The sun was just rising over a now pro-tree city named Thneedville. It was a time where the nite shift hadn't quit ended, but the morning shift hadn't quit started either. Even children who always got up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons also were still sound asleep. It seemed almost everyone in town was still in a deep state of slumber.

That was, of course, except for a certain mother of the boy who had brought Truffula trees back into existence.

Her name was Helen Wiggins, and she was currently leaning over her kitchen counter looking out the nearby window. She was wearing a pink bath robe with a cup of freshly made coffee in her favorite green mug. The curly brown-haired women was currently looking out to the spot where, just two months earlier, the oak-a-matic artificial tree was standing proudly with it's fake leaves and disco feature which she had adored so. But, now in it's place, stood a mid-sized pink Truffula tree surrounded by patches of actual growing green grass. Don't get her wrong, she was glad nature was finally coming back, but...she just missed dancing to the other tree's lights and music.

It's almost scary how much has changed in so little time. Helen thought as she took a sip from her green mug.

And this was true. Thneedville had gone from a plastic paradise to a nature-loving utopia almost over nite once they saw the remains of the previous Truffula forest. In addition to replacing all fake trees with real ones; the towns people also tore up plastic lawns to make way for grass. The people also down-graded many cars plus closed quit a number of buildings so pollution sent into the air was cut down dramatically, made sure O'Hare Air was closed down permanently, (much to the fury of the former mayor - emphasis on former) and had taken to self-reliance without the help of so many machines and other devises they had come to know pretty quickly.

Just as Helen got into thought; someone walking into the kitchen pulled her out of it.

"Hey mom." her son Ted, (his full name was Theodore, but he seemed more comfortable being called Ted) who was surprisingly not dressed in his pajamas and in his regular stripped T-shirt with jeans for it being a Saturday morning, greets as he took a seat at the nearby kitchen table.

"Well, your up early for a Saturday." Helen observes, walking over and taking a seat across from her son at the table. "Couldn't you sleep?"

"Yeah, I could, but I had to get up early because me and Audrey have plans for an early morning study secession for this big Algebra test next Monday. Then after we're gonna go catch an early show at the multiplex down town." Ted responds, sighing dreamily once he had told her about the part where him and Audrey were going to the movies. Helen then smirks teasingly, and was about to do the normal motherly; "Is this girl your girlfriend?" speech she'd already given her son a few times. Of course, she just decided to skip it, and ask the other normal mom question.

"Alright then, but did you get the homework you said you got yesterday finished?" she asks in a slightly more serious tone. "Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean you get to slack off mister."

"Yeah, yeah, I know..." Ted says - getting a guilty expression. Helen notices this, and raises an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Theodore, tell the truth." she says a bit warningly.

"...okay, so...I may have not done my homework." Ted admits. "But there's a perfectly good explanation for why I didn't do it! I swear!" Helen then gives her son a "Go on." look, and Ted sighs. "You see...the homework was in Science class, and we have to make this Home-Evolution chart. It's basically where you have to write out what traits your grandparents most passed down to your own parents, and then what they passed down to you. I mean...I know what traits I got from you and dad, but...I don't exactly know what traits you got from your parents." Helen was taken by surprise. That was actually a pretty good answer, secret, she could only answer half of it.

" got my curly hair from my mom, or, to you, your grandma." Helen starts off - putting on a misleading smile.

"Yeah, but...what about grandpa?" Ted asks persistently. "I mean...I've never actually seen him. Did you get your eye color from him? Your height? Certain characteristics?" Helen cringes slightly at the G-word. Grandfather...

"Um...Ted...I..." Helen started out. But, luckily, she was saved quit literally by the bell. The door bell, that is.

"Sorry mom, that's Audrey!" Ted exclaims, hopping up from his seat. "I gotta go! Promise I'll do that assignment as soon as I get home! Love you, bye!" he then practically scrambles out of the kitchen, and, in the other room, the door is hear opening before quickly being shut again. Helen then sighs in a certain relief, and begins thinking about what had just happened.

Grandfather...her father...she never really knew who her father was. All she remembered of him was fuzzy memories of a blurred mans smiling face, laughing, and, most of all, the color green oddly enough. Then the memories of her and her grandmother living in Thneedville was all she could remember clearly. But that wasn't even the weirdest part of it! Whenever she would ask her own mother where and who her father was; she'd get real depressed and quiet. Helen eventually learned not to ask about him, and the matter never seemed to come up again.

That was...until Ted's assignment re-surfaced her curiosity.

"There's gonna be a way to find him just so I can know who he is." Helen says to herself - strumming her finger on the table with one hand, and resting her head in the other. "I mean...I know I'm my mothers daughter, and I have to have a father somewhere. Maybe I could go to the library, and...look him up in the directory..." Helen then thinks for a few moments, but then sighs I defeat. "Oh, who am I kidding? That idea is stupid. And how do I even know he's still alive? I can't just go from graveyard to graveyard looking or him if he has passed. I should just give up." The curly haired women then huffs in frustration, and looks into the steaming black liquid still in her mug on the table. "But...I need to know who he is...I haven't for so long..."

It then suddenly occurred to her that, even if she didn't know who her father was, she did know someone who does. In fact...that someone lived in the very same house as her.

"I really hate to do it," Helen sighs. "But I've been in the dark about who my real father is for to long. I'm gonna find out today who he is, and that is that!" she then rises from her seat with new found confidence. She then hurries upstairs, quickly changes into her usually Light-purple full length dress and dark-purple mini-jacket. She then goes into the living room, sits on the couch, and patiently begins playing the ever-hated waiting game for a certain someone to wake up.

Then again, she had to remember her mom was getting up there in age, and couldn't move as fast as she once could.