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Chapter 1.

The sound of shuffling feet accompanied by the whistling of the wild winds filled the small yet luxurious house; sitting on top of a beautiful hillside with flowing greenery all around was a sight to behold. The inmates of said house and the activity currently occurring were another sight to behold - men after men carrying in the freshest and priciest of produce, the servants cleaning every nook and corner with expert precision, the man of the house bellowing his orders left and right, the woman of the house trying to contain her youngest daughter from pouncing on the sinful smelling fresh bakes while her older sisters were subjected the cruelest form of punishment; parading around in front of their parents in the most beautiful dresses searching for that one nod from their mother that would leave them be in peace.

But it was not to come so easily. They had been at it for the past two hours, after having been woken up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the important day. But after nine different dresses their mother was still not impressed. Their father was purely exasperated whereas their youngest sister was so excited she didn't quite need the added sugar to be a riot.

"Rebekah! Put that down this instant," Bill Forbes hissed dangerously low and the blonde haired, blue-eyed devil stopped in her tracks of eating a piece of scone. With wide puppy dog eyes that had long since lost their effect on her family she put it down grudgingly and crossed her arms, falling on the sofa with a loud plump.

Grumbling under his breath about his stubborn spoiled daughter, he ordered one servant to straighten the cushions Rebekah had so carelessly tussled.

"Rebekah if you do not behave I will send you to the neighbors for the entire ceremony, do you understand?" Her father declared and her stubbornness instantly vanished as she nodded her head and made way for the servant to clean her mess.

Lady Forbes on the other hand had paid no attention to her husband and their youngest little tiff, all her attention focused on her other daughters as she judged from top to toe while the girls clicked their tongues in impatience.

"Caroline you look beautiful, this is your color," Liz Forbes announced gazing at her other blonde haired, blue-eyed daughter who smiled shyly at her compliment. "But Katherine this is not your color, you must show me the green one again," she added turning to look at her only dark haired, dark-eyed daughter who nodded in obedience.

"Oh for the love of god woman!" Bill Forbes exclaimed loudly and his wife turned to huff at him. "This is nonsense! They won't be looking at their dresses, their faces are beautiful enough..."

"That doesn't mean they needn't look their best," his wife interrupted curtly.

"I've had enough!" he chided. "All women, yes that includes you dear," he glared at his hissing wife, "Into one room, where you shall stay unless I say so. I will handle all this," he concluded waving his arms around.

"You're going to decorate Father?" Katherine asked skeptically causing Rebekah to snicker from behind her mother.

"I'll have you know I survived fine before all you women came into my life," Bill Forbes said adamantly as he practically herded his family into the master chamber and shut the door.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he got down to work.

"So tell me what is going to happen tomorrow mother?" Caroline pestered as her mother fussed with her wild tousled hair.

"Ugh..." her mother lamented. "I've said it before Caroline, you meet the Lords tomorrow and if he likes you and you like him then we go ahead with the ceremony and two years later you get married and go make your own home."

In a rare moment on sentimentalism Lady Forbes lightly hugged her daughter from behind, in a couple of years both her daughters will be gone and soon after them Rebekah will leave as well.

"Why must we wait two years?" Caroline asked curiously as her mother spun her around to adjust the curls of hair on her face.

"Because you're a girl now Caroline, only sixteen. Two years from now, you'll be a woman. Ready to have a husband and make your own family," she replied a sliver of glassiness settling in her eyes.

Caroline blushed and looked down at her feet instantly, the thought of being betrothed to a man made her shiver in anxiousness, but the thought of having intimate relations with a man seemed like impossibility to her. She would positively die of embarrassment.

Katherine, who knew all about her reservations, winked at her from the mirror while the fourteen year old Rebekah crinkled her nose looking from her mother to her sisters for any indication of what they meant. Finding none, she went back to playing with her hair.

"I don't have to wait two years," Katherine reminded her mother who sighed ruefully.

"Yes, you may marry immediately if all goes well tomorrow Katherine," Liz Forbes said acknowledging the fact that her eldest daughter was of age to marry. "Now I must go see what disaster your father has bought upon the house," she added hastily as she sped out the door.

"I can't wait for tomorrow!" Katherine exclaimed as soon as their mother closed the door.

"How can you say that?" Rebekah asked, instantly interested in this conversation "You don't even know who it is."

Katherine merely smiled at her own reflection as she curled her already curly hair and shrugged slightly, but the meaning behind her devious smile was not lost on Caroline.

"Wait," she said suddenly, "You do know who it is?"

When Katherine didn't respond Caroline pressed harder. "Oh sister, tell me if you know. I deserve to know, it isn't just you they're serving up like cake tomorrow."

Sighing at her sister's guilt trip Katherine sat down next to Caroline and slowly whispered, "I heard father talking to Giuseppe Salvatore about the guests tomorrow. Have you ever heard of the Mikaelson's?"

"No," Caroline replied softly, her eyes wide and her heart beating against her chest.

"They are a very rich merchant family and their most eligible sons will be our suitors, dear sister."

"How will you chose who's for whom?" the every curious Rebekah whispered to Caroline when Katherine went to ensure that their parents were nowhere in the vicinity.

Caroline giggled at her little sister, ruffling her blonde locks as she replied, "Katherine is the eldest, Bekah, and obviously her suitor will be the older brother."

"Oh," Rebekah mouthed to herself, lost in her own world.


