Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The city sounds flood my senses. It's hard to focus on the scent of flowers I was following. I hear sirens and quickly turn down an alley. I wasn't in the mood to get in trouble.

I rely on hearing and scent in the dim light. I wouldn't be able to see, so I would have to be careful.

I'm almost out of the alley when something trips me.

I stumble into the street, right into a cop. I grunt and try to get away before he notices but he quickly turns around and grabs my arm.

"Hey! What are you doing!"

Other cops begin swarming around, dragging me towards a prison van.

I yell and pull, but the cops overpower me.

Suddenly, white flashes before my eyes and knocks the cops away. Blood explodes as many of the cops fall dead to the ground as my savior kills them. The last guard falls and my savior stands in front of me. A little smile crosses my lips when I see who it is.

It was a white wolf with amber eyes.

"You're a wolf too. " I throw away my human disguise and become who I really am. A jet black wolf with blue eyes.

The white wolf stands straight. "So are you," he pants. "What did you do to get them all over you?"

I sigh. "Nothing. They probably think I'm in one of the gangs. I heard the sirens so they probably raided one of the nobles' food sources. "

"Hmm. My name's Kiba. What's yours?"

I hear yelling farther back. The sirens blare louder as the cops advance.

"How about we save the introductions for later unless you want to get caught. Follow me!"

I run past Kiba and begin to lead the way to my little home. It usually only takes a minute but dodging cops makes it take longer.

We finally reach the abandoned hospital. I lead Kiba to the hole in the side and up the old steps. We finally reach the room with my bed. I stand over it, catching my breath.

"So who are you now?" Kiba comes to stand beside me.

"The name's Akiela."

"How long have you been here for?"

I look at Kiba and groan.

"Five years maybe? I know I was living elsewhere before I came to Freeze City. "

Silence settles between us.

Kiba's the first to break it.

"What made you come here?"

"Well, we came here because we were lost outside. Nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep. We also smelled the lunar flowers. "

Kiba tilts his head a little. "We?"

I chuckle. "I almost forgot to say I'm not alone."

"Who's with you?"

"A wolf from my old pack. He was always like a brother to me, but now he's kinda gone mad. His green eyes are blacker now and he growls at everything. "

He doesn't talk for a few seconds.

"Where is he?" He finally asks.

I let out a depressed sigh. "He died three nights ago. I've been alone since. His name was Kiya, one of the bravest wolves anybody could meet. "

My sorrow makes me want to howl, but I keep my jaws shut. Behind me, I hear Kiba move closer to me. He lays his tail on my back in a comforting gesture.

"You aren't alone now. You have me. "Kiba becomes silent for a few moments. "Would you like to come to help find my pack? I know they're here, but I shouldn't search alone. "

I remain silent. My eyes stay fixed to the bed Kiya always slept in. His scent still lingered, but his body was sloppily buried behind the hospital.

"Akiela? Is everything ok?"

"Yes. I'll go. "My voice is barely above a whisper.

"What?" Kiba leans closer.

"I'll go with you. I'll help you search for your pack. "

I turn my head to look at Kiba. A smile is on his now human lips. His light blue eyes shine with joy as his dark brown shaggy hair dances in the light breeze. He holds at a hand to me. I become human again. I push my black hair behind my ears and take his hand. My hand, though small, fits perfectly in his hand. I give him a smile as he begins to lead the way back out and into the big city.

At that moment, I knew my life would never be the same again.