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Chapter 11

"Six months, Sloan. And you didn't even come visit once. How dare you?"

Mark swirled around, a big grin splitting up his face as he reached for the woman standing in front of him and pulling her into a hug. "Lucy! What are you doing here?"

"Checking up on you." Lucy mumbled against his neck. "On both of you! Where is Seth?"

"Beautiful woman, how awesome of you to grace us with your presence." Seth's voice echoed through the corridor and Mark rolled his eyes and stepped back before Seth would push him out of the way to engulf Lucy.

"Uncle Seth!" A voice sounded around the corner a second before a boy rushed into the corridor. "You promised ..."

He stilled for a second as he saw the group in front of him before he grinned and raced forward, throwing himself against Mark's legs. "Dad!"

Mark smiled and leaned down, scooping him up in his arms and turning around, he pointed towards Lucy. "I want you to meet a friend of mine from Seattle. Christopher, this is Lucy."

Christopher stretched his hand out and shook Lucy's vigorously, the grin on his face matching the one on his father's.

"And that's my Dad!" He said loudly, wrapping his arms around Mark's neck and leaning his head on his shoulder.

"I can see that!" Lucy said. "Nice to meet you!"

"How long are you staying?" Seth asked.

"Until Sunday." Lucy replied. "And I actually just wanted to say hello. I'm apartment sitting for a friend and you are all invited to dinner tonight. So I'm off grocery shopping. See you all and your respective others at six."

She patted Mark on the cheek and gave Seth a curt hug before she rushed down the corridor and disappeared around the corner.

"She didn't even ask if we have time." Mark shook his head.

"It's Lucy." Seth chuckled. "Since when does she ask? She just assumes you'll make time for her."

"True!" Mark stated. "But I could have been working tonight."

"She'd probably checked all your schedules beforehand. You know her."

"Yeah!" Mark grinned. "I know her."


"Will we ever get tired of looking at them?"

Lexie turned her head, her mouth curling up into a smile as she replied. "I don't think so, Roger. I think we are screwed."

"I wanted to have the talk with you two but I can see it's not necessary."

"What talk?" Lexie asked, swirling around, noticing after voicing the question that she had never seen the woman standing in front of her before.

"To make sure that my boys over there wouldn't get hurt and that you two have to deal with me if that should happen. But I can see I don't have to worry."

"Who are you?" Roger asked impatiently.

"Oh, sorry." Lucy chuckled. "I'm Lucy. I know Mark and Seth from Seattle."

"Sure!" Lexie replied, smiling broadly. "So nice to finally meet you."

"Seth and Mark have told us a lot about you." Roger said, shaking her hand, a frown suddenly appearing between his brows. "But what were you talking about?"

"You ... Roger, right?" Roger only nodded and Lucy continued. "You look as if you worship the floor Seth is walking on."

"And you, Lexie ... I can call you Lexie, can't I?"

"Of course." Lexie mumbled, a little overwhelmed by Lucy's exuberant persona.

"You don't look at Mark much different." Lucy clasped her hands together, grinning from ear to ear. "They finally found the right persons."

She swirled around and walked away, turning around sharply before she reached the corner. "Oh, and by the way. Dinner at my apartment. Six o'clock."

"Aehm?" Roger stared at the corner Lucy had just disappeared around, shaking himself out of his stupor a second later. "What was that?"

"We just survived a human tornado, I guess." Lexie said slowly, meeting his gaze and both started to laugh.

"What are you two laughing about?" Mark stepped behind them, Christopher still on his arms.

"We just met Lucy." Roger replied.

"That explains the laughing fit." Seth said, putting his arm around Roger's shoulder and pulling him close.

"Will we survive dinner?" Lexie asked carefully and Mark let out a chuckle.

"We will survive it. Don't worry."

The dinner was actually a pleasant event. A lot of laughing and joking. Everyone enjoying themselves. Lucy was an amazing host and it was after midnight before they finally went home.

Sunday was there in a heartbeat and Lucy drove off, her hand waving out of the car until she turned around the corner and everyone let out a deep breath. They all liked her, for Mark and Seth she was like family but it was good to be able to get back to normal. She had given both, Mark and Seth, her blessings and that was all she had come to New York for anyway.


"Roger?" Seth stopped in front of the couch, looking down at his partner.

"Yeah." Roger replied absentmindedly.

