"Am I left behind? I think that Gintoki has already the interest in having a serious relationship. And Kagura has experience that mature people has which also means that she has someone special. Now I feel kinda suicidal today."

"Excuse me sir, but if keep staring and standing on my store's windows, you'll scare my customers away. Please leave the place if you have nothing to buy anymore," begged the old convenience store keeper while mopping the floor. Without a word, Glasses left the place with a hand full of goodies and ingredients. The store keeper felt a little guilty on what he did but there's nothing he can do.

The prickling heat of the sun doesn't bother the man who has the weight of the world. He knows that if he went back to Gintoki's place, he will be reminded of that thing again, but what can he do? He can't take away the groceries with him since it's from the odd job's money.

He mindlessly crossed the street without looking at the pedestrian signal. Cars start honking with a great speed and he didn't realize that he made it to the other side miraculously but he didn't snap out until he arrived at the odd jobs.

"I'm home," said Shinpachi with low spirit. He saw Kagura watching the television happily. Why does she look so happy? That's the question that popped into his mind.

"Welcome home Shinpachi!" greeted the girl.

"Whoa! That was well-mannered!" he murmured with a shocked.

"What?" asked Kagura.

"N-nothing," he quickly denied. "You look kinda happy. Mind if you tell me," said Shinpachi as he puts down the bag of goodies on the table. Seeing her like that made him a little lighter than earlier.

Kagura saw the goods on the table and reminds her of what happened yesterday which is the reason why she is happy today.

"I learned a new style on the sadist again. And you know what? HE CAME TO ME," she proudly said.

The world suddenly turned to black like he wants to get sucked to into a black hole and die there. He couldn't move a single muscle as a single sweat drop crawls behind his ear. Hey, glasses are you okay? Glasses? Since I (Author) can't call him loud because I only narrate this thing, he still froze like a preserved mammoth.

"K-Kagura…" he called with his face down. A liquid dropped from his face to the floor that might be his sweat or his tear.


"Did you enjoy it?" He asked with softer voice.

"Of course! That's why I'm happy," she replied with a brighter voice.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH! "He came running away with a speed of 120 mph, destroying the door and creating a trail of dust on the road bothering the passersby.

"This is not happening! This is not f**king happening!"


He hit someone that caused him to lose balance and hit his bottom on the ground. He didn't know that he's already at the market district.

"oi, oi. Careful where are you going Patsuan. What's wrong with you, running 120 mph!?" shouted the silver haired as he maintained his balance. Glasses rubbed his bottom in pain.

"Sorry1 sorry! I didn't no-" his voice died out when he saw that familiar face. "Ginsan. What are you doin-" his voice died out again when someone behind Gintoki approached him. She's not standing still; instead she's on a wheelchair. Her black shiny hair is neatly done and you still smell the fragrance of the shampoo she used.

"W- why are you together in this place?" he asked with a terrified look in his eyes. He can't believe on what he is seeing now.

Both looked away from Shinpachi like they are hiding or something to be embarrassed of. "Err… you see this is uhmm,"

"That's enough!" he demanded as he gestured to stop with his hand. He lifted himself to the ground and removed the dust from his clothes. "I'm done listening to your excuses! You didn't tell me everything from the beginning. I thought you'll trust me. How could you? Keeping these things from me. This is not fair," he said in a cold manner. He stepped backward in a disgusted and terrified look in his eyes.

"Y-you know what… I'm outta here. I-I hope y-you enjoy your moment. Sorry for disturbing you and being a nuisance," he said, controlling his anger before he dashed again.

There was a moment of silence between the two before she spoke a word. "Did he already know it from the beginning?" said Hinowa, still surprised from glasses reactions.

"That we're preparing for Tsukky's birthday party? I don't know. He's a weirdo anyway. Don't mind him."

He pulled out a piece of paper from his kimono and read it. It's a shopping list. "Now let's get started," he said as he hold and pushes the wheelchair. He remembered glasses again.

"He's a loud mouthed freak. I kept it from him. I don't wanna get the surprise to be spoiled," he said.

"Thanks for giving me a hand Ginsan. For exchange, do you wanna have a drink with Tsukky," said Hinowa with a smile on her face.

"No!" he shouted.

"What? This is your idea anyway," she replied.

"Well, I wasn't serious."

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