Ch. 3 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

"You lied to me!" Grumpy yelled. The dwarfs crowded around the fallen Snow White, tears streaming down their grimy faces. "She killed Snow, she killed Snow!" he screamed hysterically, pointing at me.

"Never trust a princess," I advised, laughing the same evil laugh my mother always used when she had won. And this time, we both had.

As I raced through the rain, little footsteps trailed behind me. "Look at me you Witch, look at what you left behind!" Grumpy roared.

I turned to face him, and he looked different somehow. "You have stolen something from me, that no matter how hard you would ever try, you cannot give back. One day, you'll regret taking from the innocent and you'll be vulnerable, and on that day I will come back for you," he vowed and then he walked away.

In the presences of The Queen I announced the news we've been waiting for since I could ever remember. Everything around me seemed to slow down as the words rolled off my tongue. "Snow White is dead My Queen."

I felt on top of the world, as The Queen squealed in delight. For once I was enough for her, a daughter she was proud of as I stood next to her and the mirror. My mother wanted to share this moment with me, of her being victorious at last.

"Would you like to do the honors?" The Queen asked.

"Yes," I said. My hands were shaking, but my voice was steady as I asked, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

I stepped back and The Queen stood up taller, ready for the mirror's response.

"You are, My Queen," said the mirror.

But instead of my mother's, my face was in the reflection of the mirror.