Not sure what's up with me today. I'm in a drabble kind of mood. Let me know what you think. Is this enough or do you want a full story? Would you like to hear more from Medusa or should I expand to drabbles on other characters?


Much love, Cat


Every day a little bit more of her old self slipped away. It was becoming more and more difficult to remember a time when men had called her beautiful, when she had felt beautiful. If anyone knew, they would probably accuse her of being as vain as ever, her punishment powerless in the face of her great pride. But that was not it. She'd gotten too used to the looks of fear and horror to think of herself as beautiful anymore. Sometimes she would study the stone figures, looking for a glimpse of understanding in their lifeless eyes. She looked in vain. No man would ever be able to look past the monster she had become.

The only ones she talked to now were her sisters, and the snakes. She sometimes thought she would go mad with the loneliness, and then with the voices. The dreadful hissing night and day… Over the years she had learned to interpret the sounds, used that knowledge to tame the creatures tethered to her scalp and stop them from trying to bite her. But they still tormented her. Sometimes she could swear they spoke to her, whispering evil thoughts in their sinister, unnatural voices. They wanted food but they also wanted violence. She found herself occasionally fighting the urge to lure someone into her and her sisters' presence. Yet her last shreds of humanity held her back. She wasn't sure how much longer she could resist.

When she lamented the loss of her old self, it was not her beauty she mourned, it was her humanity. Her greatest punishment was being robbed of the possibility for compassion. Even the unworthiest of mortals might expect pity from his fellows in spite of his crimes. She had lost even the ability to hope.