Title: This Isn't an Ordinary Love Story

Author: The Emcee

Rating: M

Summary: Clint is in his final year of high school. Bruce Banner is his physics teacher and best friends with the school's archery coach. Ever since freshman year, Clint's had a crush on Mr. Banner. But now, with some encouragement from Tony, he finally takes some action and finds out that he's not the only one who has been crushing.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, actors, or the fandom. As this is set in a high school AU, Clint and Tony aren't eighteen, so there will be underage sex and all that jazz. This story contains slash, so if you don't like then don't read.

A/U: I really need to see a therapist or something. There's no reason why I keep writing weird stuff like this. XD Oh well. It is what it is. I hope you all enjoy this one. I myself am looking forward to it. R&R. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Clint often considered himself lucky that his school district had an archery team and club. Some other school districts were too small to allow for something like archery in the budget, but Clint's school wasn't one of them. Ever since he had first seen the archery team's demonstration during a pep rally when he was in the fifth grade, archery had been the only thing on his mind day and night. His parents were quick to learn about his new found love and obsession and they were more than happy that he finally had a normal hobby. Because when one was best friends with Tony Stark, normal wasn't a word that was usually used a lot.

As a result of his love for archery and his desire to be on the team when he reached high school, his dad helped him train and get ready. He even taught Clint a little bit about archery and told the impressionable youth that his father, Clint's grandfather, had once been an archer in the circus. That little tidbit of information only reinforced Clint that archery was definitely his thing. And by the time he made it to his freshman year in high school, he was pretty damn good at it. The best, actually, and those were Coach Coulson's words, not his own.

Coach Coulson, who Clint usually just called Coulson because he could actually get away with it, was like a second father to Clint. He seemed to understand Clint before any words were spoken and he always knew what to say when the teen needed a confidence boost. But Clint knew that behind Coulson's calm façade was a man who knew the game, how to play it, and what buttons to push to get his way. Although he wasn't the assistant principal or anything like that, Coulson's opinion was always taken into account by Principal Fury, who saw the coach as his one good eye. That was how Mr. Banner, one of the science teachers, became the Assistant Coach for the archery team in Clint's sophomore year and as soon as Clint spotted him it was love at first sight.

He can still remember the first time he saw Mr. Banner with surprising clarity, but then again, Clint's eyes and memory were very sharp. It was the first official training session for the team and he had been walking alone towards the archery team's practice area. Clint only had one friend and that was Tony; everyone else was either afraid of him because he was Tony' best friend or jealous of him for his archery skills. As he got closer to the field, he realized that Coach Coulson wasn't alone. Another man was with him, one that Clint had only seen in passing in the hallways. It was Coach Banner, Coulson's new assistant, and a temporary one from what Clint had heard. All Coulson managed to get out of Fury was a one season testing period and nothing more.

But, at least they had that and Coulson was happy, even if Clint believed that another coach wasn't necessary. He knew that Mr. Banner and Coach Coulson were good friends, but he felt as though the science teacher was intruding. Hell, Clint hadn't even had him as a teacher yet since it was the fall semester; once the spring semester came around, he'd have Mr. Banner for Biology since only two teachers in the high school taught it. Although Clint didn't like the fact that there'd be another coach for the team, he thought that Mr. Banner was a looker. Fuck that, the man was downright hot and so fucking sexy that it hurt.

During that training session, Clint kept sneaking looks at Mr. Banner, studying him and watching him. By the end of practice, Clint knew for sure that he had fallen head over heels for the science teacher, even if he was only there to fill in for Coulson when he had other things aside from actual instruction to do. He was a glorified babysitter, but Clint liked him. A lot more than he should have, but he didn't care. All he cared about was how hot Mr. Banner was and how he couldn't wait to take Biology. Thank God that Clint was close to Coulson because it allowed him to get to know Mr. Banner as well before he had him in class and realize just how horrible of a student Clint was. Of course, Clint wasn't stupid or anything like that; it was just that he didn't want to be bothered with mundane things such as homework when he could be out on the school's range.

