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Chapter 1

He hated Boston almost as much as he hated Seattle, though it could be that he just hated to be at this conference. In his opinion it was just a waste of time. Why should he talk to these ass-kissing people anyway? They were no surgeons, they probably hadn't understood one word he'd said. But Webber had told him that they needed to send one surgeon from Seattle Grace to this conference every year and this year he had been the one who had to bite the bullet. But talking to some managers in suits who didn't know a damn about medicine made him want to smack his head against the wall. They needed the research money. He knew that. But it didn't mean that he had to like it.

She knew it hadn't been her fault. They did everything they could but it hadn't been enough. They'd lost the patient and no matter how often it happened Lexie would never get used to it. It shook her to her core every time, and today was just one of those days. One of those days were she understood why her father had tried to find solace in drinking. She needed to numb the pain. Alcohol seemed to be the best choice.

She didn't have a boyfriend, she couldn't even remember the last time she had sex. She just wasn't the type to mix her personal and professional life. So someone from the hospital was out of the question. Considering her insane work schedule, meeting men was pretty difficult. A few years ago she had been out a lot, hitting bars and night clubs almost ever night she hadn't been on call. But she was thirty-two now and most of the times she was just too tired to go out.

Today was an exception. She didn't know why she had felt the urge to put on a dress and go to an impersonal hotel bar all by herself. Losing a patient just made her realize once again that her life could be over every day. Like Joan's. You just had to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and all could be over.

She was thirty-two with no man in her life and she felt a small fear rising up in her chest that she would never find the right one with whom she could share her life, maybe start a family. Shaking her head over her pathetic thoughts, she gulped down the Tequila shot in front of her, ordering immediately another one.

He picked up his glass and swirled it around so that the brown liquid sloshed against the glass. Maybe he should just go back to New York, reopening his private practice. He was no teacher. Interns and residents, especially interns, annoyed the hell out of him with their stupidity. He had to admit there were a few exceptions but in his opinion they just proved the rule and they never chose Plastics. Like Grey who chose Neuro, Yang who chose Cardio and Karev who chose Peds. It seemed as if all the idiots landed in Plastics and he was tired to put up with them.

Maybe it was really time to go back. He came to Seattle because of Addison and Derek. Addison who he'd thought he loved. He wasn't so sure about that anymore. She went to Los Angeles anyway. And Derek. Well, Addison and his betrayal ruined their friendship forever. They couldn't go back. He tried but it just wasn't the same anymore. Derek was happy with Meredith and he was only the fifth wheel.

As she knocked down the third shot of Tequila, she suddenly caught some movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head. As her eyes fell on the man sitting at the other end of the bar, the warning bells shrilled up in her ears. She wouldn't be surprised if red lights would blink up in her eyes any second.

She didn't know why but she knew the moment she saw him that she wanted him. She wanted him so badly and after the day she just had she just didn't care. It was a bad idea but she didn't care that he was a complete stranger. She didn't care that she wouldn't see him again. She just wanted to have sex. Wanted to forget for one night how cruel real life could be.

She had to admit that it had been a while that she'd laid eyes on such a handsome man. He was definitely a few years older than she but his salt and pepper hair and the scruff on his face made her stomach clench and she threw all caution to the wind. This man was definitely one-night stand material.

She would go to the front desk and take a room. If he would be still sitting at the bar when she came back she would try to make eye contact, see if there would be a spark. If there was, she would just be blunt, more blunt than she had ever been before in her life and would just go over to him and slip him her room key. If he really didn't want to he would just ignore it. Before she could lose her courage she slipped from the bar stool, grabbed her purse and walked briskly towards the front desk.

Mark gulped down the rest of his scotch, welcoming the burn of the alcohol down his esophagus. He wondered when exactly he had become such a pathetic individual. He was Mark Sloan. He should just go back to the man he was before Addison. Sleeping around aimlessly in his free time, being a genius in his professional life. Much easier anyway.

Maybe he should start right now. Maybe he could find a woman right here and there who would join him for the night. Searching the bar with his eyes, he stopped when he saw a woman entering the room. Looking her up and down, Mark nodded inwardly. Definitely a candidate. The plain dark dress hugged her figure, her dark brown hair fell down in waves on her shoulders. When she walked to the other end of the bar, he checked out her ass. From a scale of one to ten it was at least a nine. He hadn't seen a ring on her finger what would make it a lot easier. She was definitely worth a try.