"What?" Caroline and Rebekah said in unison staring at Katherine perplexed.

"Elijah is his name. The eldest Mikaelson," she said softly, the hint of a blush creeping onto her olive skin.

"How do you know? Have you met him?" Caroline gaped at her sister who hurriedly placed a finger on her lips in warning. If their parents found out they would be very mad.

"I did meet him... a while back," Katherine responded meekly, her eyes losing its previous excitement and replaced with sadness.

"Where did you meet him? Do you love him?" the ever romantic Rebekah demanded, pouncing off her seat and firmly standing in front of her sisters, hands on hips and a deadly glare on her face.

Katherine laughed heartily at her sisters question, messing up her hair lovingly as she replied, "I only saw him for all of ten seconds Bekah, even with me love isn't that fast. I met him about a year ago, at this ball... where I was accompanying Stefan."

Rebekah eyes widened with fear as she helplessly turned to Caroline for help who instantly laced a hand around her older sister, rubbing her arm and placing her head on her shoulder. She knew Katherine was okay when a small chuckle escaped her sisters mouth at the sight of an aghast and trembling Rebekah – that girl hated to see anyone cry, especially her own sister.

"I'm sorry," Rebekah said in a small voice. "I didn't know"

"Of course you didn't. Come here," Katherine said in her best jovial voice pulling the baffled child towards her, settling her on her lap one hand securely around her waist. "Nothing's wrong, see I'm fine," she assured the youngster.

It was clear to both sisters that young Bekah wanted to say something but was either unable to form the words or didn't know how to say whatever she wanted. So, gently Katherine pulled Rebekah's face up from her chin and looked into those ocean blues intently.

"Whatever you want to say Bekah you know you can." Caroline nodded her agreement to her sister's words.

"Isn't it..." Rebekah stumbled as she searched for the right word and after another encouraging nod from her sisters she ploughed through, "Wrong. Isn't it wrong for you to love another man after after..."

That was the end of her courage as she turned mute and stared at her sister worriedly. Caroline too turned to look at Katherine in a mix of curiosity and sympathy. For a second Katherine closed her eyes and furrowed her brow before opening them with a small sad smile.

"You remember when you would fall down and scrape your knee, you remember what Stefan would tell you?" she asked the confused Rebekah.

"That I should not act like a spoiled princess and move on," Bekah answered wearily still not seeing the point.

"I'm doing the same thing Bekah. I'm moving on, my life can't stop can it?" Katherine said wisely. "And as much as it hurts that he isn't here, I must move on. My life didn't end with his did it?"

Rebekah shook her slowly, a new swell of emotions flowing into her as she nestled her head into her sisters shoulder trying to comfort in her own way.

She knew as well as anyone else how much Katherine loved Stefan and how devastated she had been by his death almost a year ago. But if there was one thing Katherine Forbes could do better than anyone was survive. Survive through anything.

After a few moments of silence almost as if both sisters wanted to give Katherine a second, Caroline got to the part that was nagging away at her. "So, how is he?"

"Scary," Katherine said instantly but corrected herself when a horrified expression settled on Caroline's face. "Not like the village drunk scary, but he just has this way about him and it is so intimidating. And I only saw him for a few seconds."

"Oh," Caroline mouthed fidgeting with her fingers but finally burst out, "And his brother?"

"I've never seen anyone else of the family Caroline. I'm sorry."

Caroline only nodded slowly as she tried to prepare herself for what was to come, even though she had been prepped for this day for years it was still unnerving. Katherine had done this before, when Giuseppe Salvatore had come asking her hand in marriage to his youngest, the one and only Stefan. Theirs was more a love story than an arranged marriage, they had loved each other since they were children and there was no doubt in anyone's minds that one day Katherine would be a Salvatore.

Giuseppe offered to have his eldest Damon marry Katherine when the untimely death of Stefan shook them all but both Damon and Katherine declined. To Damon Katherine had always been the young girl next door, then Stefan's closest friend to the girl his lovesick brother would make sappy eyes at. He could never look at Katherine in any other way that his brother's love.

This was Caroline's first time ever meeting a possible suitor and future husband, and she was on edge. She was no longer a naïve little girl, just because her parent's marriage was wonderful didn't mean all marriages were. She had seen enough in the village to know that some marriages were not as happy and blissful as they seemed on the outside. She was afraid, of whom she would meet, if she would like him, if he would like her... if everything would be like she had imagined.

Because Caroline Forbes was a dreamer. And she had dreamed of love. The kind of love that rammed into her with such force that she never saw it coming.

And even though she knew she didn't have to marry anyone she didn't want to, she couldn't help but fear that something was going to go terribly wrong.

"Don't worry Caroline," Katherine said soothingly sensing her sisters fears. "They are honorable men, they are not like the hooligans we've seen. These Caroline – these are the gentleman you read about."

"And you write about," Caroline said with a smile as Katherine settled into her chair, quill and paper in hand to write the night away.

Katherine smiled at both her sisters warmly before mother hustled in screaming about how in all this mess they forgot to get a new pair of clothes for father and herself, and dragged a protesting Rebekah to bed.

"Sleep child," Liz Forbes said softly placing a warm hand on Caroline's cheek as she held onto a squirming Rebekah in her hand. "Both of you." She turned to glare at Katherine scratching away who didn't even pay attention. "We have a big day tomorrow."

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