'Moments ago we received confirmation that Lord Superman was captured and secured in the late hours of the night. The team led by a division of Mercy Corporations discovered Lord Superman's whereabouts via a tip from an as yet, anonymous source.'

Bruce Wayne sat at his computer and continued to watch the feed in silence. He had called the others several moments ago and each of them were slowly filing down the stairs in single file. J'onn was also present having come to ask Bruce for some advice regarding his suspicions at Arkham Asylum.

'As of yet it is not known where Lord Superman is being retained, but sources indicate that it is within a specialised facility that is able to contain him.'

They were each there now, below the manor and within the cave. Every one of them looking as blank as the next as if none knew what to make of this situation.

Lord Superman had been captured.

Bruce didn't know what to make of this, what to say, what to suggest. For the first time in many years he didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know what they were going to do to him, if they were going to put him on trial or simply lock him away and throw away the key. He didn't know what it meant for them either. Lord Superman could easily give them all away.

"What do we do now?" John asked breaking the silence as the news clip ended with a captured image of Lord Superman, all of the anger and rage in his eyes.

"I don't know." Bruce replied darkly, there was something else, something he had discovered on the data he had ripped out of their computers. "There is another complication."

They all remained there in hushed silence, waiting on his every word.

"I have examined the data from Mercy Corporations…I found a file that could provide us with even more to be concerned about."

"What file do you speak of?" Diana questioned him, her tone was firm and Amazonian, she wouldn't let him see how little she was coping with his recent rejection of her.

He had stumbled on the file quite by accident and it had taken the Batcomputer several hours to decrypt, but once it did and Bruce saw it with his own eyes, he couldn't describe the weight of it upon him.

"A cloning project." He said out loud to them "Mercy Graves and Cadmus," He finally knew them to be connected "They have a project in place on cloning…the girl in white we fought at the corporation?" He turned in his chair and fixed them all with a poignant stare "She is a clone of Supergirl."

The revelation seemed to slap them across the face, another thing he had dug up out of the data they had stolen.

"They have Clark now." He said darkly, hoping that they'd make the same links that he had.

"The Asylum." J'onn intoned almost sounding panicked "They've been taking blood samples."

"They're building an army." Shayera concluded "They can't use the meta's in the asylum so they're going to clone them and Superman…"

"What do they achieve though?" John asked them all at large, the knowledge they were gaining becoming frightening.

"Us." Bruce stated "Us and everyone else."

"We can't do this alone." Diana pointed out, "We are still weaker than we were because of the power disrupter. We can't hope to compete with these odds."

Bruce sat there a moment in silence as he thought. The others remained restless behind him, muttering between themselves until he stood to his feet and they fell back into silence. They watched him stand and cross the cave until he reached an object twice his height and covered with a thick protective sheet. He grabbed the dusty corner and pulled, pulling down the cover and revealing the dimensional portal machine, the very same one they had used to travel to their counterpart's world.

"We don't have to."

To be continued in Advocacy: Part Two


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