Apparently, Coulson had told Mr. Banner how Clint was, because from the moment he stepped into the Biology classroom, the older man kept on his case like a cat stalking a mouse. If those glasses, his curls, and that lopsided smile didn't get Clint going, his persistence did. Biology was Clint's best subject that year, after gym of course, and he spent more than enough time after school to make sure that he got his work done and handed in. Mr. Banner was Clint's favorite teacher when his sophomore year ended and he made damn sure that the science teacher signed his fucking year book. He also helped Tony break into the office one night after school hours just to find out where Mr. Banner lived. Tony wanted to do it anyway since he had his eyes set on his own teacher, Mr. Rogers who taught all of the American History classes. Upon finding out where the object of his affection lived, Clint realized that he lived only a few minutes from his house. Okay, it was more along the lines of a fifteen to twenty minute walk, but it was still close enough for Clint. Besides, it was on the way to a nearby supermarket, which gave Clint the perfect excuse to walk by it every single day during summer vacation. Needless to say, his house always had plenty of milk and cereal.

One day, while walking to the store for another box of Cap'n Crunch cereal (the one with the berries because Tony only ever ate the one with the berries), Clint saw a woman leave Mr. Banner's house. It was Ms. Ross, another science teacher, and it had been common knowledge throughout the school that the two were involved. From how upset Ms. Ross looked, Clint guessed that that wasn't the case anymore, especially when Mr. Banner came outside, obviously distraught and pretty upset himself. Being naturally curious, Clint stopped in his tracks to watch the show (actually, it was because Ms. Ross was heading right towards him and he started to panic).

"Betty, it was an accident. You ought to know; you were there!" Ms. Ross sighed and stopped about fifteen feet or so from Clint. He felt as though he had a front row seat to a soap opera.

"It's always an accident or a misunderstanding, isn't it?" She turned to him, her back facing towards Clint, and the notion of walking around them popped into his head. But Clint thought it best not to; it'd be awkward if the man he loved watched as he maneuvered around their very public argument just to get some fucking berries for his best friend. Yeah, that'd work oh so well, wouldn't it?

"Bruce, you're a nice guy. You're very sweet and very smart. But I can't keep up with your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality anymore. Your mood swings aren't improving our relationship; they're hindering it. And I just can't deal with it anymore. I'm sorry, but our relationship isn't healthy for either of us. It'd be best if we were just colleagues." Clint watched as Mr. Banner visibly flinched. Turning around, Ms. Ross walked past Clint and down the street. Turning back to head towards the store, Clint saw how tense and surprised he was to see him standing there. He would have smirked had he been alone and not a witness to Mr. Banner's public break-up scene.

"Oh. Clint… I, uh… Well, this is rather embarrassing." Clint smiled at him, feeling bad for the guy even if he was incredibly happy about the fact that his science teacher was now officially single and readily available.

"It's okay, Mr. Banner. That's life." Mr. Banner gave him a very small, very sad smile and nodded.

"You're right. You're very wise for your age, Clint. But I've told you that before, haven't I?" Clint couldn't stop the smirk from showing up, not with Mr. Banner talking to him and reminding him of the many times he stayed after school to work on the very ridiculous and easy Biology assignments he had to complete.

"Yes you have. And I happen to find your mood swings very interesting and exciting. And I know I haven't told you that before." Clint continued onwards to the store, feeling proud of the fact that he had just hit on his teacher and had gotten away with it. Mr. Banner was obviously stunned by what he had said and he loved it. It was endearing and his modesty made him even hotter and sexier to Clint.

