Title: And a Bottle of Wine - Part II & III

Author: bertas

Date Written: July/December 2012

Pairing: Severus / Harry

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 1750ish

Warnings: Slash - Sexual Situations - M/Preg

Summary: What happened in the Room of Requirements and what happens after Severus and Harry Leave.

A/N: Okay, so when I posted the first part of this on ffn I got a completely different reaction than I got here at Severus Sighs. One reviewer said that I should warn for non-con, as well as several comments about them being drugged. And while, I guess, I can see the points being made, I mean, they were both coerced into this situation and have consumed several potions. That being said, Harry and Severus still have free will (at least as much as I allow them) and they made their choice. They could have eaten the dessert and gotten out of the situation. Also Harry now has control of the room and they could open the door and walk out. Not to mention that they could just sit there and stare at each other for three days. But using any of those options would have made it a completely different story. Alright, rant over. Wow, I think that is the longest author's note I've ever written. *grin* Oh, and this hasn't been beta-ed so if you see anything glaring, let me know. I am posting this in honor of Severus's Birthday.

Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

bart II

As well as the last three days had gone, Severus had had a difficult time getting to sleep with a nagging worry about the various reactions to the end of his and Harry's forced cohabitation in the Room of Requirements. They probably could have left that evening but had decided to make certain the fertility potion was fully out of their systems by staying till morning.

Severus had been tasked by the Dark Lord to attempt to seduce and impregnate the Boy-Who-Lived. This was Voldemort's attempt to weaken the seventeen year old champion of the light.

The Headmaster had, surprisingly, insisted Severus attempt to carry out that task. He had explained that he thought it would, not only help Severus keep (or even improve) his place among the Death Eaters, but he also seemed to believe a child would spur Harry to quicker action in his quest to destroy Voldemort.

It was Severus belief that Voldemort planned, if he could not kill Harry while he was pregnant, to manipulate or order Severus to take the child away after it was born. He assumed that the Dark Lord would want to do whatever would hurt Harry more. Either by ensuring that the mangled corpse was found somewhere public, letting the fate of the child be left in question, or perhaps by dropping hints that he had taken the child to raise as his own heir. Keeping the child alive to use as leverage was also a possibility. All of these ideas made Severus uneasy. After all it would be his child too.

Severus was completely baffled by the Headmaster's willingness to go along with placing the boy in additional danger with a pregnancy. But then he rarely understood why the old man did most the things he did.

The seduction had in fact gone much better than Severus could have ever anticipated, although not quite as either Albus or the Dark Lord had wished. Especially since none of the potions they consumed actually compelled either of them to act. They merely lowered their inhibitions and the aphrodisiac was in fact one of the milder ones available. It wasn't like it had been served as a sauce for oysters, which would have turned it into a strong lust potion.

According to Severus' research, although the potion to facilitate it had been around for a long time and was not terribly difficult to make, male pregnancy was still quite rare. Part of the reason for this was that a pregnant wizard's magic would be needed to sustain the pregnancy. By the third or fourth month there would be very little left over for even simple things like lighting a fire or levitating a cauldron, let alone defensive spells which tended to take a bit more magical strength to begin with. Witches experienced this to a lesser extent, albeit usually only as a slight destabilization of their magic in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Severus was surprised to wake when Harry, who was spooned up tight against his back, began to kiss and nibble on his neck while pushing his way inside of him. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to moan or whimper. Harry had been inside him enough in the last three days that the lack of preparation was not really a problem. Unfortunately, Severus was becoming a bit sore. It had been a long time since he had taken a lover, and even longer since he had allowed anyone to dominate him the way Harry was doing. When he had told the boy it would be advantageous to be able to tell Albus and the Dark Lord that Harry was more aggressive than anticipated he had had no idea the boy would take it to heart. Harry was not only aggressive but apparently insatiable, as well as being an inventive and considerate lover.

Not that they hadn't taken time out to have lengthy and, surprisingly, intelligent discussions. They had, and on almost every topic under the sun. They had also had several pleasant meals. Severus also discovered that snuggling on the sofa, reading, conversing or just holding each other in front of the fire was in fact quite enjoyable. He was quite surprised to find himself enjoying the time spent with the young man. He almost wished they could continue their association after their time here was up.

Grasping the forearm that was wrapped around his chest, Severus let out a low groan. "Slowly Harry." he whispered as he pressed his arse back onto Harry's cock to encourage the leisurely pace he desired.

Harry chuckled and with another kiss to the back of Severus' neck ask, "I'm not hurting you am I?" He shifted, slowly thrusting as deep as he could.

