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Chapter 14

Clint made his way down the empty hallway towards Bruce's classroom. Ten minutes had passed since the bell rang, dismissing the students from school for the day. Those who had remained behind were either out on the football field or in the library. Most of the teachers were in their individual classrooms, grading homework and tests alike. He knew that Bruce was still there; his car was still in the parking lot. And since Tony was keeping tabs on who would be coming and going while Clint talked to Bruce, there wasn't anything to worry about. In other words, he didn't have to worry about Loki or Ms. Ross conveniently interrupting them.

Bruce's classroom door was already halfway opened when Clint arrived. Peeking into the room, his blue eyes were automatically drawn to the science teacher, who was hunched over his desk, grading papers. He looked so forlorn and heartbroken that it made Clint's heart squeeze tightly. Pushing the door open further, Clint stepped inside the room, his eyes never leaving Bruce. Gently, he closed the door and locked it, the sound of which made Bruce look up.

There eyes locked, brown to blue, and the world faded away.

Everything that they had been through came flooding back with an almost violent force. Every kiss, every make out session, every hand and blow job…all of it came back as though Clint had just experienced them yesterday. The feel of Bruce's lips against his, how warm and strong his hands were, and how wonderful he made Clint feel nearly knocked him off his feet. Looking into Bruce's eyes, Clint saw home and a deeper love than he could have ever imagined or wished for.

"Hey…" he said lamely. Bruce took off his glasses and managed a very weak, very fake small smile.

"Hey. What're you doing here?" Hearing Bruce's voice made Clint's heart skip a beat. Oh, how he had missed hearing his man's voice.

"I came to talk to you." Clint stepped towards the desk. Bruce followed his every movement and knowing that gave him confidence that they weren't over for good, that Bruce would listen to what he had to say and would agree with him.

"About what?" Despite the bags under his eyes and the sadness etched on his face, there was a small light of hope in Bruce's brown eyes. It made Clint feel lighter than he had ever since they broke up.

"About us." Clint placed his hands on the desk and leaned in. He could smell Bruce's aftershave, the same one he always used, and it brought back memories. They had had a lot of good times and Clint hoped that they'd have even more after this was all done.

"What about us, exactly, Clint? I already told you-"

"Tony and I fixed it, Bruce." Clint's words shut the older man up real fast. The look of surprise made Clint smile, a real and genuine small, and he felt the urge to hug and kiss Bruce, to tell him that everything would be okay.

"What…? How did you…?"

"Well, thanks to the letter you wrote me, we knew that we'd have to erase those pictures off of Ms. Ross' phone permanently. So, Tony and I came up with a plan and they're gone for good." At that, Bruce visibly relaxed and Clint himself felt relieved. The science teacher slumped back in his chair and ran a hand over his face, a big smile breaking out across his features and making him look so handsome and gorgeous.

"Oh, thank God…" Clint was totally with him on that one. Thank God, indeed.

"We also found out who sent Ms. Ross those pictures," Clint spoke softly. Bruce looked at him, his body still, and a smile still tinting his face even though his eyes looked a bit concerned and surprised.

"You two really had your work cut out for you, didn't you?" Bruce asked him. Clint shrugged and sent Bruce one of his bad boy grins.

"Kinda. Tony's the one who actually figured it out, not me. That's why he asked me to go out on that date with Loki." At that, Bruce's brown eyes flashed with jealousy and possession. Not that Clint minded it. Actually, he liked it a lot and he wondered how it would affect Bruce in bed.

"Yeah, I, uh, I saw you two talking on the field…" Bruce trailed off and Clint felt a little guilty. It was only for a brief moment though. After all, he had only gone out with Loki because Tony had asked him to. He definitely wasn't interested in Loki and he never would be. There was only one man for him, and Bruce was it. He made his way around the desk and jumped up onto it, his ass crinkling the papers underneath it. Automatically, Bruce reached out to retrieve them, but Clint beat him to it and shoved them onto the floor.

"Sorry about that. I actually hated him being out there with me. I prefer you over him. And that date was awful, by the way. Never, ever doing that again." Clint gave Bruce a pointed look to make his case and the man nodded and flashed him his famous lopsided grin in response.

"Anyway, when Loki went off to the bathroom, Tony came down and went through his phone. Sure enough, the pictures were there and he got rid of them. Just like he got rid of the ones on Ms. Ross' phone. So, there's no evidence against us anymore."

