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She didn't know why she said it. She didn't need to hear the confirmation of what she suspected lay in his hazel brown eyes.

She was truly happy. Truly. Completely. She couldn't be happier if she tried. Dan was wonderful.

But there was a hunger in Chuck's eyes that she couldn't deny. It gave her delicious chills and made her feel warm, even if she'd batted him away with the concentration on their mission.

Still, she longed for the confirmation from his soft, velvety, full lips – that she wasn't desperate to touch, err- stare at – all of a sudden.

She tried to snap herself out of the haze his brief heated stare had put her under, but still, with Diana's planner clutched in her hand, she looked up at him and asked,

"You're still attracted to me?"

Chuck's eyes widened and he lost his breath. If he'd just had a drink, he thought, he would've choked on it right then.

Was he still attracted to her? Was she out of her mind? Of course he was still attracted to her. Had she seen herself lately? It was impossible for him not to be attracted to her. It always would be. If they were together right now he'd have her pressed up against the wall, one hand gripping her ass and the other wrapped up in her hair, threading through the thick, silky locks with his fingers as he kissed her until she couldn't breathe.

Because she was just too beautiful not to be touched absolutely everywhere.

But he didn't have the slightest idea how to voice these thoughts without overstepping his bounds, so he raised his eyebrows instead and sported an amused expression on his face.

She flushed.

"Right," she squeaked, quickly clearing her throat to cover up her flustered state.

He smiled smugly, satisfied that he'd gotten his point across.

"You're attracted to all women," she said bluntly, rolling her eyes as she finally opened the planner absorbing the sweat on her hands and started flipping through the pages. It was more of a struggle than she would have liked to admit to focus on what she was actually doing here with Chuck in her sitting room.

Her heart was suddenly beating faster, and she hated that it was so hard to control it.

Chuck frowned at first in response to her conclusion, but then continued smoothly,

"Not so much anymore," he said.

She lifted her eyes to his hesitantly.

"My preferences are more narrowed down than they were before," he confided, the brief heat back in his eyes. The seduction she hadn't heard for so long in his voice was now thickly laced in every word he spoke.

"Oh?" she inquired innocently, regretting soon after how much was goading him on, indirectly demanding he tell her how smitten he was with her and how much he desired her body.

The sexual tension building between them more by the second. It was bad how much she loved it. She fed off of his need for her.

"You have a type now?" she asked doubtfully, still with that hint of innocent curiosity.

"Mmm," he said, amused. "Petite, brown hair…brown eyes," he listed casually.

Then he paused and lowered his gaze to her legs, roving his eyes over them.

When his gaze returned to her face, it was a heated, fiery, lust-filled induced stare, and she almost gasped the from the sheer intensity of it.

"…fantastic legs," he purred.

She cleared her throat somewhat loudly, hoping it would shake her out of this intoxicating moment and cool her down enough to try and focus again on the task at hand – the scheming task, her original purpose in having him there with her.

"Well, it's good to know what you want," she murmured, pushing forward. "But you should know," she said with more confidence, an exciting idea coming to her mind. "There aren't a whole lot of Blair Waldorf's out there." She smiled sweetly, proud of herself for conquering him.

She thought.

He leaned forward though and for a moment she thought he would try to kiss her.

"Who said I was talking about you?" he countered, almost in a whisper.

She frowned and her eyebrows narrowed, infuriated as she straightened herself back to her initial position. So much for her confirmation. Well, that was fine. She didn't need it anyways. It wasn't like his opinion mattered to her.

"Let's just get on with this," she muttered, turning her full attention to the notebook that suddenly held her entire focus.

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