Clint had meant what he had said. As Coulson's assistant for the archery team, Clint was subjected to Mr. Banner's mood swings before Biology even started. He found them slightly troubling at first, but then they began to fascinate and intrigue him. Mr. Banner, while usually calm and collected, also had a temper that had managed to frighten a lot of people, students included. However, Clint had never been one of them. On the contrary, he found it interesting and arousing. The mood swings were usually triggered by three things: anger, fear, or excitement. Although mood swings weren't all that uncommon, Mr. Banner's took on a whole new level, almost as though another being had taken over the man's body and Clint liked that. Perhaps a lot more than he should have, but it was true and it got him hard beyond belief and fueled a lot of his fantasies about his teacher.

As soon as he got back home, after buying Tony his cereal of course, Clint told him everything and the two gushed like pathetic teenage girls. Aside from being smart asses and having a very large knack for trouble, Clint and Tony also had another thing in common: they both had things for teachers. Not stupid little crushes, but legit I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you things. Other people probably would have called them crazy or disgusting, but they didn't think so. So Tony was very interested in hearing about Ms. Ross breaking up with Mr. Banner. They even began plotting and planning for the perfect opportunities to strike and nab their perspective teachers without a lot of hassle.

Tony carried his out during their junior year. From what Clint had been told by his best friend, who wasn't exaggerating on that particular occasion, Mr. Rogers didn't put up much of a struggle or argument. After the first few minutes of protesting the very heated kisses that Tony had been giving him, he caved in. But Mr. Rogers, who Clint and Tony called Steve after that, refused to 'do it' in the class room. Or the locker rooms. Or behind slash underneath the bleachers. He was an old fashioned soul and wanted to treat Tony with dignity and respect, even if Tony said he didn't give two shits where they fucked. But it was obvious to Clint that Tony appreciated how Steve was with him. They became an official couple, to Clint anyway, in December, before the end of the fall semester and the beginning of Christmas vacation.

Clint didn't make his move on Mr. Banner during his junior year. Although he really wanted to, he wasn't Tony fucking Stark, who could buy someone's silence and keep them from outing his relationship. He needed to be clever and cunning, so he decided that he'd wait until his senior year to make his move. Since his eighteenth birthday was in January, it made the most sense as he would then be of legal age. So he didn't pounce on Mr. Banner during his junior year. But he did take Physics in the fall semester, something that he took great advantage of.

He would flirt and hint at the science teacher, which, at first, got him a bit flustered and riled up. But as Clint's junior year wore on, Mr. Banner began to return the flirting, something that made Clint very, very happy. Although Mr. Banner was no longer the assistant coach of the team, thanks to the budget and Principal Fury, he still came out to watch the team during practice and went to their games. Clint usually found those dark eyes focused almost entirely on him, although they'd wander elsewhere when his own blue ones met the man's gaze. Coulson knew something was going on, but he didn't comment. Surely, he knew Clint well enough that his feelings for Mr. Banner weren't child's play but the real deal. And they were real. All that he thought about was archery and Mr. Banner, and he couldn't image being with anyone else besides the science teacher.

Summer vacation arrived and Clint, on one official occasion, found himself inside Mr. Banner's house. Granted, it was for the sole purpose of retrieving an award he had received during the end of the year for being the best archer on the archery team (a ceremony he missed due to being suspended because of a little mishap involving Tony, a school bully, and condoms filled with coconut cream pie), but it gave him a general idea of Mr. Banner's house. Unofficially, Tony and Clint managed to break into Mr. Banner's house about ten times before they almost got caught by the man arriving home sooner than expected. Tony managed to make it out, but Clint was left behind. He hid in the closet and waited until Mr. Banner was in the shower to make his own escape. Of course, that was after he caught a sneak peak of his future boyfriend naked as the day he was born.

Somehow, Clint had managed to make it back to his house before his parents checked in on him. Once they were gone, his pants came off and he stroked himself until he came, quietly unfortunately, but thinking of Bruce all the same. The rest of the summer passed by and his senior year of high school started. During the first two weeks, Clint made sure to pass by Mr. Banner's class room every single day. He even stayed after to talk to the man, and was happy when his flirting was returned by the science teacher. After the two weeks were up, Clint decided that it was time to make his move. And that's exactly what he did after the first archery team practice of the year.