Clint couldn't help but grin when Bruce's eyes raked over his body. God, how he had missed that sinful look of lust take over the dark eyes of his lover. It had been a while since he had properly made out with his boyfriend and Clint had missed it. Actually, he had missed Bruce in general. He hated being away from Bruce, he hated the fact that they broke up just because of those two assholes, and he hated knowing that Bruce had had to be the one to break them up. But now, though, there was nothing to stop them from being together.

"So, you're saying Loki was the one who sent Betty those pictures?" Bruce asked him. Clint nodded and leaned back on his hands, giving Bruce a good view.

"Yep. He thought if he did that I'd go out with him. For someone who thinks he's better than everyone, he's a real dumbass. I've never date that dumb fucker if I could help it." Bruce chuckled and stood up, leaning his arms on the desk. He was so close and his scent was so delicious and addictive and familiar that Clint nearly moaned out loud.

"Not that I'm the jealous type, but I definitely didn't like seeing that guy out there on the field with you." Bruce's face was so close to Clint's that their lips were almost touching. It was pure, unadulterated torture.

"Blame Tony. He's the ass who told me to go out with him. There's only one guy for me, and you're it, Brucie."

Before another word could be spoken between them, their lips slammed together in a rough and passionate kiss. A soft moan escaped Clint's lips as they kissed. He wrapped an arm around Bruce's shoulder, pulling him closer, while his other hand went for the dark curls he loved so much. Bruce's arms wrapped around his waist, bringing him even closer and rubbing their clothed erections together as though they had been apart for years. At times, it felt as though they had. God, how Clint had missed being so close to Bruce and being able to touch him and hold him and kiss him.

With his arms wrapped around Bruce's neck and his fingers twirling around his dark, curly hair, Clint pulled himself closer. His butt was almost completely off the desk, but he didn't care. There was only one thing he really cared about at the moment and that was the man he was kissing. Bruce's tongue prodded his lips gently and Clint happily complied and opened his mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance and, naturally, Bruce won. That was how Clint liked it, though. He liked having Bruce in charge; it was a major turn on for both of them. Moaning like a wanton whore, Clint trailed a hand down Bruce's chest, pinching his left nipple as he went, before he palmed the tent in the science teacher's pants. Bruce jerked in response and growled and Clint felt himself become even harder.

Clint jerked away from Bruce, nearly toppling off of the desk, when his phone went off, blasting Mutiny Within's Born to Win. He groped for it in his pocket, panting softly and his heart pounding in his chest, before pulling it out. It was a text for Tony and Clint shook his head, groaning. Bruce chuckled softly, his own pants sounding very heavy and husky, and he placed a tender kiss to Clint's forehead.

Time's up, Romeo. Ross is on her way.

"Shit," Clint swore softly. He jumped off the desk and started gathering up the papers he carelessly threw on the floor.

"What? What's wrong?" Bruce asked him as he bent down to help him. It didn't take long before they were gathered up and organized on the desk.

"Ms. Ross is coming. I gotta go. But, hey, can we have dinner or something at your place tonight?" Clint asked him, a smile on his face and his eyes filled with hope. Bruce smiled softly back at him and pressed a chastise kiss to his lips.

"I'd like that very much. Now, make yourself scarce before she gets here." Clint nodded and walked out of the classroom, but not before sending Bruce a flirty smile on his way out. Tony grabbed him by his sleeve and ushered him down the hall and to the right.

"Tony! Let go of me, you fun sucker." Tony sent Clint a grin and wiggled his eyebrows.

"If I would have let you stay in there, Ms. Ross would've seen you sucking something else," Tony said while he poked his head around the corner. Curious, Clint did the same and they saw Ms. Ross walk into Bruce's classroom. Groaning, Clint leaned against a locker and closed his eyes.

"Take it easy, Tiger. I doubt that Bruce will let her do anything. Now, c'mon. If we walk by the classroom like we're leaving, which we are because I need to go to the mall and you're coming with me, we can see what's going on." That made Clint feel a little better, so he grabbed his back pack and followed Tony's lead.

Bruce automatically tensed when he saw Betty walk into his classroom. He had just started grading his papers again when she entered the room. With just one glance at her, he could tell that she was furious. For a brief second, he thought about what Clint had told him and a feeling in his gut said that she wasn't here because he decided to complain about the soup today. Sitting back in his chair, he looked over the rim of his glasses and stared at her.

"Is there something I can do for you, Betty?" he asked her in a cold tone of voice. Why should he be nicey-nice when she had ruined his life?

"How did you do it?" Sitting back in his seat, Bruce stared at her obviously confused.

"Do what?" Well, Bruce wasn't being completely ignorant. The feeling in his gut told him that she had finally realized that the pictures on her phone were gone and that she thought he was involved. She wasn't completely right nor was she completely wrong. But she didn't need to know that.

