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Updated on the 9th May 2015

I told Desmond not to, but he confronted Uncle Bill about the possibility of me living with him. To my greatest surprise, Uncle Bill replied with: "We'll see." Though later on that day, I heard them both yelling at one another . I sat outside the spare bedroom, listening to their argument:

"Desmond. I'm her carer-"

"-Bullshit. She needs someone to be her dad. Not her brother. Her dad. And you're not doing that job very well."

"You of all people know I...I'm not particularly good at parenting."

"Precisely. That's why you have to try again. If you fail, then I'll no other choice but to take her with me."

I heard a low, almost-growling noise.
"Fine. Fine." Father and son emerged from the bedroom. Uncle Bill had an impassive look on his face, however Desmond had a scowl on his face.

"Des," I said, tugging at his sleeve.

His face lightened up,
"Hey, kid. Didn't see you there."

I set him with a worried stare. He sighed, bending down to my level,

"We'll sort things out," he said, "Don't you worry."

"I'm not."

"Then everything's fine."


Desmond let out a small laugh, ruffling my hair,
"Then why do you look so miserable?"

I grumbled in response, shaking my head to get his hand off my hair.

"Hey!" I complained, as Damien shoved me lightly.

We were in the garden, seeing as it was another hot day. Damien smirked, and chuckled, shoving me again.

"What are you, three?" I teased, returning a nudge.

"Mentally...yes." I laughed at the simple, matter-of-factly way he'd said that. We played a little game of hit-and-run, pushing then running away from the other. Damien was very good at it, but I wasn't as great. When it was my turn to shove him, I reached out but he jumped back, so I stumbled over. From the floor, I tried to grab his arm but he dodged again. I got up, managing to jab him with my finger, and leaped backwards, out of his reach. I hurt myself, but I ignored the pain.

I shot up, and dodged again.
"Ahh...you're getting good at this," commented Damien, leaping for my shoulder. He missed, and was now on the ground. I laughed at him My laughter was cut off as he quickly crawled forwards, tapping my foot.

"No fair!"

"Yeah it is."

I rushed to tap him, but he grabbed my wrist and flipped me to the ground.

"I win!" he said, grinning.


He helped me up.
"My go!"

Diego suddenly rugby-tackled his brother over. Damien let out a noise that was halfway between a yelp, and laughter. I snickered at the sight of the two brothers.

"My go!"

I though Desmond meant the two brothers but oh no. I was the target. I wince as I'm knocked over and pinned down.

"Hey!" I complained.

"Surprise?" Desmond laughed.

"That's not funny." I writhed around in his grip. My knee popped up and I kneed him in the stomach. That got the asshole off.

I stood, ready for an attack.
"Come on, then!" I urged.

"No, no...lemme take my time, Sparks." I scowled, then stuck my tongue out at him. Instead of laughing, he frowned a little.

The scar on my tongue. To discard of the awkwardness, I swung my fist at him. He dodged, twisting my fist behind my back. I elbowed myself free, and then kneed him in the privates. I then elbowed him on the spine, and shoved him down.

"All right, all right! You win! Yikes..." He stood up, stretching his back."You've been holding back all this time, huh?"

"I can say the same for you." He laughed. We then looked over to Diego and Damien, who were still wrestling. I looked at Desmond and smirked. He reflected the smirk and nodded.

"Diego. Wasp!" I called.

"Huh?" he poked his head up, and Damien pounced on him, winning the fight. "You did that on purpose, Sarah!" I burst out laughing as Damien lay flat-out on his brother.

General POV.

Later that day, the young Spaniard and the English girl were at their 'hit and run' game again. The others watched them in amusement, curious to see who'd win. Sarah was fast and quick, but she wasn't that strong and very clumsy. Damien was fast and strong, but lagged a little compared to Sarah. He knew her tactics though, and it was reacting to hers which he found challenging. It was all harmless fun for the two. Everyone laughed at the two darting around like dogs.

The only one who wasn't laughing was Desmond and unfortunately for him, Kirsty noticed,

"Jealous, Des?" sneered Kirsty.


"Pfft. Because of Sarah's sudden close brotherly-sisterly relationship with Damien."

Desmond remained bitter, staying silent. Kirsty's smirk grew in a large grin as she playfully touched him on the shoulder, to which he just grunted at.

"You are, aren't you?" she jeered.

"No…"tried Desmond, "Just…a little annoyed."

"Annoyed?" laughed Kirsty, "Right, sureeee."

Desmond glared at Kirsty.

"She doesn't even get mad at him," she continued, trying to get a further reaction from her former training partner. She succeeded.

"Look, just shut up, okay?" Desmond clenched his fists, feeling his patience staring to get thin.

"You're a grown man, Des. It's time to grow up." The pair looked at the Spaniard and the Brit. Sarah was grinning at Damien, jumping around him and ruffling his already-ruffled hair while he tried dodging her. Diego stood on the sidelines, watching the pair with amused eyes.

"My brother is good with children," he said to Desmond, "Don't feel bad."

"I'm…I'm not…"

"Ah, but I can tell. You think that because the girl's gone to play with my brother, she's got bored of you…"

"That's not true, Di, don't twist the truth."

Diego smirked and tapped his nose.

"W..w-You're just making it seem worse than it is!" complained Desmond.

"No, you are," replied Diego, "You keep going on-"

"-Okay, fine. Let's all shut up and watch the pups play."

Kirsty snorted, "Douche."



"Guys," complained Diego, feeling his frustration build up quickly, "Grow the fuck up, the pair of you. It's tiresome hearing you two bicker like children- it's tiresome for everyone? Either you shut up and leave one another alone for good, or you resolve your problems because no matter how many times you deny it there are problems. "