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One shot, set after series 5 so there may be mild spoilers. Establisted Memily, Conby and Jecker.

On a night in the team play a game of 'Have you ever' and learn more about the people that they work with.


Abby, Connor, Jess, Becker, Matt and Emily were all lounging about on different items of furniture in Abby and Connor's living room after a rather, surprisingly, quiet day at the ARC.

A few hours had passed, a few Pizzas and more than a few drinks had passed the teams lips, when Connor placed a bottle of vodka and 6 shot glasses on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

'How about a game of "have you ever"?' Before waiting for answers he poured a round, and gave a glass to everybody.

'Does everybody know the rules?' Abby asked. Emily shook her head.

'You ask questions to the group, starting with "have you ever..." If you have done the thing asked you drink a shot, if you havn't you don't. And then you have to give details about it.' Matt explained.

'Okay I get it. Who's first?'

'I'll go first.' Becker said, thinking for a minute.

'Hmmm, have you ever been suspended?' Connor and Jess all downed there drinks. Abby didn't know who to be more surprised at.

'Really?' Matt said with a smirk.

'Yep.' Connor nodded. 'Year Ten History exam, I wrote the dates for the battles in World War One on the inside of my wrist. Got caught by the teacher and suspended for 2 days.'

'What about you Jess?' Becker asked.

'Year 9. I set a girls hair on fire.'

'Why?' Emily said, giggling.

'She was really mean to me so in a science lesson when she was bent over her book, I set fire to her hair extensions with the bunsen burner. It was only her extensions really, it didn't have any damage on her actual head.'

After a few minutes of stunned slience Matt spoke up. 'My turn. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex that wasn't a family member?' Everyone bar Emily and Becker took a shot this time.

'Darren Snow, in College but it was for a dare.' Connor said.

'Lizzie Walker, Year 11.' Jess said.

'Susie Jones, Year 13 but we were both drunk.' Abby said. 'My turn.' She added 'Have you ever got a tattoo?' Matt, Emily and Jess took a shot and then precided to show there tattoo was and why they got it:

Jess: Butterfly on her lower back, had it done on holiday when she was 16.

Matt: A scorpion on his left shoulder, when he was in the army there was a stag do and everybody got one.

Emily: A rose on the inside of her left wrist, in memory of Charlotte whose favourite flower was a rose.

'Have you ever broken a bone?' Jess asked, slurring her words slighty, the three shots she had drank in a row were taking affect. Matt and Becker took at shot.

'I broke my arm when I was 7, I trapped it in a car door.' Becker said, making all three girls wince.

'Mine wasn't as bad as that.' Matt said. 'I just broke a toe after falling awkwardly.'

'Have you ever had a pet?' Emily asked and Abby, Becker and Connor drank.

'Well Rex, obviously but I had a kitten when I was younger.'

'I had a dog was I was a teenager.' Becker said, reaching for the bottle which was nearly empty. 'There's enough left for one more question I think.'

'I've got Sid and Nancy but never had a pet before that.' Connor said. 'My turn. Have you ever run away from home? And Matt coming back into the past to save the entire human race doesn't count.' Matt rolled his eyes while Abby drank but didn't offer an explanation why.

'Why did you run away Abby?' Connor asked. Abby was sitting on his lap, but moved so she was sitting on the sofa beside him.

'I don't want to talk about it.' She said looking down.

'C'mon Abs, it's just a game.'

'Fine.' She took a deep breath. 'I ran away when I was 17, because my step father would abuse me and my mother didn't believe me when I told her.' She looked down at her feet. The raw emotion in her voice changed the tone of the room.

20 minutes later and Becker and a more than slightly tipsy Jess had left. Connor and Matt had gone outside to put the pizza boxes in the bins, and Abby was in the kitchen clearing up. She was pouring the remaining shots down the sink when Emily took the last one in off Abby and quickly downed it.

'I ran away because I didn't want to get married. When my fiance found me he beat me then forced me down the isle for the sake of apperances. He didn't love me, he didn't know how to love.' She said quietly. 'I'm sorry I didn't say before, I didn't want Matt to find out.'

Abby didn't say anything, just wrapped her arms around Emily and pulled her into a hug. They quickly pulled apart when Matt came into the kitchen.

'Ummm, Abby? Connor's passed out on the sofa. Thought you should know.' Abby laughed.

'Yeah he could never hold his drink that well. Thanks for coming round you guys it was fun.' Emily smiled at Abby and hugged her again before dragging Matt from the flat before he could take a picture of Connor asleep.

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