"I love you."

"Hmm?" He turned the page over, completely engrossed in whatever he was reading.

"Would you put the book away for a second please?" Seth said slightly amused.

It took a few seconds until Roger looked up from his book, his mouth falling open as he saw Seth kneeling on one knee in front of him, holding a velvet box in his hand.

"I love you. I do. I love you." Seth told him, snapping the box open and revealing a simple silver band. "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me."

"You ... I ... but ..." Roger stuttered, staring at him as if he had grown a second head, speaking with a hoarse voice. "You want to marry me?"

"Roger Carmichael, would you give me the honor to be my beloved husband?" Seth repeated the question.

"Look what you did!" Roger scolded, wiping a tear away from his cheek. "Now I'm crying! How pathetic is that?"

"Is that a yes?" Seth asked, a grin tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Yes! It's a yes!" Roger croaked out, leaning forward and pulling him up and on the couch, pressing his mouth against his, giving him a passionate kiss. "God, Seth. I love you. Of course I want to marry you."

"You just made me the happiest man on this planet!" Seth rasped, trailing his finger down Roger's cheek. "I love you, Roger. I love you so much."


"Is he asleep?" Mark asked, walking quietly towards the couch.

"Yeah, he fell asleep already after the first pages."

"Should I carry him to bed?"

"No, just let him sleep here for a little while."

He sat down beside her, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close and Lexie laid her head on his shoulder, letting out a contented sigh. They stayed silent for a very long time before Lexie said softly.

"Did Seth already talk to you?"

"About what?" Mark replied quietly, so Christopher wouldn't wake up.

"Being his best man?"

"They are getting married?" Mark asked surprised.

"Yes, they are." Lexie let out a soft chuckle. "I'm going to be Roger's maid of honor."

"Isn't it a little fast?"

"If it's the right one you know right from the beginning!" Lexie explained, turning her head to look him in the eyes. "Wasn't it the same with us? Even if we didn't realize it at the time?"

"Yes. Yes it was." Mark replied, pressing a kiss against her forehead.



"Move in with us?"

"You sure?" He leaned back, looking down at her, searching her eyes for any doubts.

"I'm sure." Lexie said firmly, giving him a soft smile. "I love you. You are Christopher's father. We should look for a home where we can all live together."

"White picket fence and all that?" Mark joked.

"Yes. And a dog." Lexie replied, grinning back, her smile faltering a little bit as she continued. "Oh, and by the way. I went to see my lawyer."

"About what?"

"Making your paternity legal. I didn't know your name so I couldn't put it on the birth certificate and we are not married." Lexie inhaled a deep breath before she added. "But I want you to be his father. In every way."

"Maybe we should just get married." Mark stated and Lexie huffed out.

"That's one romantic proposal."

"Do you want to get married?" Mark asked cautiously, not wanting to push her into a corner by asking that question.

"I love you, Mark. And yes, one day I want to get married." Lexie replied, brushing her fingers over his cheek. "But let's live together first. Maybe we will rip each other's heads off."

"Won't happen." Mark said firmly.

"Here. Take a look at the papers. I ..." Lexie hesitated for a second before she continued. "I don't know if you want him to have your name too. I didn't think about it."

"Lex, it's okay. I don't need him to have my name. But if we get married some day ..."

"When we get married." Lexie interrupted him, throwing him a smile.

"When we get married and you might decide to take my name ..."

"We'll ask Christopher if he wants to be a Sloan too." Lexie interjected again.

"So you want to be a Sloan?" Mark asked softly.

"Yes! Dr. Lexie Sloan. Sounds great." She lifted her hand and pulled his head down to her, pressing her lips against his. "I'm so glad you came to New York. I missed you all those years even though I didn't know you at all."

"I didn't realize how much I missed you until I saw you again." Mark spoke, leaning his forehead against hers.

"Hmm! Maybe we should have a double wedding?"

"Are you proposing?" Mark asked teasingly.

"No!" Lexie chuckled. "You are not getting out of proposing to me! I'm not making it that easy for you."

"Of course not."

She leaned back against his shoulder, closing her eyes, a smile grazing her lips. She didn't need a marriage certificate and a ring on her finger to be happy with him. But one day she would like to marry him.

But it didn't need to happen right now. Everything was perfect. She had everything she ever wanted. She was perfectly happy.

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