My friends, it has been too long since I last updated this fic! I bet some of you thought you'd never see another update again. Well, lo and behold— here you are! The topic is 'talking about yaoi' as requested by Inside Out Musica and CuteUkeKitten.

'Oh, Len, my one and true uke love, you are squeezing me ever so tightly!' Kaito cooed as he thrust into Len harder and harder.

'Ah~' Len moaned, tears escaping his large, aquamarine orbs. His face was the epitome of love and desire as he clutched the bed sheets, toes curling in pleasure, 'K-Kaito! There—oh!—yes…yes…aaaah…!'

'We're coming!' Kaito and Len finally called out in unison as their sweet 'milk' escaped their bodies, leaving them tired, wet, and oh so utterly in love—

"Len, what are you reading?"

"Ack!" Len yelped, slowly turning around to face Kaito who had somehow appeared behind him. Len quickly snapped the book closed, his heart racing furiously. "D-Don't sneak up on me!" Len said, his face somewhat resembling a tomato.

Kaito raised an eyebrow in curiosity as he tried to take a peek at the title of the book Len was holding to his chest, "I wanted to know what you wanted as a snack. I called your name three times, but you didn't respond so I came here to investigate."

"Oh…" Len said. Shoving the book under his arm, he promptly got up to leave, "I have some homework to do, so I'll be leaving now," he said, hurriedly moving toward the stairs.

"Oh no you don't!" Kaito said, grabbing hold of Len's arm and stopping him. He smirked, "The fact that you are hiding something from me is giving a strange sense of déjà vu. Remember Hot Skitty on Wailord Action?"

Len's face colored up to the tips of his ears, "D-Don't talk about that!"

Kaito chuckled at Len's antics. He was as cute as ever.

"My point is, the last time I found something you were hiding from me, it ended with a lot of…'fun'…" Kaito said.

"I'm not hiding anything!" Len exclaimed, holding the book behind his back, away from Kaito.

Kaito smiled, raising an eyebrow, pointing towards the book, "So why are you holding the book so far away from me?"

Len turned away, huffing indignantly.

"Let me see the book, Len," Kaito said. In a softer tone he added, "Please?"

Len pouted, his face still flushed a lovely rosy color, "Fine…but you can't try to do 'that' again!"

"Alright, I won't," Kaito said, smiling warmly as he motioned for Len to give him the book.

"Promise?" Len asked him.

"I promise, unless you change your mind" Kaito said.

"That isn't going to happened," Len said, reluctantly handed Kaito the book who took it, chuckling softly.

Kaito flipped it open and began reading. Len stood silently in front of him, nudging the ground with his toe. He gulped nervously as Kaito made various faces at what he was reading.



"This is yaoi."


"Hardcore yaoi."


The two looked up each other, making direct eye contact and exchanging suggestive glances.

Len finally looked away and frowned.

"Do you still think we shouldn't have se—"

"Yes!" Len interrupted, blushing in embarrassment, "Yes, I still think we should keep this PG-13."

"I'm fairly sure that's impossible," Kaito quipped.

"Fine! At most rated teen," Len said. He looked angrily at Kaito which only made the older male's affection for the boy grow. Len looked so cute when he was mad.

"'Rated teen', huh?" Kaito asked, "That might be a tad bit difficult."

"Well, just deal with it!" Len huffed, crossing his arms and looking away indignantly.

Kaito sighed indulgently. This would be difficult…but it wouldn't be impossible. Kaito had a feeling he could change Len's mind, what with the growing arousal he felt and knew that Len also felt at the moment.

"Okay," Kaito said, taking Len by the hand and leading him to the couch, "If we can't experience it for ourselves, why don't we just talk about it?"

"Huh?" Len asked, taken aback by Kaito's offer.

"I said, if we can't experience yaoi," Kaito put his arm around Len, drawing him close, as he flipped open the book to a random page, "Why don't we simply talk about it? There's no harm in simply discussing it, right?"

"Well… um—" Len began to say.

Kaito interrupted him by suddenly beginning to read from the text, "Kaito took Len's pink penis into his warm, wet mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip. He sucked Len deeply, his hand moving around to Len's round, naked behind. His finger slipped in, and—

"Okay, okay, that's enough!" Len exclaimed, pushing away from Kaito, his face redder than before, "I'm not going to fall or whatever it is you're trying to do!"

"I was just reading an excerpt so we'd have something to discuss," Kaito said smoothly, "I know you're eager to talk about it, but let me just finish reading this part—"

"This isn't PG-13! This isn't even rated teen!" Len protested, interrupting Kaito for a second time.

"I told you it would be difficult to keep it rated teen," Kaito said, "But it's not so bad, right? Originally your request was to not do anything, and I haven't touched you." 'Yet' Kaito thought, a knowing smiling coming across his face as Len squirmed under his gaze.

"W-Well, maybe—maybe I should read it!" Len said hastily, grabbing the book from Kaito before the bluenette could stop him.

Len flipped to a different page and began reading, "Len stared up at his beloved Oniisan, his eyes begging him for what he knew they both wanted—needed. Len moved on his hands and knees towards Kaito who was reclining on the king-sized bed, his gaze focused solely on Len. 'Kaito-nii…? May I kiss you…with my tongue…?'" Len continued reading on (something about the kiss getting really heated and Kaito licking Len's nipples and reaching for the lube at the same time because he knew that if he turned away from Len to get it, Len would get jealous of the lube and start crying) but, unlike the 'Kaito-nii' who was giving Len his complete 'attention' in the story, Kaito's focus had drifted.

