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Sana awoke to darkness. She moaned. It was hard for her, only to imagine what was what.

"Sana!" Her mother yelled. "Finally, you're awake!"

"How long have I've been out."

"A month. The damn press is making a big deal out of it. But no one knows what hospital you're at, only Rei and I know."

"oh, good" She simply said, and went into the darkness again.

"And for today, Dan Radio Broadcast is happy to say that today's guest will be the one and only, Sana Kurata!"


"So, Sana, is it true?"

"What is?"

"That you have a secret lover?"

"Ah, that? No, he's just a very good friend."

"Well moving on, what about the accident?"

"Which one?"

"So you're saying both are true?"

"Um, I guess, ahaha."

"Tell us about both of them."

"Well it'll take a while."

"We have enough time."

"And what I'm going to say is going to be very shocking and I do not want sympathy! It happened and I love my life now."

"Whatever happened must be big, so please tell our listeners what they want to know."

"Well the one with the stairs happened a while ago. I was working on an ad when my eyes started to get blurry, but I thought nothing of it. I went to the restroom during my break and it was out of order. SO I went up to the upper floor restrooms. Coming down the stairs, my eyes got blurry. That was when I tripped. After that fall, it affected my life very much. I lived with the consequences, and even now I continue to. After meeting Tamachi and Seiji, my life was okay. But living with it…I distanced myself with everyone, and just imagined. I am living in darkness now and will probably continue doing so."

"What happened that day…?"

"I'm sorry, but I decided to tell everyone the truth. To everyone, I am sorry I kept this to myself. I hope you can forgive me."

"Please Sana, don't cry. Do you want to continue?"

"Yes, I have too."

"Please continue."

"After that day, my entire life changed. I distanced myself from friends and work. I can only imagine now. What happened that day…really is hard for me to handle. That day I woke up in the hospital, I was informed to having anemia. Its symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, paleness, coldness, weakness, rapid heart rate, and chest pains. Also due to it, I also have panic attacks. I also was informed to have…temporary…blindness.

"I was okay with it at first. It was only temporary. That was when I met Tamachi, who helped me. I then became frustrated because after a while the doctors didn't know if it was temporary. I was stuck in darkness. Only to imagine the sky, clouds, moon, stars, sea, and such. Only imagining. Then I met Seiji. I meet him and we got into an argument. I recall how it went, as if it happened yesterday. I told him of it. Then I broke down crying. I cried because I knew that I couldn't see the sky, the stars, or anything. I cried because it happened to me. I cried in his arms as he tried to comfort me. Then, a few months later, I decide to tell everyone. Which was supposed to be two months ago…? I was using a cane that day, wanting to learn on my own.

"It was only then that I had accepted the fact that I was blind. I mean Kami-sama wanted it for me, to see who my real friends are. I admit I had an incident and that caused me to just withdraw myself from everyone. I was depressed. I still am but I'm managing."

"Thank you, Sana, for your story."

Hayama couldn't believe it. All this time Sana couldn't see anything. It explained why she always had a blank look and she was always holding onto that guy. The girl that he loved needed him. She was crying out to him with those blank eyes and he never noticed. Then she just stopped talking to everyone but those guys, all because he couldn't answer to her pleas. He was blinded (AN: no pun intended .) and now she probably didn't want him in her life now. What was he going to do?

OH! Finally! Akito has seen the truth!