Lexie sat down on the same stool she'd been sitting on before, signaling the bartender that she wanted another shot. When he put it down in front of her, she downed it without hesitation. Taking in a deep breath, she turned her head to start her 'project'.

A jolt went through her whole body when her eyes met his immediately. She hadn't expected that he would look in her direction. But he did, his blue eyes boring into hers and her mouth went dry when his lips curved up into a smile.

She hesitated for a few seconds, the experience she saw in his eyes and in his whole posture making her wonder if she should spend the one night she was feeling adventurous with an obvious pro. But at least he wouldn't be a disappointment. No, Lexie decided as she looked him up and down, he would definitely not be a disappointment.

As she lifted her gaze to his face again he flashed her a grin, obviously amused by her scrutinizing gaze and Lexie smiled back, deciding in a split second that life was too short to over think every step of the way.

Seeing her gaze wandering down his body, Mark's grin broadened. This was going to be easier than he'd thought. He was certain that she wanted him, judging by her hungry gaze. A few more drinks and she would drop into his bed. But when she suddenly stood up and put her room key beside his hand as she walked out of the bar, he caught even him by surprise.

He hadn't expected something like this. He didn't even have to use his charm. Looking after her as she left the room with swaying hips, Mark had to smile appreciatively. It had definitely been a great move. Very blunt and very convincing. He would definitely take her up on her offer.

As she closed the door behind her, she exhaled a shuddering breath. She had just given her room key to a complete stranger but she didn't feel scared. She felt excited and strangely energized. She didn't know if he would come but it didn't matter. She would never see him again, though she would be disappointed if she couldn't have one night with him.

Sighing deeply, she shook her head and slipped out of her heels. There was still the full mini-bar if he'd decided to stay away. She was already on the way to the bar as she heard the card in the door and her heart began to flutter as she leaned against the couch, her eyes glued to the door, waiting for him to enter.

As he slipped the key card in and opened the door he asked himself if he was completely insane now. She could be some serial killer. She could have accomplices in her room who would knock him down and rob him. But he stepped in nonetheless and his eyes immediately locked with hers as she was leaning against the couch, her arms crossed over her chest, a satisfied smile on her face. She pushed herself away from the couch and walked slowly towards him, stopping only a few feet in front of him.

"Just sex. One night. No talking."


He was gone when she woke up the next morning and Lexie felt relieved, though a small part of her was disappointed that he didn't try to talk to her at all. That he hadn't been interested in finding out her name. Maybe the sex had been so insanely hot because of it. Lexie closed her eyes and groaned out loud when flashes from the last night popped up in her head. His hands roaming over her whole body, his mouth making her writhe under him. The surge of pure pleasure that cursed through her body as he finally plunged into her.

This night had been insane. Insane in every aspect. Normally she needed to know the man she had sex with to have a truly satisfying experience. The only one-night stand she'd had in her life had been a major disappointment. But this? This man had turned her world upside down. For one night. She knew that it was over. Even if she wanted to she would never see him again. But she would probably never forget this night.


Mark had lost count of the number of women he'd slept with a long time ago but not one of them had been like her. She'd been the first woman he'd followed to a room without even talking to her. He hadn't even flirted with her. Not really. Of course he'd wanted her the moment she walked into the bar, but before he could even try to make a move she'd already given him her room key and of course he couldn't stay away.

He was glad that he didn't. It had been one of the best sex he'd ever had and looking at his experience that meant a lot. The reason for the extremely passionate night he'd spent with her was probably the complete immunity. He didn't even know her name. The connection he'd felt had only been a figment of his imagination, caused by the rush of desire. It was only a one-night stand anyway. He would never see her again. She was just another woman on his list.


Four weeks later

Lexie pressed her head against the toilet seat, her damp hair was plastered against her temples and she gulped in air, trying to suppress the urge to throw up again. It couldn't be. It was impossible. They used a condom and she had an IUD. What were the odds that both failed?

This was a nightmare. She knew nothing about him. She didn't even know his name. She let her control slip for one night and she got punished for it. She was late and she just threw up into the toilet the moment she woke up. She prayed that she'd just caught the stomach flu and that she was late because of the stress she'd been in lately. Destiny couldn't be so cruel. She couldn't be pregnant from a complete stranger after spending only one night with him. It was impossible. Absolutely impossible.

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