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Wolf's Rain ff
Chapter 5
Dazed, I follow Kiba back into the hospital room where the other wolves waited.
"Akiela what's wrong?"
I ignore them and keep going up some stairs to a hole in the roof. From there I jump up and scramble onto the roof. Immediately I'm gusted by a strong cold breeze. It ruffles my fur in all directions.
I growl as I head over to another section of the roof. I leap up there, just barely making the jump. I lay down on my side and look into the city's dim distance.
'So Kiba was from my pack. He must've been the other pup that survived. That means I wasn't crazy. If only Kiya was here and he could see. '
I flatten my ears. 'No Kiya's gone now. I have to fend for myself. But now I got this pack and I can go with them to Paradise. We have Cheza now. So all we have to do is wait. '
I prick my ears when I hear paw steps on the roof. They were heavy paw steps. I knew it wasn't Blue or Hige. They'd be busy eating or cuddling. And I doubt it was Kiba after what just happened. That just left Tsume.
I peek my head over the edge of the loft and see his figure standing near the end of the roof.
" I know you're up there," he growls.
"So? I came up here first. You followed. " I jump down and approach Tsume.
"I needed fresh air. This hospital smells like shit."
I huff. "Yeah I know. I've lived here for a long time now. Kiya always liked it because it was hidden. "
"You keep mentioning this Kiya. Was he your brother or something?" Tsume looks over his shoulder, his yellow eyes piercing.
"No. He was like a brother. But he was a friend. He protected me and cared for me like a brother because his whole family died. He was adopted by my pack and decided to protect me the moment he met me. "
Tsume grunts. "Sounds like some wolf. "
"He was. "
Silence settles between us then I remember the talk with Kiba.
"Hey, Tsume. What happened to your pack? You never talk about it. Kiba said you were once a part of a pack until something happened. "
Tsume growls and lunges toward me but I quickly react and jump out of the way, ramming my side into a ledge. I howl from the sudden impact but jump back away to prepare for an attack.
Just in the nick of time, Tsume tries to strike again but I slide under him and wait till he lands before I jump on his back. I bury my teeth in his shoulder blades.
"Get off you bastard!" Tsume snarls and tries to fling me off but after his name calling I dug in my claws as well.
I flick my ears back when I hear voices nearing. I let go of Tsume. As I do he throws me across the roof like a rag doll.
I land with a heavy grunt. Slowly I begin to stand up but my left hind leg can't hold my weight anymore. I collapse back to the roof and watch as Tsume approaches with a fierce snarl on his face and blood running down his sides.
"You are going to die and burn in hell!" Tsume's about to go for my throat but Kiba appears and tackles him to the ground.
"Tsume! What are you doing attacking her?"
I stand on my three good legs and watch the two males wrestle until Kiba pins Tsume down, his left paw on his neck.
"It doesn't concern you so back off!"
"Doesn't concern me?! You're attacking a wolf in your pack! "
Tsume growls and wiggles under Kiba trying to get free. Suddenly he bites Kiba's foreleg.
Kiba jumps back howling as Tsume jumps up, trying to attack Kiba again but Hige appears and blocks the gray wolf.
"What the hell's going on?!"
Tsume growls while I just stare there watching the big wolves.
"Tsume was attacking Akiela. He would've killed her if I didn't show up. "
Hige looks at Tsume.
"I don't need to answer to you, Porky. "
Tsume shoves past Hige and disappears back into the hospital. Hige glances at Kiba then me.
I shake my head. Hige looks back to Kiba who motions for him to leave. We both watch the brown wolf vanish till Kiba turns to me.
"So what was that about?"
I turn around and limp back to my spot and clumsily jump back up.
"It was nothing. I just mentioned his pack and he went all crazy on me. "
I flop down then turn around to try and inspect my left hindleg.
Kiba sighs as he jumps up with me. Before I can object he begins gently licking my leg where I must've gotten shot earlier. I lay my head back down and relax at his rhythmic strokes. Slowly my eyes close and my breathing slows to a steady pace. After Kiba finishes my leg he moves closer and licks my head and cheek.
I startle him when I growl.
"What's wrong?" He asks sounding concerned.
"Thanks for cleaning my wound but you don't need to try cleaning my face," I growl.
Kiba backs away. "S-sorry. Aren't you going to come back inside? You're going to get cold. "
I huff. "I used to sleep up here all the time. I won't get cold so stop mothering me. "
Kiba looks taken aback by my remark. "Fine. I'll send someone up when it's time to leave. "With that, Kiba leaves.
I continue to lay on my side, glancing up at the moon behind the city's dome. I close my eyes again and sigh before I fall asleep.