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"Len! I brought your snack," Kaito said, carrying a plate that had a slice of banana nut poppy seed cake with frosting on top on it.

"Oh, oka-ahg! Agh...ngh."

Kaito peered into his younger lover's bedroom, "Len, what are you doing?"

Len looked up from his spot on the floor. He was covered in a pink goopey substance and had some sort of cardboard construction in front of him.

"Trying to get this stupid volcano to work," he said attempting to wipe the goop off his face, but only succeeding with getting more of it on himself.

Kaito chuckled softly. Len looked like a mess. He had unbuttoned his school uniform and now it hung loosely on his shoulders, exposing his yellow undershirt and quite a bit of skin. His left sock was slipping off his foot, and he had a cute scowl on his face as he tried to rid himself of the thick substance.

Kaito thought he looked pretty tasty right about now.

Suppressing his urges, and keeping his calm composure, Kaito strode up to Len and, putting the cake on the desk, stooped to help Len clean himself off.

"So, you kids still make these things?" Kaito asked, wiping Len's cheek with a tissue.

Len frowned, "Kaito, you're only six years older than me. And I'm not a kid, I'm fourteen already."

"Six years is enough of a difference," Kaito said, "And fourteen is still young."

Len's pouted adorably, "You remind me of those weird fangirls with their creepy shota fantasies."

Kaito laughed, remembering Len's reaction to the shota Len images they'd found on the Internet a while ago. He'd been pretty shocked to say in the least ("What the hell is that? I'm not three feet tall! Why do my eyes take up half of my face? Why am I slobbering everywhere! My head is not that big compared to my body!"

"Plus,"Len said blushing, "I'm old enough to do this with you."

Len leaned forward, placing a kiss on Kaito's lips. He broke apart a few moments later, his cheeks colored pink.

Kaito smiled at Len, "But you are a cute little boy."

"I'm not little-" Len started to protest but was interupted by a second kiss from Kaito.

Drawing Len closer, Kaito slipped his tongue into his mouth, exploring the warm, wet cavern.

"Ngh...mnnn...Kaito, t-that's enough," Len said, pushing him away, "I've got to... eat my snack and f-finish my project."

Kaito chuckled again. Len was cutest when embarassed.

"That's okay, I can help you eat," Kaito said.

He broke off a bit of the cake, put it in his mouth and began to kiss Len again. He pushed the spongy cake into Len's mouth using his tongue. Len accepted it broke the kiss.

"I can eat by myself," Len said chewing and swallowing the cake.

"Oh but I insist," he took another bit of cake and did the same thing, but this time he spun Len aound as he broke the kiss and pushed hin against the desk.

He put another piece of cake in his mouth and kissed Len as he slid his hand down the front of Len's pants.

Len let out a moan muffled by the kiss as Kaito stroked Len's length teasingly.

"A-ah...Kaito...'nuff...s-stop...mmm" Len said, his face flushed red as Kaito continued to send waves of pleasure through his body with his hand.

"Your face and body are telling me a whole different story," Kaito said, popping another piece of cake in Len's mouth as he tweaked Len's nipples and kissed his shoulders.

"A-ah..." Len moaned as Kaito touched the sensitive areas in his nether regions.

"Is there something you want to say to me, Len?" Kaito asked, swiping some frosting on Len's neck and licking it off.

"I-in...inside..." Len panted.

"Inside where?"

"Me...Inside...m-me..." Len asked, gasping as Kaito touched a particularly pleasurable place.

"What do want inside you, Len?" Kaito asked.

"Y-you...I want you...inside of me..."

Kaito smiled, "Okay then, but I have to touch here to get you ready."

Bending down for a moment, Kaito collected some of the pink "lava" on his finger. Pushing hand down the back of Len's pants, he put his finger in Len's entrance and began to move it in and out. He probed around searching for Len's special spot.

Meanwhile, Kaito used his other hand to use the lava to slick his own member down.

"Ah!" Len called out as Kaito hit a sensitive bundle of nerves in his behind, "Please, Kaito...please come inside me..."

Unable to endure it anymore himself, Kaito pushed himself in, causing Len to call out some more.

Kaito rhythmically thrust himself into Len, hitting his favorite spot everytime.

Panting and red in the face, Len managed to say, "I'm gonna...c-come...soon."

"Me too..." Kaito said huskily. He reached around and grabbed Len's length again and pumped it in time to his thrusts.

"K-kaito!" Len yelled his lover's name as he climaxed.

Kaito felt Len tighten around him, sending him too over the edge.

Emptying themselves out, both males slid the floor, falling on top of each other tiredly.

After finally catching his breath, Len tipped his head up to give Kaito a kiss that he returned.

Kaito stroked Len's hair soothingly, "I love you," he murmured.

Len blushed a bit more, "I-I love you too..." he said embarassed.

Kaito laughed at Len's cute shyness and looked around the room.

"We need to get cleaned up...and clean up this room."

Len suddenly perked up, "My project!"

Kaito smiled, "Don't worry, I'll help you with it. You were putting too much lava in."

"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

"I got rid of the excess didn't I?" Kaito said, still smiling.

Len frowned, "You're umbelievable.." he said exasperated.

Laughing, Kaito gathered Len in his arms and kissed the top of his head, "No you're the unbelievable one. …How can someone be this cute?"

Len snuggled closer to Kaito and rested his head against his chest.

Kaito could see he was blushing to the tips of his ears.

Really adorable.

Len may or may not be a good shota, but he definitely made an excellent uke.

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