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Chapter 1

"Are you alright?" Nikita asked holding back Alex's hair.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just the stomach flew. I've had it for the past few days. Just don't tell Sean. I thought that taking down Division would make him less worried about me but it turns out that now that he doesn't have to worry about the possibility of me being killed he's worried about the normal boyfriend stuff like when I get sick and if I'm eating properly." Alex said wiping her mouth.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Michael was horrible when I was pregnant with Katie. At least now he's at that stage when he obsesses over her. I can barely get him to leave for work in the morning." Alex stood up and rinsed her mouth.

"You're positive your okay?" Nikita asked worried.

"Nikita, I'm fine." Alex insisted. "Now you should go. It sounds like someone is getting fussy." Alex said holding up the baby monitor which played the whines of the child on the other end.

"Urgh. I love her with all my heart I do but she never sleeps. On the bright side she only slept for an hour, maybe Michael and I can finally get a good nights sleep." Nikita said getting up from her spot near the bathtub. Alex chuckled lightly at the complaints of her mentor.

Nikita's head snapped toward the young girl. "Hey don't make jokes. When you have a kid it's going to be the mix between the heir to a Russian corporate empire slash ex rogue assassin and a Navy SEAL, who was not only rogue at one point but was also a member of SEAL Team 6." Alex stopped laughing and got a dear in the head lights look.

"What!" She asked semi-alarmed "Sean and I haven't even been going out for two years, we're not ready for marriage." She said nervously.

"So what you don't think you'll marry Sean?" Nikita asked raising an eyebrow,

"Of course I think I'll marry Sean but not now. And we are defiantly not ready for kids." She insisted.

Nikita chuckled. "Yeah I said that too but as soon as you find out you're going to be a mom everything just sort of clicks into place." The two women walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom on the left. The bedroom had light purple walls and decorations with white accessories including changing table, two chairs, crib and drawers. Nikita walked over to the crib and picked up the small girl inside.

"Hey baby. What's wrong?" Nikita asked holding the young girl against her chest.

Nikita went and sat down in a chair in front of the window an bounced the young girl up and down on her knee. Katie smiled and clapped her hands as she looked at her mother. Nikita's cell phone rang and she quickly stood up handing Katie to Alex who was sitting in the matching chair. Alex took the girl and placed her on her knee. "You have your dad's eyes you know that little one." she said smiling at the young girl. Katie's hazel/green eyes stared back at her aunt.

Nikita walked back into the bedroom flipping her phone shut. "That was Michael he and Sean got stuck in traffic so they probably won't be home for another hour. Also Birkhoff and Sonya are coming over for dinner tonight. Speaking of we should probably go figure out what we're having." The two of them walked downstairs, Alex still holding Katie who was now playing with her aunts hair.

Alex placed Katie down in her play pen once they reached the kitchen and she and Nikita started searching through the cupboards for something they could make dinner. After ten minutes of not being able to find anything they decided to get take out. 30 minutes later the food arrived, Nikita paid for it and she and Alex were unpacking it when Michael and Sean came through the door. "Hey, sorry we're late. Traffic was terrible," Sean said walking over to Alex giving her a kiss.

Michael gave Nikita a kiss before walking over and picking Katie out of her play pen. "Hey baby. You have a good day?" He asked his daughter who nuzzled her face into her fathers her neck. He chuckled lightly as he walked over to Nikita. "We're going to have to cut her hair. I guess she got both the colour and length from you." He said motioning to her shoulder length dark brown hair.

"Yeah I guess so." Nikita said smiling. They filled their plates and walked to the table. Michael strapped Katie into her high chair while Nikita got her food out of the fridge and Sean ad Alex brought over wine and glasses. "I know baby. I promise mom's bringing your food." Michael said as Katie whined, wanting to get out of the high chair. Nikita walked over a few seconds later with a homemade jar of baby food. She put it in a small bowl before bringing it over to her daughter, who began to eat/play with the food in front of her.

A few minutes later Birkhoff and Sonya walked in. A few months before Division was taken down Sonya had started being their eyes on the inside and when Division was finally taken down she and Birkhoff had started dating. Everyone sat down at the table and talked about what had happened at work. Birkhoff, Sonya and Michael all worked for the CIA while Sean had gone back to work for the Navy. Nikita and Alex both knew that there was a number of job opened to them but they both decide that they wanted to lay low for a while and live as normally as thy could. After dinner Birkhoff and Sonya said good bye and went home.

"Hey guys, do you mind if we bring Katie up? She's getting kind of fussy," Nikita asked as Michael got an almost asleep Katie out of her highchair.

"No problem. We'll clean up here. See you in the morning." Alex said to the older couple who then disappeared up the stairs. Alex finished clearing the table and started to put the dishes in the dish washer. A few minutes later Sean came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

"Sean stop. We have to clean the kitchen." Alex said doing her best to protest.

"Come on. We'll do it in the morning. Lets go upstairs." Sean said as he continued kissing her neck.

Alex turned around hoping to argue with him only to have Sean's lips crash down on hers. Despite her better judgment she wasted no time in kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. He grabbed into her waist and he did a 180 and lifted her onto the opposite counter. Alex started to unbutton his shirt and when she was having difficulty she simply ripped the buttons off. Sean chuckled lightly at her frustration as he lifted up the hem of her shirt and stroked her bare skin.

"Sean, we really should go upstairs. This is a shared kitchen remember?" Alex said between kisses.

"Huh uh." Sean murmured into the kiss. He lifted Alex up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carefully walked up the stairs and towards their bedroom.

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