"Such a lovely hurt." Severus panted before whimpering a little. He was intensely irritated when Harry stilled.

"Severus, if I'm hurting…?" he started to say.

"Damn it Potter," Severus hissed, "if you stop now, iI will hex you./i" He pushed back against the other man.

Harry chuckled but began to move again, thrusting gently. His hand slid down Severus' stomach to grasp the man's cock and he said, "You're doing most of the work anyway."

Severus fell into a rhythm, thrust into the hand and press back onto the impaling cock. As his pleasure increased so did his pace, until he tensed and groaned his completion. Harry thrust one last time as he too groaned softly and an orgasmic shiver rippled through his body.

Severus sighed as he relaxed bonelessly against the other man almost purring, "A truly superb way to be awakened." He smiled knowing the boy couldn't see it as he reached behind himself to lazily caress Harry's hip and thigh.

Harry hummed as he again kissed the back of Severus' neck. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said as he pulled Severus a bit closer holding him tightly. He didn't know if the man would ever let him hold him like this again. He hoped he would.

A few hours later, after eating a leisurely breakfast, bathing, or as Severus called it, 'cavorting' in the over sized tub, they dressed and left the Room of Requirements to go their separate ways. Severus went back to his potions lab and Harry, surprisingly, was sent to Headquarters, without the expected trip to the Hospital Wing.

Part III

Harry entered the potions class room early for his first class of the year. He hoped to be able to speak to the Potions Master before the rest of the class showed up.

It did, but then again, it didn't surprise him that he hadn't seen more than just a glimpse of or two of Severus since they had spent three days in the Room of Requirements together. He was shocked to find the door to the Potions Master's office ajar and to hear a strangled almost sob from within. Curiosity got the better of him and he pushed the door open enough to see Severus through a second door. He was half sprawled in front of the toilet in a tiny combination loo and wash room. Closing the office door quietly behind him, Harry hurried to Severus' side. Gathering the soft greasy hair into a club at the nape of Severus' neck, Harry supported the Potions Master through the remainder of the almost violent heaving.

Once Severus stopped retching Harry gathered the man close as he whispered, "Alright there Severus?"

Severus nodded against the boy's chest. "I believe this is considered…" he paused to take a deep breath, "normal."

Harry snorted, "If you say so." as he caressed Severus' jaw with the back of his fingers. "Doesn't mean I like seeing you sick." He added with a small frown.

It was Severus' turn to snort as he reluctantly pulled away from the warm embrace. "I do not believe you are supposed to be here, Potter." He frowned suspiciously as he asked, "Just how did you get in here?"

"I'm only a little early for class." Harry said with a little shrug and a soft half smile. "And you left the door open." He gestured to the door in question.

"I see." Severus sighed again as he realized he must not have closed it properly in his rush to the lavatory. He shifted as he prepared to rise, only he was unable to do so until Harry moved out of the way.

Harry seemed to notice this and reached over Severus to flush the toilet, then helped the man to stand as he backed partially into the office. Leaning on the door frame, he watched Severus in the mirror as the older man rinsed his mouth and washed his face.

"When you say, 'this is normal,' do you mean it worked?" Harry asked softly.

Severus leaned on the sink, water dripping from his nose and sighed yet again as he nodded. "Yes, I believe so." he replied tiredly.

Harry smiled softly as he picked up a towel and dried Severus' face. He then leaned up and kissed the taller man. When they parted Severus shook his head. "Potter, Harry we can't…" He shook his head even as his hand found its way into Harry's soft hair.

Harry snorted, "Nonsense. You have our baby in there Severus." He gestured at Severus abdomen. "Do you really think I would stay away?" He asked as he pulled Severus closer and ran his hand over the man's flat stomach. It was Severus turn to snort again. Before he could say anything Harry said. "I know it's the first day of classes but give me detention for tonight, so we can talk. Okay?"

Severus frowned slightly but inclined his head. "Class will be starting soon, I will be in, in a moment." Harry smiled and kissed Severus softly on the lips again before leaving the room.

Severus couldn't help the small smile that settled on his lips as he realized the young man intended to continue their relationship and that Harry had called the child, 'ours' instead of something more personally possessive. He made a mental note to procure a few more bottles of the wine he and Harry had shared during that first dinner in the Room of Requirements. Although this time, he would insure that they were potion free.

He was still smiling slightly when he allowed the door between his office and the class room to slam closed behind him. He was quite gratified by the looks of terror on most of the faces in the class.

A/N: I think that may just be a good place to say 'the end' as I don't think there will be any more of this. Let's assume that they off Voldy and live happily ever after while raising a brood big enough to rival the Weasleys. *grin*

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