This is my first fanfic so take it easy on me

(Journalist narrator walks to what looks like a military airfield)

Airfield on the coast of USEA continent: February 27 2006

Some people told me I would never meet him but here I am; ready to meet the demon lord Cipher. But as I walk in this continent I have never been. I only know that this is the last place they saw the man I seek. But as soon as I stepped on the Airfield is saw the man coming out of the briefing room.

Cipher, former member of the Ustian air force. 6th air division 66th tactical fighter squadron. The demon lord of the round table. He currently is a member of the ISAF air force.

Cipher: War, it seems everywhere you go there's a threat of it. I came here just to fly friendly in a but when war broke out I was put into the air force. I was assigned to the 118th fighter squadron and took a new insignia of a ribbon. It seems as though these people also needed a hero. But I hope not to be considered as a hero as were doing what are job is. And that is to help save this country. If I don't I would fail a lot of people myself included. So it's always a lot of pressure but thats the thrill. And plus I love just being able to fly for a reason. It just feels right. Although I will never forget the Belkan War. I never forget about Pixy or PJ. I wonder if Pixy is still alive or if indeed he's dead, which I hope he isn't. Although, this does not seem bad, I mean ISAF seems to be a good force with good ideals. The enemy isn't pure evil either.

Narrator: I have a message for you. Pixy. He said "Hey buddy still alive and thanks friend, see you again" You know he's here in a volunteer in the army.

Cipher: Yes well. Thanks I am just thankful he's alive. Hm. Maybe we can cross paths again soon. Thank you. Now I must get ready. Tomorrow were on a dangerous mission at the Tango Line. We're in a air superweapon range so that just makes it harder but i've flown through worse. Thank you and maybe we'll meet again.

To be continued.