in and locking the door without so much as a glance towards him, she'd turned her back and begun to walk away.

Diego was confused. She gave the impression that she didn't want to do any of this, and yet she still did. Why? Why didn't she escape? Of course there was the fact that these pirates probably stayed in the middle of the ocean, but they had to stop on land sometime. Why didn't she just run away?

Wanting answers, Diego called out to her, "Why are you doing this?"

Shira froze in her place, as though shocked by his speech. Then she'd turned and said over her shoulder, "Because I have to."

Diego wanted to tell her right then and there that she didn't have to, she didn't have to stay here on this boat and work for Gutt, that if she would just help him escape with his friends, she could come with them, and never have to see these pirates again in her life. He didn't know how he knew that every observation he'd made about her was true, he just knew. And he wanted to help her, which surprised him also.

But before he could say any of this, Shira had turned again, and walked out of sight.

And so now he sat there in his cell, and thought. He knew that she wanted to leave this place, he was certain of it, and he knew that right now, she was the only one that could help them. Because frankly, their current position made them pretty much helpless. And he didn't think the others could have made much progress, either.

Diego knew that if he could just talk to Shira, if he could just get her to see that they could help her, then there was a possibility that they could get out of here. He just needed to come up with a plan.

It had been a long time since he'd come across a female saber, and this one was way too complicated for his liking.

And yet, strangely, he felt a purr growing in the back of his throat just thinking about it.


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