Kaito's gaze landed on Len's smooth, pale neck. From his angle, Kaito could see a reddish mark at the base of Len's neck. He knew he had put it there last night, and the thought of it combined with the sexy things Len were saying, despite being out of a book, undeniably turned him on.

But I can't have my way with Len, Kaito thought despite his strained pants, Not yet.

When Len finished speaking, he seemed to be just as 'uncomfortable' as Kaito. There was a similar tent in his pants that he attempted to hide with his book. His cheeks still had a rosy blush, and his eyes were a little clouded as he tried to look up defiantly at Kaito. The older man recognized the look as desire.

Despite the strenuous effort, Kaito managed to keep himself in check.

"Alright, now why don't we talk about this?" Kaito said calmly, as he leaned closer toward Len. His hand fluttered down Len's side and rested on his waist. "I think the way in which 'Len' 'called out lustily as Kaito flicked his tongue in little circles around his nipples' was a very interesting detail. In fact, I can practically imagine you right now, calling out to 'Kaito-nii' as 'endless waves of pleasure coursed through your highly sensitive body.'" Kaito paused as Len turned his face away. Kaito could see that even the back of his neck was red. He put a finger under Len's chin and turned it so that Len faced him again. He continued speaking, "And the 'highly sensitive body' part in itself is a nice detail too. It adds a lot more to the story in a small way, don't you think?"

Len was staring up at him with large, round eyes, imploring him for what Kaito wanted to give.

Kaito leaned in closer, "What is it Len? Don't you want to talk about yaoi anymore?"

"Kaito…you know…what I want," Len whined in an adorably embarrassed way.

Kaito chuckled softly, "Do you want me to kiss you…with my tongue?"

"Kaito," Len moaned, now reaching up so that their lips were a fraction of an inch apart.

Kaito finally gave in to Len's adorable, pleading face. He leaned in until there was no space separating them and pressed his lips to Len's.

Len opened his mouth slightly and Kaito took the opportunity to slip his tongue into Len's mouth. Their heated muscles intermingled as Kaito gently pushed Len down.

Kaito kissed down Len's jaw line, eliciting a whimper from the younger blonde. He swiftly removed both their clothes.

Kaito kissed down Len's chest and paused at his nipple, his warm breath tickling Len's skin, "Let's conduct an experiment, Len. We'll see if you're body is 'highly-sensitive.'

"Ah!" Len called out as Kaito slipped his hand down the front of Len's pants why he still pleasured Len's nipples with his mouth.

While Len was preoccupied, Kaito procured a tube of lube from a hidden spot in the couch cushions. He coated his hands and anchored himself over Len, kissing him as he prepped him from behind.

"Nn…ready, Kaito," Len moaned.

Kaito positioned himself above Len and gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead as he pushed himself in.

Len gasped as Kaito began to slide in and out of him. Kaito peppered his face and shoulders in kisses as he moved. His hand was on Len's member, jerking Len off in time to his thrusts.

Kaito kissed him again, their tongues dancing in their mouths. Len wrapped his arms around Kaito, holding onto him as if for dear life.

Len was panting, desire clouding his eyes as his face flushed a pretty pink. Kaito looked at him lovingly, as he felt Len's warmth around him. He increased his movements on Len's member and sped up the tempo of his thrusts.

"K-Kaito…I'm going to…" Len moaned as he neared his climax.

Suddenly, Kaito slowed down his movements. Len looked up at him in surprise.

"In the book, Len was only allowed to come when he'd said the magic words," Kaito said, not nearly moving fast enough to allow Len to come. He'd remembered the words on a page of the book that he'd read when initially looking through it. The line 'Len' had said jumped out him.

"W-what!?" Len exclaimed in surprise, "Kaito, you're so mean!"

"Perhaps," Kaito agreed, "So? The magic words, Len."

Len was so near his climax and Kaito was teasing him so much, he decided to force down his pride and say the 'magic words.' The thought that he would regret this later vaguely crossed his mind.

"'Kaito-nii, I really loooooove you and you're the best seme ever so…so please let me come!'"

Kaito kissed Len's lips softly as he abruptly sped up his motions, hitting Len's sweet spot deep inside him just as he pressed his thumb into the tip of Len's member.

"Ah!" Len gasped as he came suddenly. Kaito felt Len squeeze tightly around him in his orgasm, and climaxed immediately afterwards.

The tension left both of their bodies as Kaito pulled out Len and rolled them both over so that Len was on top of him. He put his arms around Len and held him close, nuzzling his neck and shoulders.

They both eventually regained their breath and settled contentedly into each other.

"So much for being rated teen," Kaito mused, "But now we know that your body is 'highly sensitive' after all."

"You're a meanie," Len said softly.

Kaito chuckled, "I only tease you because you're cute, Len."

Len pouted cutely and Kaito ruffled his hair. He rubbed his nose against Len's in an Eskimo kiss, then pulled away only to place a brief, feathery kiss on the tip of Len's nose.

Len blushed deeper than he already was, "But, you know, I still love you."

Kaito laughed, amazed at how cute Len could become. "I believe there could be a better way to phrase that."

Len blushed deeper and buried his face in Kaito's chest.

"'Kaito-nii, I really loooooove you and you're the best seme ever so…so please love me too!'"

"Of course," Kaito said, smiling down at Len. He tipped Len's chin up so that they were staring into each other's eyes.

"I love you too, Len."

A/N: I would just like to add that, after I posted this, I realized that the fic kinda veered away from the main topic, 'talking about yaoi.' I guess I sort of did make them talk about yaoi a tiny tweeny itsy bitsy bit... oh well, I'm sorry about that!