"You know exactly what," she seethed and stalked over to his desk. Glaring down at him, Betty crossed her arms over her chest and tried to look intimidating. Bruce had seen worse, had done worse, so her attempt didn't really work. "The pictures of you and Clint are gone from my phone. It's like they never even existed! And they're gone from my associate's phone as well."

"You mean Loki?" Bruce folded his arms over his chest and gazed up at her with a neutral look. He watched Betty's body tense when he said Loki's name and he felt a small bubble of pride erupt in his chest.

"I…I don't know what you're talking about," she murmured. Bruce rolled his eyes and returned to finishing grading his papers.

"You should leave, Betty. And stop pestering me. You've done enough." Just as Bruce finished speaking, he saw Tony and Clint walk past his classroom. His boyfriend sent him an encouraging wink and smile before disappearing out of sight. Betty scowled and made her way towards the door.

"You're going to regret messing with me, Bruce. You'll see," she threatened him before she walked out of the room. Bruce watched her go before he went back to his work.

"That we will, Betty. That we will…" Bruce wasn't worried about it. He was confident that even if Betty and Loki took more pictures or did whatever they were going to do, that Tony and Clint could handle it. Maybe Bruce would give them a helping hand as well. If something ever happened like this again, he definitely would take matters into his own hands and that was something Betty might end up regretting.

It was Clint's eighteenth birthday at long last.

Thanksgiving had long since passed. Christmas and New Years had been over and done with too quickly for him and he missed having time off from school (especially because he'd play DDR when he got drunk with Tony on New Years. Steve didn't approve, but they were too drunk at the time to care). Days passed and the fall semester ended and brought the spring semester into full swing. It was a week after the new semester had started that Clint turned eighteen.

The morning of his birthday had been spent with his parents. They took him out to breakfast at his favorite diner, the one that served plate-sized blueberry pancakes and the most delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream, and had a nice time. When they got home, they had a little birthday celebration and handed Clint a few colorfully wrapped packages. He got a new phone, which he really didn't need since his was working just fine, but he accepted it with a big smile. Besides, it was one of the latest models and Tony would have fun installing shit and playing around with it until he was satisfied.

Later in the afternoon, Clint headed over to Tony's and they had their own little party. Steve was there and the three of them had one of those delicious Carnival ice cream cakes with the Oreo cookie crumbles in it (because who didn't love ice cream cake?). Tony and Clint drank a few bottles of Smirnoff before they played Mario Kart. No matter how old they'd get, they were both kids at heart and were competitive as hell. That made playing Mario Kart even better and much more amusing, especially when Steve tried and failed to keep them under control. Although the history teacher's heart was in the right place, he really didn't stand a chance against Clint and Tony.

Afterwards, Tony dropped Clint off at Bruce's house and he entered through the back door (just in case). Bruce gave him a tight hug and pulled him into the living room where they watched a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory before Clint's libido got a hold of them. Clint absolutely loved making out with Bruce on his couch, with the lights dimmed down low and the curtains drawn shut, shielding them away from the world and unwanted prying eyes. Eventually, they broke apart and made their way to the kitchen. Bruce cooked dinner while Clint watched, grinning mischievously as he watched his boyfriend work his way around the kitchen. He didn't know what was hotter: Bruce being smart or Bruce knowing how to cook.

The food was delicious, of course, but Clint had been hungry for dessert before they even began. Halfway through the meal, Clint stood up and dragged Bruce out of his chair and up the stairs to the bedroom. Once inside, clothing was stripped and torn from bodies and thrown all over the room. Hot, passionate kisses were exchanged and Clint wanted to feel Bruce, all of Bruce, around him, inside of him. That alone would make his birthday phenomenal. And he was, at long last, going to get his wish.

Above him, Bruce's dark eyes roamed all over his naked body, drinking every part of Clint in. Seeing those eyes shine with so much desire and love made Clint moan and ran a hand slowly down Bruce's chest, through his chest hair, to his stomach. Dear God, the man was handsome and gorgeous. And he wanted Clint more than anyone else.

"Are you sure about this?" Bruce asked him, his voice thick and heavy with want and need. Clint raised himself up on his elbows and pressed his lips to Bruce's in a rough kiss. Barely pulling away, Clint replied, his lips brushing Bruce's as he spoke.

"I'm sure, Mr. Banner," Clint spoke softly and grinned when he saw the older man shudder in pleasure at being called 'Mr. Banner'. "I'm all yours."

"All mine…" Bruce practically purred and kissed Clint as though his life depended on it.

Clint wouldn't have it any other way.