Brave stories untold: the missing chapters of the wizard

Chapter1: the unexpected alliance.

In the world of Vision, Ashikawa Mitsuru, a wizard traveler boy, walked through the forest of the first town. His first gemstone shined on his staff. The atmosphere was quiet and peaceful, until someone-or something broke out the silence,

"Have you heard?" unknown voice asked her friend. Mitsuru tried to locate the source of the voice, but no one seems to be found. He stopped to listen.

"…rumor said that there is a gemstone discovered recently." The voice continued. This conversation started to be interesting to him. He frowned. Being unable to locate the speaker is irritating to him. He wanted to know more. He stood still, concentrating his ear on the unknown voices.

"Nope, I haven't. What do they say?" the other unknown voice answered. This one is less feminine, but is still likely to be of a female person.

"If I recall, they say that the gemstone was found in one of the Goal Finch Forests. I have no idea which, though." The first voice answered.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I join this conversation?" Mitsuru broke out. Regretting a little, he just let his curiosity won. How could he let that happen? However on a second thought, this is also a good thing if he really needed to know.

"…" the two voices stopped immediately. This isn't a good sign.

"How did you get that information? And how many Goal Finch Forests are there?" Mitsuru continued, he couldn't let this opportunity go.

"Eavesdropping isn't polite, don't you know?" The first voice hissed playfully. "…but we don't mind." She giggled. "I like companies."

The unknown figures appeared before him. He examined the two people briefly.

One was a woman. She had a beautiful-cheerful face, and seems to be a good warrior considering her shape and her weapon, a sword.

Another was a tiger-like beastkin. Considering from the voice, it must be female. However if she hadn't spoken, he would have mistaken her for a young male. Her body was a lot smaller than an adult male beastkin should be. But still, she towered over him.

"I'm Sa, and this is Suae We're on a quest for treasures." The woman named Sa said.

"It's embarrassing, but we're broke. Our last discoveries have just run out." The beastkin named Suae said.

The boy said nothing. He waited to listen. As the girls knew just what the boy wanted to hear.

"You can join us if you want." Suae grinned. It was a bit scary with all those teeth in her mouth, but he knew that the smile was sincere.

Mitsuru answered the offer with a smirk.

+++end of chapter one+++